Super Ⓥ-Dawg


The climate in north central Illinois this late April-early May has not been the most friendly. Normally, I would be riding a bicycle with most of my free time. The cold wet wind needs to settle down. I don’t like to spend tons of time in the kitchen on the nicer days. Creating faster Ⓥ options leaves more time to get outside and play:)

In a skillet, (dry) minced Onions, Mustard Seed and Crushed Red Pepper were lightly sautéed in light oil before adding Morning Star glory (Ⓥ Seitan, Ⓥ Cheitan, Ⓥ Pulled Peirk). Canned Ⓥ Chili was added after a bit with Liquid Smoke, Sea Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Garlic Powder. Ⓥ Smart Dawgs were added and simmered.

In a separate pot, Jasmine and Wild Rice were cooked. The Rice was added to the Super Ⓥ Chili. Frozen Fries were baked. The Super Ⓥ-Dawg was built and Daiya was melted on top. BBQ Sauce and Mustard made the Dawgs even more Super.



Grilled Ⓥegg Ⓥholl

A Vegan version of a Vietnamese Pho idea was prepared a few days prior to the Grilled Ⓥegg Ⓥholl abstraction. In a previous blogging, my Ⓥho version was posted in basically laziness in just pictures. Today, I will reiterate with a few words and ingredients.




Veggie Broth, Merlot, Balsamic & Rice Wine Vinegar, Sriracha, Roasted Garlic, Sugar,  (freshly ground) Coriander & Fennel, Ginger, Dill, Sesame Seed Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper and Thyme was brought to a boil in a pot. Seitan, Cheican, crumbled Tofu, diced Onion, Carrot, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, Celery, Russet Potato and whole/halved Cashews were added, covered and simmered for a while. After a while, quartered Mushrooms, Wild Rice, Bean Sprouts and Scallions were added to simmer until Wild Rice became tender where Rice Noodles were added and covered while taken off of the simmering heat.




In the past, I’ve made some foods with wonton wraps which contain a tiny amount of eggs. Steering away from wontons, a 100% Ⓥegan Ⓥegg Ⓥholl was brainstormed. Let’s stuff Tortillas with my Ⓥho and let’s grill it a bit. This idea would be great with a Chili Sauce, but without dipping. Apologies to any and all dipsticks, but I’m too lazy for any of that noise.


In a sauce pot, Water was simmered with Ginger, Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper, Rice Wine & Balsamic Vinegar, Sugar, Sriracha, Sesame Seed Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper and Dill. I mechanically tried chopping some ingredients first. Corn Starch was added to thicken.


Ⓥho was stuffed into a warmed Tortilla and wrapped burrito-style to be slightly grilled. The Chili Sauce was panfried with the Grilled Ⓥegg Ⓥholl and sliced in half to be served with more Ⓥho.


Enjoy your week!


Greek-Style Salad

My mother made some Vegan Potato Salad, greek-style, for me last weekend. I think she peeled Russet Potatoes and boiled them before cooling them and chopping to combine with Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Oregano, Scallions, Salt and Pepper. I finally fit it into my schedule to be consumed today.

When living off of preparing food for yourself and/or others, it is key to eliminate waste and utilize all ingredients. And that is often the biggest motivation to make different meals.


With Salad and I mean any type of salad, processed and pre-made dressings ruin salad and their potential health benefits. Natural raw flavor might not be for everyone, but if you train your pallet correctly, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I chose to use, basically, my mom’s marinated Potatoes as my dressing. The flavors of other ingredients will act as helping this salad be drastically edible.


I baked a tortilla to serve the Salad in. I threw in Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Capers, Olives, Black Eyed Peas, and Mushrooms with my mothers Potatoes.

Make your own!

Vegan Pot Pie

Stew Carrot, Tempeh, Eggplant, Green Peppers, Onion, Cabbage in a mixture of Vegetable Broth, Molasses, Sugar, BalsamicVinegar, Sriracha, Italian Herbs, SeaSalt, Pepper, Daiya and BayLeaves removed.


I bought a container of Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheets and used that. I found a PotPie-like container and went with it. It cooked amazingly nice. To be remastered.

Tofupeh Rangoon

I pictured these jumbo Tofupeh Rangoon turning out just a little bit better, visual-wise. The wonton wraps like to flop around, limply. And that is why the smaller wonton wraps are commonly used. All in all, they were still extremely deliciously edible.


My Sourly Sweet Sauce consisted of:

  • Pineapple Juice
  • Molasses
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Tamari
  • SeaSalt
  • Cayenne
  • Garlic Powder
  • Corn Starch

The amazingly delicious Tofupeh:

  • Tempeh, diced
  • Tofu, extra firmly crumbled
  • Wasabi Powder
  • Tamari
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Thai Style Peanut Sauce
  • Daiya Cream Cheese
  • Daiya Jalapeno Havarti Cheese, diced
  • Scallions, chopped
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/Sugar/DillWeed

Basically, just pan-fried Tempeh and Tofu in oil before adding everything else.


I used Sugar/Water/Mollasses for Wonton adhesive. I baked the Rangoon on low heat.


The Wonton wraps contain less than 2% egg. I’d say this recipe is 99.5% Vegan.


Deliciously Dairy-Free.



RIP Gene Wilder.

Daiya Stuffed Tomato

My Aunt gave my Mother a few delicious garden tomatoes the other day. My mother, who knows how much i hate plants and wish death on all of them, gave me the majority of them. I butchered the biggest, meatiest and liveliest Tomato that I could find. I first obtained it and named it and showed all the kids, who adored this giant Tomato, Potato. I kept it around for awhile and became friends with Potato, the Tomato. I got hungry. I became a bit greedy. I took out my butcher dagger and gutted Potato, the Tomato, and consumed all of its flesh violently like an animal. I like animals, though. I would never murder them, but I dispise PLANTS…..


In todays plant massacre….


I boiled, seasoned and cooked a mixture of Cacti, White Rice and Japonica Rice. I gutted Potato, the Tomato, and threw his guts in with the Rice including Cilantro, and Earth Balance dairy-free ‘Butter’. I chopped any little life left that an Enjoya Pepper would have and grilled those meaty mofos. I baked, I roasted, I killed those plants and ate them all viscously. And not only do I do, but I tell others about my rage against plants. I practically boast upon their death.