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As of January 3rd, I’ve attempted to enter the world of sobriety. Quitting, drinking alcohol cold turkey, has not prevailed, but perseverance, understanding and optimism will help to succeed. Side note: I have not eaten cold turkey or any other meat in nine years as of today:) I quit smoking cigarettes 12+ years ago on the second attempt. Perfection is imaginary…. vegan bacon? Anyone? I’ve bettered myself in various ways over the years. It’s not impossible, but it takes will power and strivability (just made that word up:) I’m just trying to motivate and document myself while trying to motivate another person to try something difficult to better their life.


This is a huge lifestyle change, but I’m a person whom still NEEDS to eat:) I may not always eat Vegan. I do always eat Vegetarian. Post, in the future, might consist of a little dairy. Let me know what ya think:)



YouTube Videos

Here are the (best of) links some previously liked videos on YouTube. They are all YouTube links counting down to the remarkable video that I just experienced for the first time.


Nuclear Explosion History


Funny Beer


Build Nothing Out Of Something


Box Hill Time-Lapse


Soulfly VII


Best Speech You Will Ever Hear


Hearts // Wires


Death From Above


2016 Canal Grinder




Earth Crawler




GoPro Cause : Crop Trust


Aldi Veggie Patties

Aldi has always impressed me with their prices and their quality. I have finally tried their Veggie Patties and I need to talk about them. They have two versions. One is advertised as Vegan on the package. The other is also Vegan according to the ingredients, but a Black Bean Chipotle burger with the additive, Cellulose Gum.


Other than that one additive, the ingredients are stated to be mostly Organic and Wholesome. These patties were baked in the oven. I noticed the quality of these patties immediately while placing them on my parchment paper. The Black Bean Chipotle burgers were a bit more flavorful, but not as healthy as the other Veggie burger. It is a funny game with the different levels of “healthy” foods. Both of these Patties are given two thumbs up and I am sold. At only $2.49 per four patties, with their quality and deliciousness, these are a no-brainer. I’ve been eating the Vegan Boca burgers for years now. They are delicious, but more expensive and with more additives. Methylcellulose, Caramel Color, Artificial Flavors, Disodium Guanylate and Disodium Inosinate do not sound appetizing and quite frankly is BULLSHIT to be added to food. Boca burgers are usually $3 + and basically a joke, if you ask me. (someone asked me, but it was myself:)


That’s one thing I have learned immediately after choosing the Vegetarian Lifestyle off was that the quicker easier non-meat options are filled with SHIT additives. I, as well as many of you, do not always have time to prepare wholesome food. This Aldi discovery is Euphoric. Not to mention, Aldi doing away with pesticides. I’m a bigger fan of Aldi, now, than I ever have been before.


More Wholesome food at a lower price, Aldi is attempting to change the world for the better with their own hands. THANK YOU.

Solo #Cubs Parade

Hey, Hey! Holy Cow! Let’s Go!


The Chicago CUBS did it in my lifetime. They have won it all and beat everyone else. There are many of people I am saddened by that could not witness this championship. I need to do one up on just celebrating. This team/club, the Chicago Cubs, have inspired myself to finally do something I’ve always wanted to do…Upgrade my adventurism.


My Solo Cubs Parade is survival. It is athleticism. It is thinking ahead of the traffic. It is a celebration.


Lack of vacation days and common sense took my original idea and threw it out the window. Starting at home instead of the Wisconsin/Illinois border riding through the Illinois/Kentucky border will not work for me. I have to be smart about planning and also realistic. I guess originally planned, it would be around 1,000 km which would decipher into around 625 miles. That would consist of consecutive century (100+ miles) rides. I can ride a century, but not too sure five in a row is even possible for me.


I currently have roughly 750 km (470ish miles) to go in five days with  a six-hour train ride. Also, a safety plan incase I get into a bind. I plan on staying in hotels and experiencing three breweries. I plan on experiencing the land of Illinois and towing the pride of the Chicago Cubs VICTORY with me. I want to push my limits and do something cool. I truly want to celebrate in a unique way that I can forever cherish.


Hopefully this will be happening in April. It depends on when vacation is blacked out with my real job. I have time to think and perfect. I have time to try to save money. I need extra motivation and possibly some funds. Eating Vegan along the way will not be cheap. Gear is gonna have to be purchased, as well.


I’m excited and will blog my way through it with glorious pictures and improper english. If you like my concept, please help my cause and support me with a dollar or two. It would mean a lot!


Cajun GumboSlaw

Slice Corn and roast, broiling if needed for some color. Pan-fry Tempeh, Sunflower Seeds, Potato, Garlic and Onion in a blackened fashion using BalsamicVinegar/ChiliP/Pepper/SeaSalt/Sugar/GarlicP and eventually Daiya:)

In the meantime, I combined: Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, Guacamole, Vegenaise, ChipotleP/Cayenne/CelerySeed/SeaSalt/Pepper and mixed.


I combined ingredients carefully. I consumed dangerously.