YouTube Videos

Here are the (best of) links some previously liked videos on YouTube. They are all YouTube links counting down to the remarkable video that I just experienced for the first time.


Nuclear Explosion History


Funny Beer


Build Nothing Out Of Something


Box Hill Time-Lapse


Soulfly VII


Best Speech You Will Ever Hear


Hearts // Wires


Death From Above


2016 Canal Grinder




Earth Crawler




GoPro Cause : Crop Trust


We experience. We learn. We adapt. We evolve into preparing ourselves to react better the next time around. We are human. I’ve been enjoying kickass music and kickass Beer lately. So much, that I wanna shout on top of the tallest mountains of how euphoric the combination is. This combination is not recommended to consume responsibly unless that’s how you feel. Do how you feel. Feel as you do. I’m a bossy SOB, but whatevs.


SUNLIGHT ASCENDING is instrumental Post-Rock that sounds different between tunes. And that is unique and just awesome. Hoppin’ Frog is a brewery out of Ohio. The beers I’ve had are spectacular.

(Spring) This Was Your Place






I’m curious if anyone has ever been in an actual (snow) whiteout. Where depending on light, white is all. I have experienced a whiteout once while driving during daylight.


Where do we go when we die? As a kid, I used to weirdly daydream about life after death and a whiteout in my head is the best way to describe it. A sense of nothingness and just white. Perhaps, I’m an optimist and that is why it wasn’t a blackout. I’d like to say that our mindset as humans is in our DNA and was already decided before we were born. I rode a Bicycle, listened to good Music, had a couple of excellent BEERS and made WHITEOUTCHILI today.




Solar Sailer


I let this gigantic pot of WHITEOUTCHILI simmer on the back burner for a few hours as it is still. My theme for this idea is light and white. I chose Habanero to pack an innocent punch. I took my more traditional Chili concept and gave it a (VEGAN) white remix.


I cooked Navy and Northern Beans by themselves first. After draining and rinsing them, I put SoyMilk on heat and added the Beans. Ingredients to follow were Onion, Yellow Peppers, Russet Potatoes, Eggplant-peeled&diced, Parsnips-peeled&diced, Tofu-crumbled, Habanero, Celery and Garlic and seasoned with SeaSalt/Pepper/ BrownSugar. After gearing up for an above freezing day, I went for a bike ride to check out a new washout bridge on the (I&M Canal) towpath. Being gone for around 2 1/2 hours, this stewing Veganisms became damn delicious and damn beautiful. I took some out and put into a warming pot and added Parsley, Daiya and I added Instant Mashed Potatoes to obtain the correct consistency. I did add a bit more sugar, also.


Ride a Bike. Drink a Beer. Be Healthier.



V-EGG-NAWG, dawg

| V ‘eg,näg |

Usually, when I use “VEGG”, it is pronounced as in “Veggie” without the ending. “Veggnog” is slightly different to rhyme with eggnog, but without torturous dairy and without murderous dead baby chickens. I’ve been subconsciously brainstorming this concept for a good year. The trigger has never been pulled and the gun was never shot until last night. Confidence was explicit and confidence was apparent of the VEGGNOG results, just because of the smell. The smell told me it was delicious before I even tasted it.


Tools needed for correct results:

  • Bottle opener
  • Beers
  • Blender
  • Plastic Container
  • Strainer
  • Jug (for storage)
  • Phone for pictures, live tweeting and Untappd check-ins


My raw Cashews were soaked for 8-9 hours. My dates were soaked around twenty minutes in the same plastic container with the Nuts and a little Sea Salt. A big batch (for sharing purposes) was constructed. I blended ingredients at four separate intervals to be combined all together with cinnamon sticks to marinate in the refrigerator. Spiced Rum was included moderately. This VEGGNOG will not be much of a family intoxicator, but ROCK out with yo NOG out!


Lone Wolves


My VEGGNOG ingredients are CashewMilk, CoconutMilk, SpicedRum, SeaSalt, Bananas, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Dates, Cashews and imported Vanilla from Mexico. Shaken, not stirred, along with freedom and fun were KEY. Happy XMAS!

