Happy Friday! Too long has passed since my last homemade Seitan exploration, however, this time around was extremely enjoyable.

As some know, I’m a huge baseball // Chicago Cubs fan. And possibly in a previous post, some may have read about my voyage west soon. Ironically, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in Chicago, this weekend, playing the Cubs. This weekend also happens to be my last weekend, for me, in Illinois as I will partake in my first ever one-way flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally ironic, my first weekend as an Arizonian is next weekend where the Chicago Cubs will be in Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks.

This Seitan batch included Vital Wheat Gluten, Fennel Seed, Sesame Seed, Sea Salt, White Pepper, Garlic, Tomato Sauce, Water and Cayenne. After mixing and kneading, the loaf was wrapped in a dairy-free Cheese Cloth. In a pot, Veggie Broth, Bay Leaves, cracked Pepper, Sea Salt and Garlic Powder we’re combined. The Seitan loaf roasted in this mixture, turning and flipping halfway through.

The Seitan was sliced thickly and panfried on both sides for color//texture. Tomato Sauce, Liquid Smoke, BBQ Sauce, Chipotle Powder, Tarragon, Pepper and Brown Sugar were generously mixed and lathered all over the Seitan before being baked. Sliced, relathered and additionally baked, the Seitan concluded.

Happy Easter!

CHEERS – sent from my iPhone


This story starts out going for a bicycle ride to the most Vegan friendly grocery store, which happens to be the furthest, to grab ingredients and good Beer being craved.


Dissecting road and trail angles, bends and hills with wind in the face and blood rushed variables, through town and through the brain, the mind opens and ponders craved ingredients into a recipe concept.

After purchases are made, the mind Rides developing certain techniques of how these ingredients can come together.

A stop is made in a beautiful park. A Beer is enjoyed. A few pictures are captured. The miniature journey continues and evolves into a day of Bike Riding, Creating and (somewhat responsible:) Consumption.

Workdays interrupt these days from happening consecutively, but not by much.

Be Free.



Three Floyds Brewing Company

Here in the psychotic midwest, mother (F*#ker) nature gave us 2 ½ days of spring. Bikes and Beers must be had before Old Man Winter slaps anyone in the face with a 23° F wind chill on a bicycle (like today).


Illinois weather does really suck sometimes, but if you’re up by the suburbs of Chicago, safe trail Cycling is vastly open to where your mind and body can take you.


On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, the trunk bag was minimally packed on the Trek Darth Vader to trek to Three Floyds and back. And by back, I mean to my parents where they’ll bring my bicycle and I the remaining distance.


Trails taken (that made up of 97% of the entire trip):

  • Kishwaukee – Kiwanis Trail
  • DeKalb Nature Trail
  • DeKalb – Sycamore Trail
  • Great Western Trail
  • Randall Road Bike Trail
  • Silver Glen Trail
  • River Bend Trail
  • Fox River Trail
  • Stearns Road Trail
  • Illinois Prairie Path Elgin Branch
  • Illinois Prairie Path Aurora Branch
  • DuPage County Regional Trail
  • Dupage River Walk
  • West Branch DuPage River Trail
  • Southern DuPage Regional Trail
  • Greene Trail
  • Veterans Trail
  • Centennial Trail
  • Old Plank Road Trail
  • Thorn Creek Red Paved Trail
  • Pennsy Greenway
  • Munster, IN – Pennsy, Thorn Creek, Old Plank Road were taken back
  • I & M Canal Trail (61 miles)

The 365.53 km (227.13 miles) in three days were Beautiful and exhausting. Here are my Relive links:

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

I have not experienced a bad 3Fs brew. And I don’t think that I ever will. The stay at a new hotel almost next door to 3Fs was modern and wonderful. Please, check out Munster, Indiana and Three Floyds Brewing Company.


Adventure is my exercise.


Happy Wednesday

Yesterday was a fun-filled awesome day. With some lows and some extreme highs. I awoke at 4:00am thinking that I was late for my 6:30am shift. At 5:45am and around 25 degrees F, I commuted via bicycle to work. Dressing in various layers, the commute was absolutely comfortable.




The sun was present throughout the day. Being a sunshine addict, I suited up after my shift (without all of the layers) for a beautiful November day and rode on to enjoy a few hours of remaining daylight. After picking up a 4-pack of beer, I ventured to a wildlife refugee before heading to a brewhouse for a few more amazing beers.


Fall into Winter months are progressively dying, cold and dreary. Utilization of warmer//brighter days is a must, in my book. Overcoming the cold and the death is essential to becoming stronger and prepared for any further difficult situations.


It is game time. Here in the midwest, the next five months will not be pleasant. Optimism and drive will get me through.


