Pasta Zero Spaghetti

Probably the most difficult thing about being diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, for me, is having to cut out a lot of my favorite foods from my diet. Monitoring Carb intake isn’t hard – it takes discipline and low carb food.


My goal is Not to take insulin if I don’t have to. The deciding factor is food consumed and the carbs included. Vegetables usually have moderate to extreme Carbs. Luckily, not all.


I tend to make exceptions for higher Carb foods that are high in Fiber and/or Protein. Also, I am not perfect.



Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 10.02.49 AM

I found this Pasta! It is Pasta Zero by Nasoya. It’s Vegan, gluten free, low Carb and Calories. For the first time since being diagnosed Diabetic, I enjoyed guiltless Spaghetti. It was delicious and I give it two thumbs up without the insulin:)



SW Style Salad Sliders

Call it hardship due to the pandemic. Call it procrastination. Call it frustrations.


Call it a mixture of all, but after 25 months my 2016 Trek CrossRip Elite, also known as Darth Vader, is up and rolling. We won’t get into the components differences right now.


Like me some of that their 105. (bike terminology)


An easy, quick and raw Southwestern style Salad was created in comfort food fashion – being sliders.



Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese

A Ⓥ Roux started this amazing sauce with Earth Balance, Pepper and Flour. A majority of a bottle of Founders Brewing Company Porter was added (the remaining balance was enjoyed in the mouth and belly:) with a Ⓥ Cube and slightly cooked down.


Almond milk, Parsley, Chipotle & Garlic Powder were infused (not confused, yet abused) before adding a little jar of Chipotle Sauce and two types of Daiya – Cheddar slices and Mozzarella Shreds.


A Ⓥ Hot Dawg was topped utilizing the Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese. Also, Pretzels were enjoyed with the Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese.



Lentili Daiya Dawg

Amazing flavorful Veggies were added to water – creating its own Veggie Broth before Lentils were added to be simmered for hours.


A Vegan Hot Dawg was lightly grilled, tossed on a bun, topped with strained Lentili, Avocado and Daiya.


Garnished with delicious Cilantro, this comfort food couldn’t be more comfortable.



Ⓥ BrekMex

Happy Sunday Funday! I was craving a Ⓥ dawg last night and had a couple left over. Utilizing leftovers is a never ending fight in my food preparation practices. Also, an eggless Salad was left over from a previous post…


The (bicycle) wheels in my head proceeded to rotate. Google did help to visualize a Mexican-style hot dog. It sounded delicious if it were Ⓥegan. A bun of any sort was not utilized.


Instead of a boring bun, Corn Tortillas were sandwiched between Daiya. The Ⓥ Smart Dog was not wrapped with Smart Bacon. In the past months, I’ve been veering away from pretending to eat carnivorous. I still have much room for improvements with my pretend meat – style comfort foods.


Vegenaise, chopped Smart Bacon and eggless Salad were stuffed with the Smart Dog in the Daiya filled Corn Tortillas.


And you cannot forget the Cilantro.




Field Roast Fieldburger is an amazingly hearty meat substitute. There are many of Ⓥeggie patties out there that are constructed with quality ingredients and simply are on another level beyond just a meat substitute.


Daiya as well as Go Veggie ‘parmesan cheese’ were utilized in this endeavor. The Pizza Sauce was more of a Marinara Sauce with various canned Tomato products, Boca crumbles, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Falafel Balls (which were not in this recipe). Onion & Mushrooms were pan-fried before being smothered on top of the grilled Fieldburger. Sauce and Daiya were then layered even higher. A Croissant Bun was cut and slightly grilled before baking with Sauce, Spinach and Daiya.


With Potatoes on the side, the Croissant Bun could barely contain this massive design. Napkins and a face wash were a must. What a perfect day to enjoy a Good Beer, stay inside and create and consume a wonderful sandwich, messily.