Spanish Rice Brrritto


I am not too sure if any of my imaginary readers are baseball fans or not, but tonight very well could be the last game of the World Series with a Cleveland victory. Cubs nation wants it so bad. We want to reign supreme for once in our lifetimes. The most powerful detail of Cubs fandom is our ability to bounce back and love our team. We are the greatest fans in baseball and deserve a World Series victory, but I am ecstatic of the fun this year has been and I am prepared to yet again look to next year. CUBS need a miracle and I am truly fine with that happening. I’m craving more for a World Series win in Chicago for the first time since 1945. Let’s go!


I made a Spanish-style Rice with all kinds of leftover ingredients. I used Black Beans, White & Brown Rice, Carrot, Onion, Radicchio, Radish, Cilantro, Tomato, Sugar/SeaSalt/Pepper and Celery. Cooking and draining accordingly I also added GoVeggie! ‘cheese’ and made Brrritttoes.


Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

The nice thing to be true of beer fans, they are more generous than others. We enjoy sharing something that brings us joy. We ensure good times. We share any depth of knowledge of this crafty habit. My boss and I traded beers. He gave me four different Toppling Goliath BREWS. I’ve never experienced and of these Iowa beers and he wanted to share his favorite brewery with me from his home area.


Of course, he gave them to me on a night where I only have eight hours between shifts. I worked until 10:00pm on Thursday night and was at work at 6:30am on Friday (today) morning.

I made it work and I also made myself some food, trying some SOL cuisine ‘burgers’.


  • Dorothy’s New World Lager:

Poured well with good head appearing light, but definitely has more of an amber color. This lager is almost sweet. Maybe it’s honey, maybe it’s meybeline?


  • Psuedo Sue


HOLY SHIT THAT IS GOOD. Hoppy aroma and taste with citrusness.


I sliced a portabella mushroom and onions and pan-fry.





  • Rover Truck 


Everything an Oatmeal Stout should be!



  • Golden Nugget


That is extra citrusy amazingly hoppy.


Well DONE.


I am not going to pretend that I can taste and sense every hint of flavor. I know good beer and these were good. I tried live-reviewing these beers and that did not work.


I made SOLFOOD. Involved, was Buns, Famous Dave’s Chipotle Sauce, Alfalfa Sprouts, Spinach, Portabella, Onion, SOL & GoVeggie (V) ‘cheese’.



Daiya Squashed Spuds

History is being made in Chicago, IL – USA. The Chicago CUBS are alive and well giving many people in the world a happiness that is magical and extremely rare. This team is reconnecting old friends and bringing families closer. This old club is helping to create new friendships investing into our future to help life make more sense. The Chicago CUBS winning the World Series might bring us the nearest to world peace we may ever experience in our lifetimes.


I squashed the spuds and ate some veggies like they were already extinct. I boiled Potato slices and Carrot cylinders while eventually dry roasting yellow and Zucchini Squash. I used Oregano/SeaSalt/Pepper to season with Grape Tomatoes, Onion, Daiya and Slices Spinach. I garnished with Marinara marinated Squash and sliced Spinach. I drank beer and loved this one.


I cannot concentrate much on anything other than the CUBS. CHEERS


Lentili Mac N Daiya Meatlessburger

This is the end

Beautiful friend

This is the end

My only friend, the end

-Jim Morrison (The Doors)

The End


Prepare Lentili:


Tofu Tempeh Lentili

Prepare Lentili Mac N Daiya:


Lentili Mac N Daiya


Find Vegan English Muffins or Buns. Use a Beyond Meat Beastburger or Vegan Boca. Roast, toast and boast, meltedly:)

It’s nice to go for a muddy bike ride with others to a local brewery to enjoy a freshly brewed Craft Beer and for the first time, I could eat a sausage with them who were also enjoying sausages. They carried Field Roast sausages:) you betcha, I want that Chicago-style.


The End (Lentili)


…To Be Continued (CUBS)


Tofurky Seican Club

I prepared my own (baked) Potato chips and seasoned them with SeaSalt, GarlicP, OnionP, Pepper, Dill, Cayenne and ChipotleP.


Daiya could have easily been thrown onto this sandwich to ultimately mimic a meat and dairy (fan) club, but I chose not to partake today.


I toasted Pumpernickel bread and spread the innards with Vegenaise:) Peppered Tofurky is legit and legitimately rolled up working as a solid starter for such a Veganly amazing construction. Just enough Seitan ‘bacon’ was the next addition and then topped with Tomato, Onion and sliced Spinach.


Although, no animals were injured during the making and consumption of my Tofurky Seican Club, I kept the non-Vegan theme of something dying by stabbing the lively sandwich with extremely sharp daggers (CUBS colors) before murdering this plant-based greatness by cutting it completely in half.


Lentili Scalloped Potatoes

Take your time, but…

Real quick, watch Danny Macaskill’s new video (via YouTube):

Wee Day Out

Also, this one is my favorite (via YouTube):



I purchased a mandolin and love using it for food prep. I sliced Potatoes and dry-roasted them. In the meantime, I made a Roux -heating Earth Balance and mixing in flour. I then added chopped Avocado and extra firmly crumbled Tofu. I drowned the Roux with SoyMilk and seasoned with ChipotleP/Cayenne/Sugar/Pepper/SeaSalt/DillWeed&GarlicP. I let simmer before adding chopped Kale, Daiya and sliced Seican (Seitan Bacon).


I used a new cast iron skillet to cook my Lentili Scalloped Potatoes in the oven. I layered Lentili…



…Tofu Cream Sauce with Daiya, Potatoes.


I put in oven and baked at a lower temperature for awhile before turning the heat up and finishing with a slight broil.


I also made a Lentili Pot Pie, stuffing dough with Lentili and folding closed.


Happy Tuesday.

LBⓋ 18

Low Budget Veganism Eighteen


  • Winter Mix (Cauiflower & Broccoli) frozen, 5 servings @ $1.78 = $0.36 per serving
  • Hash Browns (O’brien-style) frozen, 11 servings @ $1.98 = $0.18 per servings
  • Sunflower Seeds (roasted, unsalted), 9 servings @ $2.28 = $0.25 per servings
  • SeaSalt/Pepper = $0.05 per serving
  • Soy Sauce, 20 servings @ $1.28 = $0.06 per serving


Ninety cents per serving overall.


Dry roasting the Seeds and Vegetables on parchment paper.

Seasoning with Salt/Pepper and garnishing with Soy Sauce.

Inexpensive, healthily textured and delicious.

Eat On.