Ⓥ Picklewurst

My attempts over the last few years has been to ride ‘bulletproof’ bikes. I want to ride not repair on a RIDE. Pickle Juice and Pepper simmering. Pickles, Onion, Radish are sliced and mixed with Pickle Juice and pepper in a mixing bowl. Vegan Sausages are thrown into the simmering Juice with a Splash! They are heated and then grilled. As are the Whole Wheat Buns. Need I say more.



SW Rice Ⓥ Queso

When life gives ya a flat on the bicycle, I’d hope you were in preparations like I was today. This would be my fifth ride on the new Trek.


A multitool was brought. Two beers and one water were stowed. A pump, patch kit nor tube was not. Uber wasn’t the best at responding if they could fit a bicycle with. A beer was had. The water was salvaged (in survival mode-periodically sipped) and a trek home while pushing a Trek was experienced.



And Good Food was prepared. Southwestern Rice Ⓥ Queso was influenced by The Sonoran desert and its beautiful cacti warriors, the Saguaro cactus. A Chile Ⓥ Queso was made previously by heating Daiya ‘cheese’ Sauce with Pico de Gallo, Kidney Beans, Crumbles, Jalapeño and Corn. Seasoned, of course, with Sea Salt and Pepper. And CILANTRO:)


Grilled Tomato and Asparagus were charred perfectly to garnish this dish.


As Spanish Rice is often prepared, Garlic, Onion and Jalapeño were panfried before adding Brown Rice. Veggie Broth, Sea Salt & Pepper and Queso were mixed in.



Shroomy Daiya Tempeh Melt

Quality Ingredients were key, here. Also, evolving leftover Potatoes into a spontaneously delicious soup was key (squared). Bread topped with Vegenaise, sliced Mushrooms and Daiya on one side & Vegenaise, Tempeh and Daiya on the other side were roasted and broiled with a good eye to become extremely melted. Paprika sprinkled on top before Iceberg Lettuce was stuffed between the two slices of greatness.


These sandwiches were wrapped in foil and placed back into the oven for additional meltiness. Sliced and served with Soup, these Vegan Melts were flavorful, quick & easy and beastly hearty.



Orzo Asparagus

Happy New Bike Day! Happy Friday! In light Olive Oil, riced Cauliflower, Garlic & Seasonings (Pepper, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder and Crushed Rep Pepper Flakes) were stir-fried.


Chopped Grilled Asparagus was mixed in with Daiya slices and Vegan Creamer. Cooked down lightly seasoned with previously stated seasonings once again. A good Beer, a Good bike ride and a couple of good sips of Good Tequila were had while the proper consistency developed.



BBⓋ Cauliflower TACO

Occasionally, a half work day fixes everything. Not to say anything is wrong, but a little me-time is extremely therapeutic. I had a beer, took some pictures, helped a fallen man into his apt with his wife, went for a little bike ride in the 100 degree desert sunniness and am now writing about my Tacos. CHEERS.


Avocado Oil, Garlic and Cauliflower was pan-fried and broiled//baked prior to adding Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Pico de Gallo. Quality Taco Shells were utilized today with Iceberg Lettuce.



Ⓥ Taco Burger

Vegan Crumbles, Garlic, Hot Sauce, Pico de Gallo, Corn Salsa and Spinach were sautéed before being cooked along with Ⓥ cheese in a tortilla. Sliced carefully on the corners, these ‘beefy’ Tacos layered on top a Vegan ‘burger’ Patty. With Ⓥ Cilantro spread, these ingredients constructed a monumental Taco Burger between two Quality Bagels.



Mushroom Daiya Melt

A mushroom craving was felt. A Ⓥ Mushroom Daiya Melt was constructed.


Good Bread was key. And giving that good bread proper heat character was key as well.


Avocado Oil was utilized instead of Earth Balance today. Portobello Mushrooms were sliced and thrown on a hot flat cast iron skillet. Once the Mushrooms started to juice, I seasoned lightly with Sea Salt, Pepper and (dry) Thyme. Sprouts was out of fresh Thyme. I flipped, lightly seasoned and charred the opposite side. Meanwhile, in light Olive Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Onion and Pepper were caramelized before adding Red Wine, Sea Salt and the Mushroom. At the very last moment, Arugula was mixed in.


The bread was charred one side before building the sandwich on each char side. Daiya, Arugula and Mushroom mixture made this sandwich. Thrown on the skill and flipped, this beastly Vegan sandwich was topped with shredded Daiya and Broiled. Cut in fourths, toothpicks were utilized to keep this stack intact.