Baked Tortellini

I’ve mentioned in previusly unread blogs, that I do not wish to continue being a stickler about minute (mynoot) amount of dairy or egg. I will probably never purchase cheese nor egg themselves ever again in my life.


I used Wonton wraps today that included less than 2% of egg.

Thus, I’ve been saying for a few weeks, I am 98% Vegan. The other day a coworker/friend offered me a cookie. She is Vegetarian and warned me that they consisted of a little egg. I thanked her for the information and consumed one delicious cookie. Stress kills and it’s not a good feeling to be excited for consumable food only to find out it conflicts with your lifestyle. I am keeping a small window open and that is truly up to me.

  • Heat Veggie Broth
  • Throw in (from a decent distance) Celery, Baby Carrot, Onion & Bay Leaves
  • Season with Basil, SeaSalt, Pepper, Sugar, BalsamicVinegar&GarlicPowder
  • Simmer down now
  • I thickened this Broth with InstantMashedPotatoes


I used leftover Fennel Cream which has not been blogged yet…

  • Roasted Fennel Seeds
  • Dill Weed
  • Scallions, diced
  • Vegenaise, mmmmm


I will not buy eggs. I will not physically cook with them. I mixed Sugar with Water to create an edible adhesive.


I pan-fried Tempeh in OliveOil, BalsamicVinegar, SeaSalt, Pepper, CrushedRedPepper, Sugar, Basil & GarlicPowder.


I stuffed the Tortellini with Fennel Cream, Tempeh & Daiya (Jalapeno Havarti:) and Baked them in the oven.


I adjusted my rear caliper on my FatBike and went for a small ride fighting the sunset and visibility without a light.



BikePacking – camping/travel via bicycle with supplies packed with bicycle. Also known as, self-supported. 

I’ve only dabbled into BikePacking and it is an amazing concept. I’ve been commuting to work via bicycle since 2009. It’s similar to commuting because I have always needed specific work clothes. BikePacking is more of travel then just going to work. It is not always involving camping. I BikePacked to a hotel room and back in April. Whatever your sleeping situation is, you still have to deal with weather and different scenarios. I am ready to take it to another level. Commonsense is all that it takes. With that commonsense, is planning that is also needed. You have to have a gameplan.


Knowing the weather and terrain is key. Like any group ride, there is usually two different paces. In my history of riding with others, it is rare for everyone to ride together. People ride more or less than others and usually every year is different. It’s hard to ride slow, unless being out of shape. I guess I am in shape. I also have my style of BikePacking down as minimally as possible. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to fix a problem of having too much shit. It takes me five minutes to set up camp and five minutes to take down camp. I don’t drink coffee. I can use my time wiser. And for a while, now, I make the most of my time, for the most part. I left early and soberly rode home this morning while the others were not being time-conscious and the original departure time became impossible.


When the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, I will be BikePacking the length of Illinois in celebration. I also want to include multiple day BikePacking into my routine.


Nothing is ever perfect, just #RideOn.


I will be BikePacking via FatBike this weekend and I plan on being better prepared than last year.


Vegan Fat Bike Packing


I made quite a few kickass Vegan Wraps, that are DAMN good! I will also be packing Nuts, Vegan Cliff bars and Larabars. If I’ll be drinking as much beer as last years Canal Grinder, I’ll need to keep a full stomach and have something for the next day. I might share a Ⓥrap or two. We’ll see.


I dusted off my arrogant and bastardish FatBike, whom I’ve named Arrogant Bastard, and rode in a strom last night. I got drenched, drank a couple of kickass beers and took some nice pics.




  • I superly chopped Iceberg and Romain Lettuce. I combined diced Carrots, Celery and Onion with the Lettuce. Garbanzo Beans added.
  • I threw in Vegenaise, Balsamic Vinegar and Mustard with Celery Seed and Chipotle Powder.
  • There is such a thing as Peppered Tofurky, I promise you, and it is delicious. I unpeeled the Tofurky and butcherly chopped mixing extremely well.
  • I warmed Tortillas and wrapped that goodness up.
  • I tried one and packaged up 12 for tomorrow as long as they’ll fit and pack ok.


Cook on. #RideOn. Enjoy a Beer.


Daiya Stuffed Tomato

My Aunt gave my Mother a few delicious garden tomatoes the other day. My mother, who knows how much i hate plants and wish death on all of them, gave me the majority of them. I butchered the biggest, meatiest and liveliest Tomato that I could find. I first obtained it and named it and showed all the kids, who adored this giant Tomato, Potato. I kept it around for awhile and became friends with Potato, the Tomato. I got hungry. I became a bit greedy. I took out my butcher dagger and gutted Potato, the Tomato, and consumed all of its flesh violently like an animal. I like animals, though. I would never murder them, but I dispise PLANTS…..


In todays plant massacre….


I boiled, seasoned and cooked a mixture of Cacti, White Rice and Japonica Rice. I gutted Potato, the Tomato, and threw his guts in with the Rice including Cilantro, and Earth Balance dairy-free ‘Butter’. I chopped any little life left that an Enjoya Pepper would have and grilled those meaty mofos. I baked, I roasted, I killed those plants and ate them all viscously. And not only do I do, but I tell others about my rage against plants. I practically boast upon their death.


Time Sciencely

Pastly, I blogged (quietly in your (my imaginary readers) ear) about sopossedly discovering technology that might, actually successfully, monitor almost 95% of my time accurately. I attempted this last year in a June Time Science blogging without being able to track my sleep.


 June (2015) Time Science

I am the laziest, yet weirdly energetic person ever. My motivation comes from another planet.

  • From 12:00am Thursday, August 11, 2016 until 12:00am Wednesday, August 16, 2016 is 144 hours.
  • The pictures in this blogsticle are within this timeframe taken by me.
  • I am too lazy to accurately track my time involved with listening to music, watching the Olypics:)/Cubs:), bathroom time, Netflix time and Cooking time. As some of these overlap, I must categorize them all together.


I’ve noticed a huge decline in my Netflix viewing time ever since I have joined Apple Music. I’ve been enjoying music more with my spare time, ultimitely motivating me to do things thanks to technology and musics excellent multi-taking capabilities. I use Netflix to fall asleep. And I truly will probably quit Netflix for good, soon.

Total Hours: 144

Cooking/Sports/Social/Bathroom Time: 28H 54M

Work Time: 54H 54M

Break Time at Work: 1H 10M

Ride Time: 4H 2M, Climbing: 148m, AVG: 24.75 km/H, Distance: 98.8 km

Sleep Time: 55H, AVG: 9H20M/Night

Time, seriously, is everything. Time is money. Time is everything. I’d like everyone to try and understand where their Time truly goes. It all depends on opinions and lifestyle. Utilize your time to do what you want and need to.


Have Fun. Ride a Bike. Eat something Healthy and take a few Pics.

Mexicacti Rotini


Mexicacti Sauce:

  • Cilantro base
  • Tomato base
  • Pizza Sauce, leftover
  • Green Pepper, chopped
  • Onion, chopped
  • Tomato, shopped
  • Cacti, prepped & chopped
  • Water


  • Cilantro, freshly chopped
  • Salsa Verde
  • Chipotle seasoning
  • ChiliP/CRP/SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes, last to thicken

Prep, simmer, cook down & thicken.


Mexican-style Pasta Mixture:

  • Rotini, al dente – not rinsed
  • Black Beans, cooked from a dry state
  • White Rice, cooked from a dry state
  • Cilantro, freshly chopped
  • Earth Balance, mixed in with concoction

Time correctly and mix everything still hot.


Garnish: Cilantro & I chose a grilled Mushroom.