Tofu Tempeh Lentili

Chili season is upon us. I do not mess around with chili. It is a commonly blanded down and destroyed  dish with blah. I’ve perfected and remastered my concept of chili in any variation. My idea of chili comes from vegetables and not seasonings…


Do not be lazy and lose flavor to ease the process. Seasonings come from fresh vegetables/herbs. Do not use seasonings other than Salt, Pepper and perhaps a bit of Sugar. I usually don’t even include oil. I like a pure Vegetable taste that has been marinated for a LONG time.


I hunt those plants and end their life greedily to keep myself strong and ongoing. I use a bow and arrow when hunting plants because I do not believe in guns.


Perhaps, a step into my lifestyle without consuming animals happened in early developments of how much flavor there is with vegetables. A genocide of Vegetables.


I poured Veggie broth with various Tomato products into a big pot and started heating.

And the butcher continued…

I massacred Vegetables, slicing them to bits, while tormenting the survivors in a chilled box. I added Garlic, Onion, Corn, Celery, Peppers, Poblano, Serrano, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Carrot, LiquidSmoke, Tofutti ‘cheese’, Sugar/Pepper/SeaSalt and not a single animal was harmed.



To Be Continued…

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