Ⓥ Breakfast Pizza Roll

An adaptation of my previous post, Ⓥeggie Roll, was easily constructed into a pleasant Breakfast Roll… Ⓥegan-style. And to use remaining inventory in the kitchen.


Just Egg ‘egg’, Field Roast Chao ‘cheese’ and capers were mixed. Corn Starch was almost added, but was not felt needed.


Dough was seasoned with Jalapeño Salt from New Mexico:) and Organic Garlic Powder from Arizona before adding a Ⓥ Protein concoction.


The Ⓥ Protein concoction consisted of Ⓥ Crumbles, Black Eyed Pees, Corn, Peppers, etc…


(The Protein concoction was spontaneous and leftovers)


Remaining Daiya slices were added along with Onion & Tomato slices. To finish this hefty loaf, the Just Egg/’cheese’/Caper mixture was added and finished with Spinach.


Folded with slits, this Vegan Roll was baked turning once and topped with Earth Balance ‘butter’.



Ⓥeggie Roll

A Ⓥegan Ⓥeggie Pizza Roll was prepared with three options of Ⓥegan dipping sauces. Normally, consistency of Vegan products take place, but not this time.


Daiya Sauces were utilized, while Field Roast Chao ‘cheese’ was stuffed inside the hefty Veggie Roll.


Along with the delicious ‘cheese’; Garlic, Capers, Tomato, Mushroom and Spinach filled the pizza dough. Baked lightly directly on the pan and rotating once, this delicious comfort food was destroyed with a variety of Ⓥegan flavors.



Ⓥreakfast Burger Pi

Awakening to lightening striking bright and quaking loud thunder, creates a great way to start the day. Happy November from the Sonoran desert, where we do not need to save the daylight. The daylight reigns supreme in Arizona.


A morning bringing ultimate motivation brings a deliciously crafted Ⓥegan Sandwich. Field Roast Patties and Eggless Salad were utilized in this concept. The Patties were panfried and then set aside. Peppers were then panfried. Large Tortillas were warmed before being stuffed.


Spinach, Pico de Gallo, Avocado, Eggless Salad, the Patties and Peppers were stuffed into the Tortilla before lightly toasting in the oven. Sliced in half and tossed in a basket, what an amazing fuel to ride the rain puddles away with the sun over my shoulder.





Wingless Street Corn

Let your Kernels roam free. Eat your wings without murder. Let your taste buds Evolve.


‘Milk’, Chipotle seasoning, Lime Juice, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Daiya simmered in-between boiling before adding Pico de Gallo, chopped roasted Tofu, chopped Celery, Cilantro and Corn Kernels. Vegan ‘Sour Cream’ was mixed with drained Cornness to be simply served as Street Corn. However…..


Field Roast ‘Fruffalo Wings’ were baked in the oven while the Buffalo sauce was defrosted and panned. The ‘Wings’ were stirred in before adding to the Corn concoction.


“Good people drink good Beer.” Great people drink great Beer, responsibly.




Field Roast Fieldburger is an amazingly hearty meat substitute. There are many of Ⓥeggie patties out there that are constructed with quality ingredients and simply are on another level beyond just a meat substitute.


Daiya as well as Go Veggie ‘parmesan cheese’ were utilized in this endeavor. The Pizza Sauce was more of a Marinara Sauce with various canned Tomato products, Boca crumbles, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Falafel Balls (which were not in this recipe). Onion & Mushrooms were pan-fried before being smothered on top of the grilled Fieldburger. Sauce and Daiya were then layered even higher. A Croissant Bun was cut and slightly grilled before baking with Sauce, Spinach and Daiya.


With Potatoes on the side, the Croissant Bun could barely contain this massive design. Napkins and a face wash were a must. What a perfect day to enjoy a Good Beer, stay inside and create and consume a wonderful sandwich, messily.




In the past few months, I have fallen in love with Ⓥegan ‘brats’. Tofurky and Field Roast are just damn amazing!


In this concept, I utilized Field Roast Mexican Chipotle ‘brats’. Mindful of how awesome Chipotle is with its smoky pleasant heat, I wanted to give something already great, a flair. Choosing to infuse the Mexican-style ‘brat’ with Italian-style finesse, was just damn badass.


O’Brien style Potatoes were roasted on parchment paper. Minestrone soup (from a can) was heated. The ‘brats’ were grilled. The soup was strained while saving the soup juices. The Potatoes, with slight Oil, were sautéed to achieve good color//char.


The Soup ‘stuff’ was flooded with a few amazing ingredients. Earth Balance ‘butter’, Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Dill and Ⓥegan Parmesan ‘cheese’. The Potatoes were mixed with the remaining Soup juices.


Happy November.