Dreamland Precipice

Sunday Ride On

I encountered a strange different style of riding yesterday. Not so much strange, just a change of pace on a strenuous ride. I have been riding solo for the last few weeks, which happens and is totally fine. A buddy was going to commute to his new job for the first time. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal, except for it being just short of 30 miles. When I ride, I rarely start before 9am.


Yesterday, I left to meet up with my buddy at 6:12 am. When I open (for my job) I leave about the same time. On a day off, this is unheard of by me. We rode the 45 kilometers and met up with a couple of engineers who we occasionally ride with for some breakfast. I enjoyed water and a peanut butter Vegan Cliff bar.


Dude went to work and I went with the engineers and in a sense went to work. We went a little farther to stop in a little town to have a beer. Their town ordinance was not to serve alcohol before noon on Sundays, so we rode on.


We hopped on a horribly weed overgrown and sinkhole plentiful canal for roughly 55 kilometers (35 miles) where I ran out of water and snacks conveniently away from stores and non-well water. We wound up splitting up at different paces after canal departure, yet still all trying to conclude this ride without passing out on the side/middle of a road/trail from heat exhaustion.


It is extremely uncomfortable to be out of water in the heat pedaling away with your mind medaling affray almost as if your life flashing before your sweaty eyes. I guess in my defense, I didn’t exactly know where the engineers were leading me. I could have been more prepared. I’m a sucka for cold water and on longer rides, I fill up my water bottle somewhat regularly with ice. I might start bringing two, but I normally know where I’m going.


The point of my story is to keep an open mind. You never truly learn anything unless you occasionally jump into something blind. Routines are great, but changing them up from time to time has benefits.


If a bartender gives you a homemade pickle and it is amazing, take a shot of that pickle juice!

Sunday Ride

And according to Untappd, I experienced my first ever Old Milwaukee. I do not recommend experiencing an Old Milwaukee.


I do condone experiencing this track of music via YouTube link:


Good people drink good beer.

Playlist: Cycling (updated)

Here are some YouTube links for those who dare to listen to new more complex rock/metal. Some of these are heavy and involve intense lyrics. Most are instrumental that are easy to listen to. They put me into a proper zone while riding a bike on rides when I have earbuds in.

A Vivid Chaos

-heavy \m/

In the Shadow of Our Companion

-moderately heavy in some vocals, lighter post-metal mostly

Immutable Dusk

-instrumental heaviness 🙂


-intense vocals, light music

Young Fire

-instrumental bliss

Black Lake Niðstång

-intense post-rock/metal with quiet dark vocals, mostly (12:25 and on is euphoria)

Man The Ramparts

-Heavy awesomeness

Mare Incognitum

-light insrumental post-rock

Greet Death

-probably my favorite Explosions in the Sky tune (instrumental)

It Will Come to Us

-(Spotify link) light post-rock



Norwegian Black Metal Swordfight to the Death

-(myspace) progressive instrumental post-rock

Wake The Dead


Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires

-progressive post-metal with heavier vocals and some double-bass

South Of Heaven

Nice and Blue

-upbeat punk-rock


-(soundcloud) post-rock


-acoustic instrumental

Calm // Breathe

-perfect title

Hearts / Wires




Plateau of the Ages

-instrumental metal greatness

Life was real, vital, urgent, important/Bum Guts


Pink Mammoth

-heavy instrumental

Unicorn Farm



-live hardcore

All Children Make Mistakes



-intense vocals

King Park

-hardcore with intense lyrics

Ron Ghousley’s Fucked Up Dream (Ron To The Hills. Ron For Your Life)



-different instrumental




-instrumental post-rock


-instrumental post-rock

I’ll Get By

-hardcore, lighter


-instrumental post-rock


-(live) harder post-rock

You, Me and The Violence


Liquid Courage

-hardcore, lighter


-instrumental metal, lighter

Fire Made Flesh

-progressive instrumental post-rock

Wake Me When It’s Over

-progressive heavier post-rock mostly instrumental

Swim To The Moon


White Oak Doors

-hardcore, intense lyrics and vocals

Soulvaki Space Station

-instrumental post-rock

They Speak With Knives

-instrumental post-rock

Fossil Genera



-instrumental post-rock

C. Thomas Howell As The Soul Man

-heavy hardcore with unbelievable breakdown at 1:25


-could be my favorite Botch tune

Last Last Chance


Listen to at your own risk, but do not be scared to have an open-mind.