Apple Miter

The art of mitering is to go around all differences and to come together, cleanly, at the same angle and on the same paige. Under the weather?

Grab a sauce pot and warm it. Do what I said…. Kidding, recipes are just guidelines and opinions. Add Vanilla and Rum. Get real Cider to miter. Local anything is always preferred. Add SeaSalt/Cinnamon/Nutmeg AND freshly sliced oranges. Warm, drink and sooth that swollen tonsil. Maybe make a sandwich that is Veganly mitered with a grilled Daiya.


It is a plant massacre. I apologize for the plant genocide rampage that i took charge on in 2016. If you take offense to my plant-based lifestyle and/or to so many plant-based deaths, Screw Off:) Here’s to 2017 and much more plant consumption!


2016 Cycling

Earth Balance, (Vegan) Onion Rings, Daiya, Mustard, Vegenaise, Romaine, Tomato, Bread, Buns and BBQ-Sriracha Potatoes.

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