Roasted Eggplant Pilaf

Chipotle and Balsamic Vinegar (with Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper and Garlic) came together, infusingly, to be tossed with chopped Eggplant:)


Roasted somewhat toasted, this Eggplant looked and smelt Amazing. A simple Pasta Sauce was simmered with Ⓥ Crumbles, Chickpeas and Mushrooms.


Pre-cooked Brown Rice was added with chopped Parsley and the Roasted Eggplant.



Lentili Mac Stuffed Peppers

Time exponentially speeds up and my patience exponentially dwindles. Chili is the best cold weather comfort food. Canned beans are for amateurs or a quick fix for those desperate addicts:)


My brain has somewhat evolved into the laziest (at the moment) chili concept – being stuck in a paradox between laziness and quality.


Chili with Lentils = L E N T I L I


Also, with the disapproval of canned beans, seasonings (in my mindfulness) are discouraged.


Natural flavors of hot Peppers and Veggies are my key to something great.


Lentili combined with Almond Milk, Daiya and Mac noodles were the filling to some Green Peppers.



Taco Pizza Salad

Life isn’t what it once was, but for hopefully all of us, still thriving through this global pandemic.


(Vegetarian) Refried Beans were warmed with Veggie Broth, Crumbles, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Paprika.


Small Pizza Crusts were then topped with the Bean Sauce, Jalapeño and Daiya:)


A Taco Salad Shell was warmed and stuffed with a mixture of Arugula, Spinach, Iceberg Lettuce and Corn.


To further Tacofy (?) this Salad…. Avocado, Tomato, Onion and Olives were added.


The Pizza was the angel to the christmas tree…..





Ⓥ Picklewurst

My attempts over the last few years has been to ride ‘bulletproof’ bikes. I want to ride not repair on a RIDE. Pickle Juice and Pepper simmering. Pickles, Onion, Radish are sliced and mixed with Pickle Juice and pepper in a mixing bowl. Vegan Sausages are thrown into the simmering Juice with a Splash! They are heated and then grilled. As are the Whole Wheat Buns. Need I say more.



Linguine Ⓥ Carbonara

Happy Thursday. I hope the world is well enough alone. Optimism is key for happiness and to boost yours and others immune systems.


Good food helps. Good comfort food is what I prescribe to multitask a few needs.


In a saucepan, Ⓥ ‘cream’, JustEGG, SeaSalt, Pepper, GarlicPowder and Paprika were brought to a strong simmer.


Ⓥ ‘parm cheese’, Mushroom, Smart Bacon and Parsley were mixed in. Linguine (precooked and seasoned) was mixed in to bring an easy comfort food, Ⓥegan-style, to my face and hopefully yours.



Taco Doomsday

As of 2020, the world’s doomsday clock has been set to a short 100 seconds. That was before this damn virus invaded our lives. Hopefully, immune systems and summer climates destroy this Corona without a Lemon or a Lime.


Tofu was baked on a griddle before being tossed with light Olive Oil and Hot Sauce.




I picked up a unique Hot Sauce while visiting Northern Arizona in a “haunted” old mining town, Jerome, AZ. This Hot Sauce is extremely Southwestern with ingredients being; Habanero, Smoked Habanero, Carrot Puree, Piquine Peppers, Smokey Pepper Vinegar, Tequila, Lime Juice, Onion & Spices.


Flour Tortillas were baked while Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce was mixed with sliced Spinach, Hummus and Pico de Gallo (Tomato, Cilantro, Lime Juice, Onion & Jalapeño).


Hand washing has always been a very consistent thing in my life as it should be in yours.



Daiya Pizza Taquito

Happy Friday!


Normally, I only have room for one vice. This past Tuesday and Wednesday, I made room for one more. Las Vegas was experienced for the first time during an intentional overnight layover.


When in Vegas, one has to gamble. I’m happy to say that I came out with $250 and a great experience.


Avocado was sliced thinly and placed on top of Pico de Galo on top of a frozen Daiya Cheese Pizza and then baked heavily.


Veggie Refried Black Beans, Soyrizzo, Tomato Sauce, Corn, Garlic Powder, Spice and Sea Salt were simmered.


Yellow Potatoes were chopped and tossed in Sunflower Oil before being roasted at high heat.


Flour Tortillas were lathered with the Refried Bean concoction and a few small slices of Daiya before being slightly warmed.



The Daiya Pizza was cut into one square and sliced into Taquito fillers. The Daiya Pizza strips and Cilantro were rolled up into a Taquito and then baked.


Potatoes were seasoned with Chipotle, Garlic Powder and Sea Salt to be mixed with Radish and Guacamole.


I don’t condone gambling, but when in Vegas, enjoy a few Beers and play a few hands of Blackjack. And perfection in one person does not exist no matter where you are:)



Arizona Travels

The road traveled to O’Hare Airport, I-88, is not the way to ease the mind and prepare for a four-hour flight westward when flying typically makes one uneasy. I-88 is the definition of Chicago-driving with utter havoc and ever shuffling chaos. Perhaps, letting the anxiety escalate prior to arrival to the airport would calm some down in preparing for flying. And I think it did calm me. Being a cyclist, I can go months without ever being in a vehicle. An IPA, did also, help calm my nerves before flying.


Arizona is an extremely diverse state and, within a week, I experienced most its awesomeness. I’ve earned my MTBing badge by biking, by myself, in Sedona red rocks for the very first time. Riding over wet boulders and rocks on the cliff side did not excite me much, yet, extruded survival skills. I am not ashamed that at certain points, I was terrified, and walked my rental bike.


The Grand Canyon truly is grand. It is literally too awesome to stare at for too long. And due to a partial government shutdown bullshit, the walkways were layered with pure ice. Luckily, there was a safety railing saving hundreds from their plummeting death that day.


Phoenix has millions (like five) of different cactuses that are wonderfully approachable and huggable. One hug and done. Phoenix/Arizona also likes to make my stay longer than planned. Due to horrific wintery conditions in Illinois, my flight cancellation extended my vacation 48 more hours. And years ago, due to an Arizonan monsoon, my flight was canceled. I am a sunshine addict and maybe the sunshine is addicted to me… Or it could be matching energies.



I had a wonderful trip out West. I learned that I enjoy diversity in people and weather throughout one day. I learned that MTBing is extremely difficult. I learned how friendly Arizonans are. I relearned that assumptions do not usually bring closure. I was reminded heights and ice are my worst enemies. And when combined, it is my kryptonite. Arizona restaurants are mostly Vegetarian/Vegan friendly. Arizona beers are OK, but Chicago/midwest beers reign supreme. Currently, in Northern Illinois, it is negative 25 degrees and feels like negative 56.


Stay warm out their, friends!





Ups, downs, twists and turns were my 2018 on Earth. Strongly addicted to the sun, 2019’s goal is to exploit this addiction. Winter in the midwest is ever dreary – depleting my mojo, yo. If you experience the harsh winter, hang in there. Be positive:)


Please, take more quality photos, ride more bikes, enjoy good local brews and cook your own food:) Don’t forget to get plenty of sunlight. It’s the only reason that we’re alive.