Asparesto Margarita

Asparesto was marinated with its self for days.


Roasted Asparagus, Sunflower Seeds, Garlic and CrushedRedPepper/SeaSalt/Pepper were blended with Sugar and Veggie Broth.


Asparesto was my sauce.


Vegan Mozz was abundantly used to be topped off with the best Tomato slices I’ve ever had in Bushel Boy.


Daiya slices followed and eventually Basil garnished.



Murderishly marinated slices of Eggplant were grilled. The Death bath included Veggie Broth, Wasabi Powder, Onion & Garlic Powder, Minced Onion, Balsamic Vinegar, Molasses, Sesame Seed Oil, Sesame Seeds, Ginger, SeaSalt/Pepper, BBQ Sauce, Dill Weed and Cucumber in plant genocide fashion.





Store bought Guacamole Salsa was utilized as Pizza Sauce. Lentils were lifelessly cooked. Avocado, Tomato and Onions were sliced up. Alfalfa Sprouts were roasted with Daiya in these miniature Pizza massacres.


Plant death was washed down by Stone Brewing Company products.


Happy Weekend.

•Ⓥ• Stuffed Rigatoni Pizza Pi •Ⓥ•

Back Burner Marinara is made with Various canned Tomato products, Onion, Celery, Carrot, Herbs, Sugar, SeaSalt, Pepper, Garlic… And cooked down over time.


Make Super Ⓥausage. Grind raw Cashews into a chunky powder and mix with Lightlife ‘beef’ & ‘sausage’, Tempeh, Fennel Seed, Ghost Pepper marinated Smart Dawg, frozen hash brown patty cooked, chilled and then leftoveringly diced, Liquid Smoke, Veggie Broth and GarlicPowder/SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar.


A bit of Back Burner Marinara was thickened in a separate pot with a little Instant Mashed Potatoes.


Cook Rigatoni, slightly overcooked, and rinse/cool. Cut Rigatoni in half (or leave intact) and stuff with Super Ⓥausage.



Clobber your (Ⓥ) Pizza Dough or Crust with thickened Back Burner Marinara. Weight that Pizza Sauce down with generous amounts of Capers. Excellent Sauce tends to want to float up to where its level of greatness actually is:)


Daiya needs to be a word already so my Mac doesn’t continue to try to correct the spelling. Daiya slices to contribute weight upon the Sauce. Stuffed Rigatoni is the next density to trap the ingredients together. Unfortunately, plant murder is my lifestyle. And after enough heat, the Sauce will not try and escape anymore.


Splash with more Back Burner Marinara after baking. Enjoy a Good Beer and have a great day!

Seitanish Ⓥeef & kraut Pi

Happy Sunday, y’all. Yet another spin Ⓥegan spin on “corned beef and cabbage” was on the agenda today. In commemoration of a recent Pi Day, let’s take this Irish cow murder staple and adapt into a plant-based pizza pie. But, first, how’s about a heavily headwind induced mixed surface bike hike with a couple of refreshing Beers.

I am a Potato addict.

A literal Spud Web ever expanding and ever spudful is my life. This adaptation was made oil-free with Veggie Broth, Garlic, Plum, Thyme, Sugar, Sea Salt, Pepper, purple and white baby Potatoes, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Seitan and faux chicken – Cheican? The plant-based protein does start to basically shred after a little while. Ⓥ-Thou Island is simply Vegenaise, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Scallions, Garlic Powder, Pepper and Cayenne mixed together all wonderful like. The pizza pie was Whole Wheat crust, Ⓥ-Thou Island, baby Potatoes, Seitan & Cheican. The Pi was baked, slightly, before adding Daiya and slightly baking more. Sauerkraut garnished this comforting Ⓥegan delight.

Ⓥicotta Lasagna Stuffed Pi

Chicago-style stuffed pizza pies used to be prepared everyday by me. They are a lot of fun with endless possibilities. Remastering of this concept will take place eventually. This concept was an all day event and was rather exhausting, but absolutely fitting. Fresh homemade dough was not used. And the next time this concept takes place, the dough will be done much differently.



Back Burner Marina is a great starting point as it needs time to become greatness. It is simply constructed of Celery, Onion, Carrot, Veggie Broth, Garlic, Tomatoes galore, Basil, SeaSalt/Pepper/Sugar/GarlicPowder, Balsamic, Cayenne and TIME.


The Ⓥicotta is a bit more complex. Eggplant was sliced and baked to be further chopped. Fennel Seed was thrown into the mortar and pestle to be slightly crushed with boiled Cashews. Thrown all together was the Eggplant, Fennel, Cashews, Garlic, Lime Juice, Molasses, Shallot, Spinach, Almond Milk, Balsamic Vinegar, SeaSalt, Pepper, Sugar, Liquid Smoke, GarlicPowder, OnionPowder and Cayenne. And the Pepe noodle balls 🙂


Noodles were boiled, drained, but not rinsed. Ⓥicotta was rolled up with the noodles. Dough was panned, while being nonstick Earth Balance was still utilized. Lasagna was put onto dough after Daiya and Back Burner Marinara. Dough was topped and sealed. The massive Pi was baked and then more Back Burner Marinara and Daiya was put on top to be broiled. This Pi was beastly.


Eat healthy. Drink quality. And enjoy your week as much as I will enjoy mine. 


VEGAN Garlic Hawaiian Pizza

I will always be a pizza addict, I know. Once diagnosed, you have that illness for life. One thing about my disease is that I do not rely on animal torture and murder to get my fix on. I do, however, rely on plant genocide and slaughter to get my pizza fix. And I get off on the plants pain and torment. Perhaps, a psychopath. Perhaps, just a pizza addict. Perhaps, a pizza addict whom LOVES animals and LOVES personal wellbeing.


The relapses of pizza consumption are freaking delicious! I am a sick, sick man, but it’s worth it. I made an extremely garlic sauce including boiled (raw) Cashews & Potatoes that were pan-fried with diced Cauliflower and Onions before being blended with Vegetable Broth, Roasted Garlic, Parsley, Sea Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Garlic Powder and Sugar.


The pizza construction will now commence. Pizza crust, Garlic Sauce, Avocado, Onion, Pineapple and DAIYA before putting the “Fakin’ Bacon” and Tofurky on. I’m cooking, now, at 215 degrees F. A slight broil here and there.


I chose not to ride today as I will be riding a decent ride tomorrow in the sub-freezing, yet, warmer sunny day. The memes saying Pineapple does not belong on Pizza are rude and incorrect.


#RideOn. #EatOn.

Garden Ⓥizza

Suffering from a pizza addiction might sound harmless and fun to most. I will forever fight to maintain my pizza relapsing to a minimum. Pizza very much still exists in a Vegan aspect. Animals not being murdered or abused in the process of this pizza addiction help another relapse to be cerebral intensified calming. Eat yo (Vegan) Pizza (responsibly).

I tried Vegan dough in a can. Fresh dough is out of my patience/lifestyle these days. It was good and easy. Combination of a Veggie Pizza with a Margherita-style pizza was my concept of this deliciously edible pie.


The “sauce” was a small mixture of OliveOil/BalsamicVinegarette/ Sriracha/Oregano/RoastedGarlic.


Conspiracies of Capers, Spinach, TOFU, Shallot and thinly sliced Tomatoes were made aware with truths of Daiya and Basil.