Ⓥegan Stromboli

To overcome various obstacles is never an easy feat, but sense of accomplishment can be so great once overcome.


Illinois, this month of January, has been bipolar and basically psychopathic. This one commute home on a Sunday evening was very unusual. The air was thawing the frozen ground like a shock thaw, that some of the most dense fog was literally in the air. On this commute, I had to overcome the fog and a portion of that commute was dealing with the thick fog and the road traffic barely visible. Eyewear was useless because of the heavy moisture in the air. The ground was still mostly frozen with some ice and water. Getting closer to home I chose an off-road path on the softest ground that had some snow, some mud and some puddles. Never had I ever had to deal with all of those obstacles in one ride.



Today, through an indecisive process, a Stromboli was made. A Celery Blush Sauce was utilized to compliment this Vegan roll of awesomeness. The Celery Blush Sauce was a combination of Celery Soup:


Celery Soup Recipe

High Quality Tomato Puree, Basil, Garlic, White Onion, Sugar, Cayenne, Sea Salt & Pepper were simmered and slightly cooked down before combining with the Celery greatness.


The Ⓥ Stromboli’s key ingredient was a Plant-Based Protein mostly from Lightlife products.

Chopped Smart ‘bacon’, Garlic & Onion Powder, Cayenne, Parsley, Liquid Smoke, Sesame Seed and Ⓥ Parmesan was infused with Lightlife ‘sausage’ and ‘beef’.


Dough was rectangled and seasoned to be then stuffed with the Plant-Based Protein and Daiya. After being rolled up and splashed with Celery Blush Sauce, this massive loaf was baked and cooled to be sliced up and served.




Hammed Up On Tofurky

On my bicycle commute this morning, ice got the best of me and I hit my head pretty hard. Attempting to stand, I fall again. I called off of work today.



Yellow Potatoes, Celery, Carrot, Red Onion and Garlic were chopped up and put into a mixing bowl. Along with the veggies, Ⓥ Bouillon, Dill Weed, Sea Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Liquid Smoke and Cayenne were mixed up and added to a pot with a little Veggie Broth.


The Tofurky (thawed) was placed in the center and covered with their provided Ⓥ Glaze. Tomatoes were sliced and literally thrown on top of the Veggies.


Baked and Roasted for a good while, the dish was allowed to cool and the Tofurky was successfully sliced with a mandolin slicer. As most Vegan food, it wasn’t the greatest looking, but it was delicious.



Tripel Beer Ⓥratt

Onion, Broccoli and Cauliflower were diced and riced. Previously Beered Brats from Tofurky were utilized. Beer, Tripel if ya got it, was heated in a pan. Seasoned with Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic & Onion Powder, the Brats, veggies and seasonings were simmered. The Brats were grilled. The Brats were put in the Simmering Beer and thrice beered.


Topped with Daiya and melted, Veggies and BBQ Sauce, these bastards were bunned and SERVED.



Celery Soup

My new blender/food processor was finally utilized yesterday. Cream of Celery soup without animal lactations cannot be titled Cream of Celery soup, in my opinion, for the record.

Time is everything with soup construction. My Celery Soup was a ten hour project. For lunch, I enjoyed a Fauxwich, consisting of Vegan meat substitutes and Daiya.


Celery Soup started with obviously Celery pan-fried with light oil, Onion, Carrot and Garlic. After achieving the correct color, Liquid Smoke, Sea Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Vegan Bouillon, Dill Weed, Cayenne and White Wine were added to be cooked down. A couple of Bay Leaves (later removed, duh) were added with Veggie Broth and brought to a boil and then simmered for a while.


After cooling, the greatness was blended, added to soup pot and thickened with Instant Mashed Potatoes. Extra Firmly crumbled Tofu and Almond ‘milk’ was then added and simmered for hours to only be seasoned with Celery Salt and Celery Flakes. Blended one more time and Celery Leaf added for garnish, this soup is readible edible.


May your winter hibernation attempts be as good Beer plentiful as mine.


Happy Sunday!

Pita Papa Mexicana

Mother Nature is a literal bitch. Rain and Fire in California is utterly devastating. Extreme temperatures in the midwest are brutally frigid. Of course, the day the temperature rises, there’s dangerous ice everywhere. Snow, freezing rain and sleet fell right around 32 degrees this Sunday evening. I made my commute home, but had to overcome a few obstacles. A screw to my right Old Man Winter cycling shoe came out while clipped in on my Trek. I could not unclip on the right. The only way to get my foot loose was to take my boot off. Turning around on an icy trail was challenging. Let’s make some food.


Leftover Vegan Tzatziki was Infused Mexican-style with Cayenne and Cilantro. Cucumber, Dill, Vegan Yogurt and various seasonings consisted of the Tzatziki sauce.


Yellow Potatoes were chopped and boiled. After draining, the Potatoes were pan-fried with light oil, Smart ‘bacon’, Corn, Cilantro, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Poblano & Cayenne powder.


The Pitas were warmed and stuffed with the Mexican potatoes, Tzatziki sauce, Avocado and Tomato.