TOFU Florentine

Happy Sunday Funday



A Ⓥegan Roux kicked off a badass base sauce for a few different, yet, similar ideas.


Earth Balance ‘butter’, Flour, Sea Salt, Pepper was slightly panfried before adding Garlic Powder, Almond Milk, a bit o’ water, a Veggie Bouillon cube (more of a rectangle), Carrot, Celery, Onion and (real) Garlic. After simmering for hours, a huge amount of Parsley was added:)



Bow Tie Noodles were cooked not to al dente to be finished in the Florentine Sauce with cubed (not squared) TOFU.



Sun Dried Tomato seasoning and a portion of the base sauce continued being split into another warming pot. The Pasta was added with Spinach and Daiya ‘cheese’.


A Craft Beer or three was enjoyed during this process:)



Ⓥeggie Sandwich

¡Happy Thirsty Thursday!


A surplus of thirstiness is vast this Thursday as my country (USA) is utterly a mess and an embarrassment in the universe. I apologize to all and I don’t want to dwell on politics in any of my blogs, but I’ve been extremely angry and frustrated with my country for a great while. Yesterdays event was over the top – not okay, okay. I have high hopes and confidence in President-Elect Biden & Vice-Elect Harris. I need them in control now for my own sanity.


A simple, yet, intricate sandwich was constructed and enjoyed to distract from the madness. A grilled Pretzel Bun was topped with Guacamole on both halves. A raw Tomato slice was platform for this Ⓥ sandwich to shine and hold the grilled Onion & Green Pepper and raw Radish slices.


Roasted Chipotle Balsamic infused Brussels Sprouts were deleafed (new word?) to act as a ‘Lettuce’ for the Guacamole splattered top Pretzel Bun with roasted Jalapeño to plop on. Served to myself with Potatoes, remaining Brussels Sprouts And a Snow Cold Beer, a record for consuming (not really) a sandwich took place because of deliciousness.



Pasta Salad

With ease, a simple and quick Salad was developed. After the Chickpeas are cooked of course, a matter of putting things together was only needed.


Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Sea Salt, Peppe & Chipotle Powder mixed/stirred/shooken was created.


Tri-color Rotini was cooked and mixed with the Chickpeas, Green Pepper, Onion, Radish, White Onion and VEGAN Parmesan. Just a quick reason to post a few pictures:)



Rice Lentili Bake

It’s amazing how vast a pot of Lentili (Lentili Chili) will last:)


In previous posts, details of my Lentili are more vivid. Rice was cooked, Earth Balance ‘butter’ was added & mixed nicely before the Lentili was added to be infused with the art of stirring.


Carrots were tossed with Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Pepper prior to a generous charring. The charred Carrots were diced to garnish the Rice Lentili Bake with Cilantro.


The Rice confused Lentili included Soy Sauce and a Daiya topping previous of a light/medium baking.



Lentili Mac Stuffed Peppers

Time exponentially speeds up and my patience exponentially dwindles. Chili is the best cold weather comfort food. Canned beans are for amateurs or a quick fix for those desperate addicts:)


My brain has somewhat evolved into the laziest (at the moment) chili concept – being stuck in a paradox between laziness and quality.


Chili with Lentils = L E N T I L I


Also, with the disapproval of canned beans, seasonings (in my mindfulness) are discouraged.


Natural flavors of hot Peppers and Veggies are my key to something great.


Lentili combined with Almond Milk, Daiya and Mac noodles were the filling to some Green Peppers.



Twice Roasted Daiya Potatoes

Simple and fairly quick, these Potatoes do not mess around. Heartier than your normal steak Fries, these are steakless Fries and Ⓥeganful Fries.


Quality Russet Potatoes were quartered into large wedges. Large enough wedges to basically be an entree dish.


The wedges were tossed in light Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Pepper, thrown on parchment paper (peels down) and roasted for around 20 minutes at 405.


The wedges were tonged back into the mixing bowl and lightly seasoned with Garlic Powder, a pouch of Daiya ‘cheese’ and a pouch of Daiya ‘bacon’ from the ghost of Ⓥegan past. The hot Potatoes were not as easy to toss as dreamt. Almond milk was added to ease that process to my liking.


These amazingly dressed Potatoes were roasted at 455 for additional 20 ish minutes. A craft Beer and a Hard Seltzer was had:)


Garnished with Scallions. Inspired by the amazing Sonoran Desert, I drew my niece a Bday card:)



Cauliflower Ⓥ Piccata

Happy December! 2020 is almost in  the history blogs…


A Vegan Piccata was prepared yesterday. An Illinois (only) Craft Beer advent calendar begun yesterday, as well:)


Cauliflower was utilized to help this different Piccata concept come together. Cut into ‘steaks’, and coated with light Avocado Oil, these hearty slabs were roasted generously.


In a saucepan, the sauce was started with Garlic, Veggie Broth, Sea Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Earth Balance ‘butter’, Tomatoes, Capers and Spinach – added accordingly:)


Rice with added Earth Balance ‘butter’ was also prepared. Brought together as if the plate was posing for a picture, this dish was fun (with a goofy IPA from Woodstock, IL) and extremely delicious!



Brussel’s Chipotle Bean Burger

Happy Saturday night!


Utilizing store bought Chipotle (frozen) ‘burger’ patties, an enhancement to their subtle Chipotle flavoring took place.


A seasoning mixture was produced. Chipotle Powder, Sea Salt, Pepper, (Good) Sugar, Garlic Powder and Paprika were thrown into this old tin-like shaker as happy as could be:)


Shaved Brussel’s Sprouts were prepared to be roasted as well as pan-fried. The pan-fried method required a bit more oil, but it was worth it. Olive oils, Brussel’s Sprouts, Onion and the created spice were sautéed amazingly.


The ALDI Chipotle ‘burger’ patties were ‘grilled’, topped with the Brussel’s savory sauté solution before being smothered with DAIYA and another sprinkle of the SPICE.


Served with delicious Potatoes, no condiments were required in my sandwich. The enhanced Chipotle//rooty Sprouts flavor simply imploded the entire sandwich. Stay safe and don’t forget to moisturize the mind with a God Beer, responsibly.



Pilaf Wild

Happy November!


The world, at least mine, is still a mess, but let’s make some comfort food and calm our nerves with a quality drink.


Evolution is such a beautiful thing. As humans, we are evolution. And as long as we’re on a planet, it will never end.


My drinking habit has evolved to still include great beverages, but allowing my “man-boobs” & “beer-gut” to dissipate. For the last six months, I’ve been enjoying sugarless//maltless hard seltzer’s between beers. Instead of drinking four craft brews in one night, I might have a hard seltzer or two and a beer.


Try it. Who wants to be overweight anymore. Just something that works for me.


In water, Carrots and Potatoes were boiled with Sea Salt, Pepper & Garlic Powder. Wild Rice was cooked separately and drained. Jasmine Rice was added to the Potatoes and Carrots and cooked appropriately.


Once the Rice has been cooked, Corn, Black & Red Kidney Beans, Celery and Onion were added and stirred in with the Wild Rice (previously cooked).


The taste and smell of this dish was amazing, but the texture achievement (after all of the ballots were counted:) stole the show.


Daiya Waffle Tortillas were made in a waffle maker:):):):)