Seitanish Corn Chowder

Happy August to all!


VeggHead BeerCyclist survived the never-ending month of July. The virus/pandemic has impacted us all differently, but perseverance and optimism will get us by.


A homemade Veggie Broth was prepared using Water, Carrot, Celery, Onion and Seasonings (Sea Salt, Pepper & Garlic Powder).


Ditalini pasta, Peppers, Mexican Grey Squash, Beans, Corn, Broth and Seitan chunks were combined and cooked until the Broth was cooked down. Cilantro was added:)


Simple. Delicious and fun to look at. Happy Saturday!



Potato Avocado Enchiladas

Happy Saturday! Stay cool out there, friends:)


Potato slices were boiled before being pan fried in light oil. The Potatoes were seasoned with Hot Sauce, Paprika, Sea Salt & Pepper.


Tortillas were filled with the Potatoes, Avocado, green Enchilada Sauce, Rice medley with Corn and Kidney Beans added and Daiya. Thrown in the oven to be roasted with additional Daiya on top, the Enchiladas were topped with Enchilada Sauce and a surplus of Cilantro.





Mac N’ Fun

Surrounded by an exploding deadly virus and multiple wildfires, the current state of Arizona is close to being hell on Earth.


Comfort food is needed more than ever before. Today’s craving is Mac N’ Daiya!


And leaving recipes alone is not in my vocabulary.  Let’s enhance normality. Let’s create character and texture:)


Veggies were lightly roasted before being lightly broiled. A new (to me) Ⓥegan Milk was utilized. Seasoned with Garlic powder, Sea Salt & Pepper, Smoky Tempeh was added to the little Milky mixture. The Mac was barely under cooked, drained and added to the mix with the Daiya ‘cheese’.


The roasted Veggies were added with a little more Ⓥ Milk. This hit the spot:):)



Tato Tota Casso

Traditional recipes names are boring. This recipe is nowhere near traditional, anyways. Let’s make it Vegan with texture & character. My recipes are Super spontaneous and meant to be inspiration to create your own recipe:)


This began mixing Salsa, Water, Carrot, Split Pea, Onion, Potato into soupiness that became chunky once the Peas were cooked in.


In a bigger pot, Garlic and Beyond Beef were slightly pan-fried before Rice was mixed in. After browning, Water, a curry cube and Cilantro were combined. Eventually, the prior concoction was tossed in and cooked appropriately.


A skillet was preheated and the rice mixture was thrown in with Vegan Tomato Basil Soup. Organic Tater Tots were baked. Daiya was melted into the Riceyness. Tater Tots to top with a garnish of Cilantro. BOOM.