Beefless Roll Pi

Even in my carnivorous (the dark ages) days, I never experienced a beef roll. Google is a powerful tool. And after a few image searches of a beef roll, wheels and gears were turning inside of my head piecing ingredients that I have on hand together like a puzzle. Spontaneous ideas are sometimes more creative than pondering a concept for a few days. Time works in mysterious ways. The Evolved Soup turned Veggie Burger worked perfectly in this application.


Soup Evolution


This was much easier than expected. I took a Pilsbury dough sheet (because I’m lazy and because I do not have a decent dough table/space) and spread it out to lather with (iUsed FollowYourHeart) Vegan Gourmet Shreds ‘cheese’, Evolved Soup Burger (Beans, Veggies, Rice, Daiya, etc), sautéed Carrot, Serrano, Onion and Celery, followed by more ‘cheese’. Roll pied. Flour was utilized with the dough, which eased the stickiness. The roll was cut and baked and garnished with Parsley. This is only the beginning of this idea.


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