Just Egg Review

Ironic names are a blast. Craft Beer is iconic for ironically punny titles of Beers. Just Egg is in that same boat for an egg supplement product. Now.


I am a huge fan of this product due do to separating itself (more than the other egg supplements) from being egg-like. Cooking capabilities help, as well.


Try it:)



Shepherdless Pi

A recreation, Vegan Shepherdless Pi, roamed free. Multiple attempts were made to find my previous recipe, however, failure and apathy became victorious.


Beyond Meat Crumbles and Soy ‘chorizo’were panfried in light Oil to be combined with Potatoes O’brien (Potato, Onion, Peppers, Corn, Boiled chopped Carrot, Garlic and Seasonings (sriracha, Oregano, Sea Salt, Pepper & Crushed Red Peppers).


Due to lacking ingredients, Water was used instead of NonDairy product or Veggie Broth. Rice (Brown, Quinoa, Wild), Red Onion, Black Beans, Vegan ‘parmesan’, Nutri Yeast, Dill Weed, Sea Salt and Spinach were prepared with Instant Mashed Potatoes to the desired consistency.


In the pan that the Vegan Crumbles awesomeness were prepared in, the Mashed Potato greatness covered. Chipotle seasoning was generously sprinkled on top and was tossed into the oven. After a slight broil, pictures and consumption followed.





Grilled Ⓥeggie Fajita

Happy Sunday!


Green, Yellow, Red & Orange Bell Peppers, Onion, Jalapeño, and Portabella Mushroom were all grill able sliced and grilled. In a skillet, super light oil was heated and Garlic was thrown in before all of the grilled Veggies.


Corn on the Cob was boiled and also grilled:) The Veggies were seasoned and tossed with Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Cumin, Chipotle Powder and Lemon Juice to be scorched before adding Veggie Broth, Corn Kernels and Cilantro. Corn Tortillas were grilled and stuffed with lightly salted Corn on the Cob on the side.


The power and flavor of Veggies by themselves amazes me. I recommend getting away from meat substitutes once in a while and enjoy VEGGIES.



Dill ‘Em All

An idea or concept, for me, usually means multiple attempts at trying something and with food, hopefully the attempts are edible. Which they were in this case. The key ingredients that I was toying with were Potatoes, Pineapple Juice and different types of BBQ sauces. Dill Weed is an amazing herb. Freshly chopped Dill Weed is the greatest thing ever. It basically defies physics and was probably responsible for the construction of the egyptian pyramids.

Sweet Baby Ray’s has a mustard BBQ sauce. The concept of flavors without even tasting has me excited, however, my taste buds are a bit disappointed. What can you do…Make your own.

In our vastly available variety of Craft Beer these days, I’ve been growing bored and almost impatient. It’s been a progressive trend for many months now. I could make my own….:)


I put a few ingredients together and decided to turn them into a salad. And later on, a burrito.


Dill ‘Em All : Potatoes, Carrot, Pineapple, Shallot, Tomato, Tofu, roasted Garlic, Liquid Smoke, Mustard BBQ, DILL WEED, Pineapple Juice, Pepper, SeaSalt, OnionP, ChipotleLime, PoppySeed, Turmeric were infused on a stove top via pan-fry while they were later met with much cooooler Iceburg Lettuce and Daiya. And that is how the Salad was one. I mean…..And that is how the salad was won.


Xmas Feast

I might’ve been guilty of forcing family members to enjoy  a taste of Veganism this holiday season. I did make sure it would be super tasty. This was my second Tofurky Veggie Roast made in the last month. I had already come up with an idea before actually reading their instructions/recommendations. I was glad we were on the same page.


I made two different feasts a couple of weeks apart. Both being very similar, the first being a trial. It took me quite a few minutes to make sense of my notes, but I think I got it. I think we’re good. Let’s go!


The only mistake was not being sober enough both instances to take a decent picture. My tastebuds, however, took a few amazing photographs.

Trial Xmas Feast ingredients:

  • ⓋraⓋy or GraⓋy

  • Tofurky Veggie Roast, thawed
  • Veggies
  • A beer or two to help the brain to think freely


ⓋraⓋy or GraⓋy ingredients:

  • Chipotle/Chili/Paprika seasonings
  • Fresh Garlic/Turmeric, minced
  • SeaSalt/pepper/Sage/Savory
  • NutritionalYeast/LiquidSmoke/BrownSugar
  • Oil/BalsamicVinegar
  • Water
  • Onion/Celery/Carrot/Mushroom/Radish, super diced
  • Serrano, deseed or not for more spice, super diced


GraⓋy grooiness:

  • Heat oil and add Turmeric & Garlic and slightly brown.
  • Add super diced Veggies and stir for 10 minutes.
  • Season, add Balsamic Vinegar/Liquid Smoke and cook for a few more minutes before adding water.
  • Simmer and cook down before blending for smootherness.


