Ⓥicotta Lasagna Stuffed Pi

Chicago-style stuffed pizza pies used to be prepared everyday by me. They are a lot of fun with endless possibilities. Remastering of this concept will take place eventually. This concept was an all day event and was rather exhausting, but absolutely fitting. Fresh homemade dough was not used. And the next time this concept takes place, the dough will be done much differently.



Back Burner Marina is a great starting point as it needs time to become greatness. It is simply constructed of Celery, Onion, Carrot, Veggie Broth, Garlic, Tomatoes galore, Basil, SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar/GarlicPowder, Balsamic, Cayenne and TIME.


The Ⓥicotta is a bit more complex. Eggplant was sliced and baked to be further chopped. Fennel Seed was thrown into the mortar and pestle to be slightly crushed with boiled Cashews. Thrown all together was the Eggplant, Fennel, Cashews, Garlic, Lime Juice, Molasses, Shallot, Spinach, Almond Milk, Balsamic Vinegar, SeaSalt, Pepper, Sugar, Liquid Smoke, GarlicPowder, OnionPowder and Cayenne. And the Pepe noodle balls 🙂


Noodles were boiled, drained, but not rinsed. Ⓥicotta was rolled up with the noodles. Dough was panned, while being nonstick Earth Balance was still utilized. Lasagna was put onto dough after Daiya and Back Burner Marinara. Dough was topped and sealed. The massive Pi was baked and then more Back Burner Marinara and Daiya was put on top to be broiled. This Pi was beastly.


Eat healthy. Drink quality. And enjoy your week as much as I will enjoy mine. 


Waffle Burgers w/ Potatoes

Global Warming and Climate Change is absolutely evident. Northern Illinois winters seem to be shrinking as if only January is truly winter. Maybe it’s el Nino, maybe it’s just this winter, but this Illinois winter was weak. February cycling, for me, this year has been extremely friendly. Outside time has been friendly as kitchen time, for me, has depleted.

I’ve been a huge fan of these Vegan frozen Waffles that I’ve come across as of recent. My grocery store has Vegan Boca burgers on sale, at the moment, so I purchased quite a few. Using Daiya, Tofurky Chorizo-style ‘meat’, Cilantro, BBQ Sauce and Vegenaise, I made some sandwiches.

Along with the sandwiches, Potatoes were made with Cilantro, Potatoes, Carrot, ‘cream cheese’, Fennel seed, Lemongrass, SeaSalt/Pepper, Serrano Peppers and Onion.


And to reiterate, Illinois is constantly inconsistent. It has been in the 60s for the last week and this weekend the lows will dip into the 20s with some snow. Gotta love it 🙂


This summer an event, called The Dirty Taco, will be taking place in good ol’ Illinois. This beastly event is a double metric century gravel ride.


(200 km = 125 miles)


A recon portion went underway last Sunday and I participated. And the most common conversation was a taco. Taco is a powerful food. It can be made to please anyone. And they are easy. My own Vegan Tacos were made after getting home. Garbage was not consumed, quality greatness was consumed.


My ‘meat’ was stir-fried.


My Lettuce was mixed with Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Vegenaise and finally my meatless protein which consisted of Lightlife ‘beef’, Tempeh, Sunflower Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Crushed Red Pepper, Sea Salt and Pepper.

Apple Peanut Burger

Find Vegan Waffles.


Bake Vegan Waffles.


Lather baked Vegan waffles with Earth Balance Coconut Spread.


Generously spread Peanut Butter on Waffles.


Slice Apples and deseed.


Put sliced Apples on one side or both sides of the Waffles.


Add a little Chocolate and combine the Waffles to create a delicious Sandwich.


Have a great day!


Beefless Roll Pi

Even in my carnivorous (the dark ages) days, I never experienced a beef roll. Google is a powerful tool. And after a few image searches of a beef roll, wheels and gears were turning inside of my head piecing ingredients that I have on hand together like a puzzle. Spontaneous ideas are sometimes more creative than pondering a concept for a few days. Time works in mysterious ways. The Evolved Soup turned Veggie Burger worked perfectly in this application.


Soup Evolution


This was much easier than expected. I took a Pilsbury dough sheet (because I’m lazy and because I do not have a decent dough table/space) and spread it out to lather with (iUsed FollowYourHeart) Vegan Gourmet Shreds ‘cheese’, Evolved Soup Burger (Beans, Veggies, Rice, Daiya, etc), sautéed Carrot, Serrano, Onion and Celery, followed by more ‘cheese’. Roll pied. Flour was utilized with the dough, which eased the stickiness. The roll was cut and baked and garnished with Parsley. This is only the beginning of this idea.


Soup Evolution

Soup making is one of my favorite things to do. And a big batch of Soup is usually made far away from sober. To me, life is to harsh to live sober. Life is stressful. Life is unfair. Life is as Awesome as you make it. Evolving food ideas is imbedded in the back of my brain like a shadow from a boiling hot star casting us life. Just Photos.