Daiya Squashed Spuds

History is being made in Chicago, IL – USA. The Chicago CUBS are alive and well giving many people in the world a happiness that is magical and extremely rare. This team is reconnecting old friends and bringing families closer. This old club is helping to create new friendships investing into our future to help life make more sense. The Chicago CUBS winning the World Series might bring us the nearest to world peace we may ever experience in our lifetimes.


I squashed the spuds and ate some veggies like they were already extinct. I boiled Potato slices and Carrot cylinders while eventually dry roasting yellow and Zucchini Squash. I used Oregano/SeaSalt/Pepper to season with Grape Tomatoes, Onion, Daiya and Slices Spinach. I garnished with Marinara marinated Squash and sliced Spinach. I drank beer and loved this one.


I cannot concentrate much on anything other than the CUBS. CHEERS


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