Lentili Scalloped Potatoes

Take your time, but…

Real quick, watch Danny Macaskill’s new video (via YouTube):

Wee Day Out

Also, this one is my favorite (via YouTube):



I purchased a mandolin and love using it for food prep. I sliced Potatoes and dry-roasted them. In the meantime, I made a Roux -heating Earth Balance and mixing in flour. I then added chopped Avocado and extra firmly crumbled Tofu. I drowned the Roux with SoyMilk and seasoned with ChipotleP/Cayenne/Sugar/Pepper/SeaSalt/DillWeed&GarlicP. I let simmer before adding chopped Kale, Daiya and sliced Seican (Seitan Bacon).


I used a new cast iron skillet to cook my Lentili Scalloped Potatoes in the oven. I layered Lentili…



…Tofu Cream Sauce with Daiya, Potatoes.


I put in oven and baked at a lower temperature for awhile before turning the heat up and finishing with a slight broil.


I also made a Lentili Pot Pie, stuffing dough with Lentili and folding closed.


Happy Tuesday.

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