Tofurky Seican Club

I prepared my own (baked) Potato chips and seasoned them with SeaSalt, GarlicP, OnionP, Pepper, Dill, Cayenne and ChipotleP.


Daiya could have easily been thrown onto this sandwich to ultimately mimic a meat and dairy (fan) club, but I chose not to partake today.


I toasted Pumpernickel bread and spread the innards with Vegenaise:) Peppered Tofurky is legit and legitimately rolled up working as a solid starter for such a Veganly amazing construction. Just enough Seitan ‘bacon’ was the next addition and then topped with Tomato, Onion and sliced Spinach.


Although, no animals were injured during the making and consumption of my Tofurky Seican Club, I kept the non-Vegan theme of something dying by stabbing the lively sandwich with extremely sharp daggers (CUBS colors) before murdering this plant-based greatness by cutting it completely in half.


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