I’m curious if anyone has ever been in an actual (snow) whiteout. Where depending on light, white is all. I have experienced a whiteout once while driving during daylight.


Where do we go when we die? As a kid, I used to weirdly daydream about life after death and a whiteout in my head is the best way to describe it. A sense of nothingness and just white. Perhaps, I’m an optimist and that is why it wasn’t a blackout. I’d like to say that our mindset as humans is in our DNA and was already decided before we were born. I rode a Bicycle, listened to good Music, had a couple of excellent BEERS and made WHITEOUTCHILI today.




Solar Sailer


I let this gigantic pot of WHITEOUTCHILI simmer on the back burner for a few hours as it is still. My theme for this idea is light and white. I chose Habanero to pack an innocent punch. I took my more traditional Chili concept and gave it a (VEGAN) white remix.


I cooked Navy and Northern Beans by themselves first. After draining and rinsing them, I put SoyMilk on heat and added the Beans. Ingredients to follow were Onion, Yellow Peppers, Russet Potatoes, Eggplant-peeled&diced, Parsnips-peeled&diced, Tofu-crumbled, Habanero, Celery and Garlic and seasoned with SeaSalt/Pepper/ BrownSugar. After gearing up for an above freezing day, I went for a bike ride to check out a new washout bridge on the (I&M Canal) towpath. Being gone for around 2 1/2 hours, this stewing Veganisms became damn delicious and damn beautiful. I took some out and put into a warming pot and added Parsley, Daiya and I added Instant Mashed Potatoes to obtain the correct consistency. I did add a bit more sugar, also.


Ride a Bike. Drink a Beer. Be Healthier.


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