Veggie Mix ingredients:

  • Brown Rice, dry
  • Carrots, baby
  • Celery, chopped
  • Onion, sliced or diced
  • Potato, chopped
  • Lightlife ‘Sausage’ & ‘Beef’, torn
  • Raw Cashews, smashed
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/Fennel/Rosemary
  • Broth/BalsamicVinegar
  • Lentils, dry

Mix. And don’t worry about getting those Cashews too smashed. They can hold their own.


Use a casserole dish and fill with Veggies. Make Veggie Roast fit in the middle of Veggies and cover with GraⓋy. Save GraⓋy for afterwards, also.


Very tasty and a job well done; deserving some tinkering for a Xmas meal.


Xmas Feast ingredients:

  • GraⓋy
  • Tofurky Veggie Roast, thawed
  • Veggies
  • I refrained from a deliciously good beer until party time, but be my guest!

GraⓋy ingredients:

  • Broth, veggie of course
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Salt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP/Paprika/ChiliP
  • Fresh Garlic/Turmeric, minced
  • Oil/LiquidSmoke/NutritionalYeast/BrownSugar
  • Soyrizzo
  • Serrano, deseeded or not, diced
  • Cilantro, chopped
  • Mushroom, super diced
  • Carrot, super diced
  • Celery, super diced
  • Onion, super diced
  • Bell Peppers (green,yellow,red), super diced

I wanted to go with a mexican warmer Gravy, cooking down all of the flavors for some time before blending.


Veggie Mix ingredients:

  • Brussels Sprouts, sliced
  • Potato (Sweet and Russet), chopped in-skin
  • Carrot, baby
  • Onion, sliced or diced
  • Salt/Pepper/Rosemary/Fennel
  • Broth
  • Beans (I used Northern), undercooked
  • Brown Rice, dry
  • Tofu, extra firm
  • Vegan ‘Bacon’, sliced

Mix. Same as my Trial Feast, let this baby cook and intensify its wonderful flavor.


Couldn’t be happier of the Xmas Feast’s results.


I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas! Onto the new year!

ⓋLT Science

I’ve been vigorously trying to construct the perfect ‘blt’ever since finding Sweet Earth ‘Bacon’ in early December for the first time. It is a great product and will continue to purchase it. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that any ⓋLT is not perfect unless I have made my own Vegan bacon or Seican. I have a recipe map already made up, just need to pull that trigger and kill some plants! I truly hate plants and hope that they all die.


A ⓋLT (Vegan BLT) is common sense and easy to make and configure. I did make Vegan Island Dressing.


Vegan Island Dressing ingredients:

  • Vegenaise, mmmm (64) @ $9.98 = $0.16 per serving
  • Cucumber, deseeded & diced (4.5) @ $0.70 = $0.16 per serving
  • Radish, diced (7.5) @$1.19 = $0.16 per serving
  • Celery seed = $0.05 per serving (probably less)
  • Seasonings: GarlicP/OnionP/Paprika/Salt/Pepper/Sugar = $0.05 per serving
  • Shallot, diced (4.5) @ $0.72 = $0.16 per serving
  • Sriracha (96) @ $2.97 = $0.04 per serving
  • Balsamic Vinegar (32) @ $2.97 = $0.10 per serving

Prep, Mix & Spread. For roughly 88 cents per serving and for the number of servings you can have, the punch in the mouth of flavor compared to cost is unreal. Making a Vegan BLT with Vegan Island and pairing with a nice (local) IPA hits the spot so hard.


The only things that I can recommend for awesome VLTs are:

  • Use fresh Veggies
  • Use good Bread
  • Toast the Bread
  • And prep your own Veggies
  • Use your imagination 🙂


ⓋLT pictures and adaptations to follow…


I’ve also found it better to use the Vegan ‘bacon’ right out of the package. I hope everyone takes pride in the Quality of their pictures as much as I do. QUALITYoverQUANTITY. Have fun & be healthy! Happy SUNDAY!