Steamed Kale meets sliced Pickle, Onion and Tomato to top a stack of grilled marinated Eggplant.


The marinate was a mixture of Broth, Pineapple Juice, BBQ Sauce, Molasses, Wasabi Powder, Cilantro, Ginger, Garlic, SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar, diced Cucumber, Sesame Seed, Sesame Oil, Poblano Pepper and Sesame Seed Oil to marinade TOFU, Pineapple & Onion slices.


Tofutti ‘cheese’ and BBQ Sauce were utilized on an Earth Balanced grilled Bun,


Ⓥ Chipotle Chocolate Cucumber Chilaquiles

I’ve been dreaming of Euphoria. Mexican-style bliss may possibly bring myself the closest to that state. Infusing ingredients. Confusing palates. Enthusing and bemusing, let’s tip one back and have fun.


This Chilaquiles concept has evolved from its original normality. I baked Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Lavash Bread pieces taking away the fried corn tortillas to be flavorfully healthier.


Water was heated and seasoned with bay leaves (later removed), SeaSalt/Pepper/Garlic, Cucumber, Cocoa, Tomato Paste, Chipotle Powder, a drop of Vanilla, Meatless Crumbles, Tofu, Onion, Green Pepper, Jalapeño, Cilantro, Chocolate, Lemon & Lime Juice, Corn and Sugar.


Interlaying baked Lavash pieces with the Chipotle Chocolate Cucumber Sauce like a pyramid ready for demolition. Garnishing with Lemon and Lime slices, the dish was destroyed along with the plate and fork and table.


Biscuits & GraⓋy

In a past life, I was some sort of Creole of Spanish descent or something. I love Mexican/Spanish-style cooking. I destroyed a kitchen today in vast death of plants. Tonights plant massacre was a brutal genocide. My kitchen will never be the same.


I cooked dried Black Eyed Peas from dry state and timed things correctly to add ingredients to one pot. The order went; Wild Rice, (slightly) precooked Black Eyed Peas – Brown Rice, mini Potatoes – Red Quinoa, Corn, Seitan, Ceican and then I started my Biscuits. I separately BBQd Seitan and Cheican while baking store-bought biscuits.


Chipotle, Lemon, BBQ Sauce, Guacamole was all utilized. Photography as well.

Tofurky-Daiya Crescently Infused

Aldi Veggie Patties

My link above dives deeper into the quality of these Veggie Patties:)


Using prepared dough, I seasoned with Onion & Garlic Powder and Crushed Red Pepper before infusing/confusing with slices of Tofurky & Daiya.


This concoction was rolled up and formed into a croissant form, topped with Sesame Seeds and then baked.


BBQ Sauce was lightly added to this ordeal.


Veggie Patties were also involved.





Lemonly Dilling Ⓥegan Daize

Generously squeezing the juices out of a plump Lemon, Vegenaise, Molasses, Sugar, (Fresh) Dill & Chives, SeaSalt, Pepper, LiquidSmoke and Wasabi, were combined and mixed together with the Lemon Juice. In a separate container, a coleslaw mix, (Tofurky) Chorizo, Cauliflower, Celery and Spinach were condensed.



Wholly Half Baked Potatoes were prepared in the oven by first baking the miniature Potatoes whole and followed by slicing them and pushing them firmly onto Fennel Seeds before another bake.


Skilletly, Avocado Oil was heated and Garlic & Ginger was browned before adding (Ⓥ Morning Star) Seitan & Cheican. After some color and character, BalsamicVinegar was added and eventually seasoned with Pepper, Cayenne and Onion slices.


Sauciness was mixed with plantiful and topped with the warm awesomeness. Paired with good Beer and a good Ride, CHEERS.


Cheican Jambalaya

Yesterday, an extremely spontaneous plant-based concoction was prepared and destroyed dangerously as if I were carnivorous, teeth ripping, blood gurgling animal flesh to survive a deadly northern pole winter without a grocery store.


No harm to animals became of this.


Exhausted and tipsy, Jasmine and Wild Rice were cooked in water with Lentils. Drunk and lazy, dried seasonings were used in the form of Minced Onion, Crushed Red Pepper, Sea Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder. Cheican ( iMade that name up, Ⓥ Morning Star chicken strips) were added with Penne and Pepe Noodles. Served with Marble Rye Bread and Salsa Verde, my hunger was fulfilled.


Today, in a warmed skillet, Veggie Broth and last nights Noodle Concoction were simmered stirringly. Additional seasonings (Sugar, Liquid Smoke, Sea Salt, Pepper, Onion & Garlic P) were added before stirring in Guacamole, Tofutti ‘cream cheese’, Tofutti ‘chorizo’ and BBQ Sauce.


In the meantime, homemade Bread Daiya was well underway. Marble Rye Bread was engulfed one side with Earth Balance ‘butter’ and grilled on a cast iron skillet. After all pieces were grilled, a couple of pieces were selected to further the Bread Daiya. They were smeared with Earth Balance again, Garlic, Onion Powder, Oregano and BBQ before Daiya. They were baked on the cast iron skillet and topped with a bit of Dill Weed.


I garnished this dish with fresh Tomatoes and paired with a Surly #Merica! Happy Mother’s Day to y’all moms. A moms presence is your life in unbeatable.


Pineapple-Tofurky Pita Pi

Pitas are great. They are PITAful. Whole Wheat Pitas were purchased, utilized and enjoyed recently.


They were lathered generously with Earth Balance and lightly grilled before adding BBQ Sauce, Tofurky, Pineapple, Cilantro, Onion and Green Pepper.


With an outstanding Rice concoction on the side, titled Meatless & Potato, this plate was furiously Vegan. Meatless & Potato consisted of Mini Red Potatoes, Carrot, Onion, Serrano, Rice Wine Vinegar, Broth, Jasmine Rice, Wild Rice, Cilantro, Sea Salt, Pepper, BBQ Sauce, Tomato, Fennel & Mustard Seed And Meatless Ⓥ Morning Star products.


As always, this plant-based greatness was surrounded by Good (Surly) Beer, Cycling and FUN.