MacBook Sour

Hello, kids, giraffes, dudes, lovely ladies and possibly life from other galaxies, this will be my first and definitely not my last blog on my MacBook Pro that I finally fixed last week. All other bloggings before this have been texting it on my iPhone notes and copying and pasting into my WordPress app and then uploading with numerous photo uploading issues. So, I just wanna mention a few words about this laptop. It basically was a gift from my ex-girlfriend, but obviously girlfriend at the time, after my Dell desktop took a disgusting and smelly shit after I spent a good month curing its virus and other issues. Myself paying my own bills and rent without the best credit, couldn’t really afford a major purchase like a new CPU. Her having a wealthy father, could. It was very much appreciated. I later called it quits with the girl after a sense of realism and unstable future plans. I promised to pay her back being quite tipsy one day after our relationship was over. I quit my well paying job and had to stop sending her money and my MacBook quit charging. Possibly related, possibly not. And without another job lined up, I had to put the MacBook on the back burner since November 2014 until last week June 2015. Ironically she just received another payment just before the laptop was fixed.

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