Apple Miter

The art of mitering is to go around all differences and to come together, cleanly, at the same angle and on the same paige. Under the weather?

Grab a sauce pot and warm it. Do what I said…. Kidding, recipes are just guidelines and opinions. Add Vanilla and Rum. Get real Cider to miter. Local anything is always preferred. Add SeaSalt/Cinnamon/Nutmeg AND freshly sliced oranges. Warm, drink and sooth that swollen tonsil. Maybe make a sandwich that is Veganly mitered with a grilled Daiya.


It is a plant massacre. I apologize for the plant genocide rampage that i took charge on in 2016. If you take offense to my plant-based lifestyle and/or to so many plant-based deaths, Screw Off:) Here’s to 2017 and much more plant consumption!


2016 Cycling

Earth Balance, (Vegan) Onion Rings, Daiya, Mustard, Vegenaise, Romaine, Tomato, Bread, Buns and BBQ-Sriracha Potatoes.


I’m curious if anyone has ever been in an actual (snow) whiteout. Where depending on light, white is all. I have experienced a whiteout once while driving during daylight.


Where do we go when we die? As a kid, I used to weirdly daydream about life after death and a whiteout in my head is the best way to describe it. A sense of nothingness and just white. Perhaps, I’m an optimist and that is why it wasn’t a blackout. I’d like to say that our mindset as humans is in our DNA and was already decided before we were born. I rode a Bicycle, listened to good Music, had a couple of excellent BEERS and made WHITEOUTCHILI today.




Solar Sailer


I let this gigantic pot of WHITEOUTCHILI simmer on the back burner for a few hours as it is still. My theme for this idea is light and white. I chose Habanero to pack an innocent punch. I took my more traditional Chili concept and gave it a (VEGAN) white remix.


I cooked Navy and Northern Beans by themselves first. After draining and rinsing them, I put SoyMilk on heat and added the Beans. Ingredients to follow were Onion, Yellow Peppers, Russet Potatoes, Eggplant-peeled&diced, Parsnips-peeled&diced, Tofu-crumbled, Habanero, Celery and Garlic and seasoned with SeaSalt/Pepper/ BrownSugar. After gearing up for an above freezing day, I went for a bike ride to check out a new washout bridge on the (I&M Canal) towpath. Being gone for around 2 1/2 hours, this stewing Veganisms became damn delicious and damn beautiful. I took some out and put into a warming pot and added Parsley, Daiya and I added Instant Mashed Potatoes to obtain the correct consistency. I did add a bit more sugar, also.


Ride a Bike. Drink a Beer. Be Healthier.



V-EGG-NAWG, dawg

| V ‘eg,näg |

Usually, when I use “VEGG”, it is pronounced as in “Veggie” without the ending. “Veggnog” is slightly different to rhyme with eggnog, but without torturous dairy and without murderous dead baby chickens. I’ve been subconsciously brainstorming this concept for a good year. The trigger has never been pulled and the gun was never shot until last night. Confidence was explicit and confidence was apparent of the VEGGNOG results, just because of the smell. The smell told me it was delicious before I even tasted it.


Tools needed for correct results:

  • Bottle opener
  • Beers
  • Blender
  • Plastic Container
  • Strainer
  • Jug (for storage)
  • Phone for pictures, live tweeting and Untappd check-ins


My raw Cashews were soaked for 8-9 hours. My dates were soaked around twenty minutes in the same plastic container with the Nuts and a little Sea Salt. A big batch (for sharing purposes) was constructed. I blended ingredients at four separate intervals to be combined all together with cinnamon sticks to marinate in the refrigerator. Spiced Rum was included moderately. This VEGGNOG will not be much of a family intoxicator, but ROCK out with yo NOG out!


Lone Wolves


My VEGGNOG ingredients are CashewMilk, CoconutMilk, SpicedRum, SeaSalt, Bananas, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Dates, Cashews and imported Vanilla from Mexico. Shaken, not stirred, along with freedom and fun were KEY. Happy XMAS!

Dreamland Precipice

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo Simplistics

Veganism is sometimes a tricky game. In my opinion, it all depends on how you go about the Vegan lifestyle. I’ve said it before and I’m not ashamed on saying that I am 95-98% Vegan. I do not purchase cheese, dairy or eggs. I do not become stressed over Vegetarian ingredients already in something. It’s easier to maintain that lifestyle healthier when you have time and energy to prepare all of your food. If you do not have all of the time in the world, it takes tedious preparations and planning or money to purchase the more expensive “faster foods”.


I will go ahead and include this as a LBV (Low Budget Vegan) idea. I went back to my roots. I thought about my restaurant kitchen manager days and how we used to prepare alfredo with heavy cream. That mindset was my approach this time around. Along with that mindset, was a simple approach. At times, I overcomplicate things to not work in my favor the best that they sometimes could.



  • Almond Milk $1.99 @ 8 servings = $0.25 per serving
  • Oil & Garlic = $0.08 per serving
  • GarlicP/OnionP/Cayenne/Basil/SeaSalt/Pepper seasonings = $0.10 per serving
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes $2.49 @ 18 servings = $0.14 per serving
  • Fettuccine $1.28 @ 8 servings = $0.16 per serving


With great simple flavor and creamy textures, this pasta made my day! 73 cents per serving is amazing, also! Keep on rockin’! Try Triptych brewery out of Savoy, IL!


Ⓥeggie Ⓥinguine

The basis of this concept is the Sauce. Call it an accident. Call it Evolution. Perhaps, experience and stubbornness played a bigger role. Whatever ya wanna call it, this sauce is versatile and damn delicious.

It started as Vegetable Stew. A big pot of Intense flavor simmered and cooked down longer to infuse the flavors like the construction of a new galaxy over 100’s of billions of years, just at a much smaller time frame. Veggie Broth, Pinto & Northern Beans, Potato, Carrot, Celery, Asparagus, Brussel’s Sprouts, Tomato Paste, Onion, Garlic, SeaSalt/Pepper and Pineapple Juice were thrown into the pot. The taste was amazing, I just wasn’t pleased with the texture.

The Stew stayed in the refrigerator for a couple of days before I decided to blend the entire pot down to much more of a smooth Soup. Daiya was added as I allowed the Soup to cook-down for a strong fraction of a day. Various styles of consumptions followed.


Today, I used the last of it. Green, Yellow, Red & Orange Peppers were sautéed with Garlic, Onion, Portabella Mushroom and Seitan. Seasoned with RiceVinegar/CrushedRedPepper/ SeaSalt&Pepper, this stir-fry gave me the mouth-watering chills just from the visuals and aroma.


Linguine was cooked al dente and not rinsed and immediately thrown into warmed Sauce. I grilled some Bread to serve dry with this Pasta. Plated the noodles with stir-fry greatness ontop. No garnish needed.