Tato Tota Casso

Traditional recipes names are boring. This recipe is nowhere near traditional, anyways. Let’s make it Vegan with texture & character. My recipes are Super spontaneous and meant to be inspiration to create your own recipe:)


This began mixing Salsa, Water, Carrot, Split Pea, Onion, Potato into soupiness that became chunky once the Peas were cooked in.


In a bigger pot, Garlic and Beyond Beef were slightly pan-fried before Rice was mixed in. After browning, Water, a curry cube and Cilantro were combined. Eventually, the prior concoction was tossed in and cooked appropriately.


A skillet was preheated and the rice mixture was thrown in with Vegan Tomato Basil Soup. Organic Tater Tots were baked. Daiya was melted into the Riceyness. Tater Tots to top with a garnish of Cilantro. BOOM.







Ⓥ Andouille Dawg

A sauce was started by panfrying Garlic, Onion, Bell Peppers, Jalapeño, Ⓥ Cheican, Corn, Meatless Crumbles, Seasonings (Hot Sauce, Sea Salt & Pepper) to be softly blackened.


Veggie Broth, Sugar and Garlic Powder was stirred in and simmered for a bit before (store bought) Marinara was added. Cooked Black Eyed Peas were tossed in and this flavorful textured mixture was slow cooked for a few hours with Tofurky Italian Sausages in the chaos in this pot.


In Whole Wheat Buns, the marinated Sausages plopped into and topped with the Cajun/Creole – style Saucy greatness. Daiya partially covered this sandwich and then broiled lightly. Garnished with Parsley and a Smile, with simplicity yet complexity, this hit the spot.



BBⓋ Cauliflower TACO

Occasionally, a half work day fixes everything. Not to say anything is wrong, but a little me-time is extremely therapeutic. I had a beer, took some pictures, helped a fallen man into his apt with his wife, went for a little bike ride in the 100 degree desert sunniness and am now writing about my Tacos. CHEERS.


Avocado Oil, Garlic and Cauliflower was pan-fried and broiled//baked prior to adding Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Pico de Gallo. Quality Taco Shells were utilized today with Iceberg Lettuce.



Linguine Ⓥ Carbonara

Happy Thursday. I hope the world is well enough alone. Optimism is key for happiness and to boost yours and others immune systems.


Good food helps. Good comfort food is what I prescribe to multitask a few needs.


In a saucepan, Ⓥ ‘cream’, JustEGG, SeaSalt, Pepper, GarlicPowder and Paprika were brought to a strong simmer.


Ⓥ ‘parm cheese’, Mushroom, Smart Bacon and Parsley were mixed in. Linguine (precooked and seasoned) was mixed in to bring an easy comfort food, Ⓥegan-style, to my face and hopefully yours.



Soupy Ⓥ Sliders

A soupy concoction was prepared after many hours of patience. Ⓥ Broth was heated and seasoned with Sea Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Garlic Powder and Crushed Red Peppers.


Peppers, Tofu, Ⓥ Gouda, Corn, Roasted Potatoes, Cilantro, Wild Rice and Instant Mashed Potatoes (for consistency) were combined and stewed. Scallions were added lastly.


Flour Tortilla Bowls became stuffed with soupiness and baked/broiled briefly. Chives to garnish and compliment a good Craft Beer and a bike ride.



Brocco Taco

Distant mountaintops, subtly waving palm trees silhouetting a true blue sky

Groups of hot air balloons hovering tall in the Northern sky

The brilliant sun, all its powerful energy makes wide

A smile one cannot pry

Every direction is paradise

Life is my heaven



Never-ending photography failure occurs when photos cannot capture what my eyes see. Irreplaceable and priceless brain screenshots are in my head. It has taken many years to begin realizing that experiencing greatness doesn’t need documentation. Photographs are just reminders and in my case, hopefully Inspiration.


As words usually run and hide from me, Broccoli Taco’s were documented today. They were extremely easy and packed with texture & flavor.


In a skillet, light oil was heated before throwing in a surplus of Broccoli Florets to be scorched. In the fridge and then out of the fridge, leftover (baked) Onion Rings were utilized by taking a chopped form to be tossed in with the Broccoli. Seasoned with Crushed Rep Pepper Flakes, Garlic Powder, Sea Salt & Pepper, the skillet was popped into the oven to lightly roast prior to adding Ⓥegan Gouda. Broiled, roasted and melted ever so nice, Corn Tortillas were stuffed with this greatness and charred once again.



Again, I do not wish to tell you what to do, but I recommend a bicycle ride, trying something new and taking a couple of decent photos.