Cheers to an early Spring.

soloCUBSparade II

Originally today was going to be my 100+ mile day to honor Mike Hall. This has changed due to the chaos from yesterday. My garmin died, so it’s just my word to prove it. My garmin died around 155 km and the sun died shortly after. It’s easy to quit. It’s easy to think negative. It is difficult to overcome obstacles. Yesterday’s obstacles were sunlight, rain, headwind, traffic, dogs, battery life, mud, wet and loose gravel, boulder loose gravel, Apple maps, and thirst. Mike would be proud.

Apple maps saved my ass taking me away from heavy traffic in heavy rain to take a mud/grass road to safety. Apple maps also helped me get lost and waste time. Apple maps did tell me how to get to my destination. 

Not a lot of hope remains after your garmin bike computer dying and a sunset almost simultaneous. There is not a lot of hope of being 20ish miles still from your destination. 

Something happened that I have never experienced before. I’m not sure if it was survival mode or if I’m finally on a new level. I overcame complete exhaustion and marched on. My saddle sores stopped hurting and I felt absolutely comfortable on my bicycle, in the dark with my light dim to conserve battery life battling vehicle traffic.

Garmin shows 155 km. I rode roughly 185 km in 14 hours. I had many stops and I did walk a few spots to ensure my wellbeing. 

My ride could’ve been better, but the challenges overcome like a surviving soldier sprinting into battle, was damn victorious. 

I slept in this morning until 8:09 am. I will ride out around 11am. I need battery life for my phone, garmin and light. My goal for today is to find sunscreen!

Happy Saturday!

Bikes N Brews

Yesterday, was a messed up day that was originally planned out to be an awesome day. Nothing went as planned, yet, it was still an awesome day. I wanted to enjoy this (probably) last extremely fair weathered Illinois day outside by going for a longer bike ride while still taking care of business. A simple (Vegan) breakfast was consumed. Wearing appropriate clothing is usually (at least for me) challenging in cooler climates, especially in Illinois’ decently vast range of temperatures. First, I planned to under-dress. I changed my mind and decided to play it safe and dress a bit warmer. 10:00am was going to be the departure time (40ish degrees F w/ a high of 58 F) and I was ahead of the game, like usual.


“If you’re not early, you’re late.”

-VeggHead BeerCyclist


My damn right Bontrager cycling shoe tightening tab broke. That was not the first Bontrager cycling shoe issue, but not a big deal. A pit-stop at my parents house was needed. I was finally off on my way when I took a left turn and the momentum gravity took my right foot completely off of my drivetrain with the outside part of my Crank Bros. Eggbeater still clipped in with the spindle just hanging out on my crank arm. Instinctively, I immediately tried assembling my pedal by hand. Questioning my thought process and noticing the looseness, I said a few R-rated words and walked the bike back to my parents house.


Additional tools other than the tools on me were needed. Basically, just a socket wrench and flathead screwdriver were used to try to reassemble this pedal. Twenty minutes later, I took that same left corner. And the same thing happened. The feeling and acknowledgement of giving up isn’t the best feeling, but is sometimes necessary to regroup and to be smart about the situation. I could have went home and switched out my pedals to continue my ride. In the back of my mind, were thoughts of what the third thing to go wrong could be. I didn’t want to chance getting hit by a car or anything of that nature. I continued my business to be done without my bike, while letting Crank Bros know about my issue. Those pedals have been through hell and I love the brand, but really? Their team responded quickly and I will always be a loyal Crank Bros fan.


I went to get my FatBike, Arrogant Bastard (and drop off my Trek Darth Vader) to enjoy the day. My last FatBike ride wasn’t the greatest. I biffed it and until yesterday did not notice that my derailuer hangar was bent. I manually bent it back and gave it a shot. Riding the Towpath, the sky became cloudy and the air a little cooler. Luckily, I was prepared.


My favorite tavern was my destination. Having a beverage or two, I (in spandex athletic gear) bullshitted with a biker couple (in their leather exhaust smelling gear) traveling to enjoy the last nice day as was I. We agreed to ride safe because vehicles do not respect two-wheelers and how we are at the risk of others’ concentration with our fate when on the road. That tavern is truly a Biker bar. Continuation of my day brought me back to my town and had my cycling jersey pockets stuffed with bombers of beer! Before going home, I stopped at a park to enjoy a Saison outside, when realization of how discombobulated my day has been as I did not have a bottle opener. I opened the bottle with force and broke the glass in the process. I walked home to save the Beer and to end my day.


Stress kills. There is a solution to everything. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find. Not everyday will be perfect. Optimism helps everything. Ride a Bike. Drink a Beer.


Happy Wednesday!