• Cook Lentils and Brown rice (from dry state)
  • Boil water in small pot, add sugar/pepper/sriracha and simmer
  • Add chopped Onions and minced Garlic once liquid had evaporated from Rice/Lentils
  • Grill Tempeh, cool and slice
  • Turn oven on low, warming Tortillas
  • Add Chipotle Powder and Dill to small pot
  • Slice Daiya, chop Tomato, Scallions, Radish & Cilantro


  1. Vegenaise
  2. Chopped Daiya
  3. Scallions
  4. Chipotle powder
  5. Cilantro
  6. Avocado


  • Turn small pot on high boiling adhesive mixture and turn off
  • Use adhesive to Tortilla after Tempeh and Daiya has been stuffed
  • Seal and bake
  • Construct deliciousness.



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