Tofu Tempeh Lentili

Chili season is upon us. I do not mess around with chili. It is a commonly blanded down and destroyed  dish with blah. I’ve perfected and remastered my concept of chili in any variation. My idea of chili comes from vegetables and not seasonings…


Do not be lazy and lose flavor to ease the process. Seasonings come from fresh vegetables/herbs. Do not use seasonings other than Salt, Pepper and perhaps a bit of Sugar. I usually don’t even include oil. I like a pure Vegetable taste that has been marinated for a LONG time.


I hunt those plants and end their life greedily to keep myself strong and ongoing. I use a bow and arrow when hunting plants because I do not believe in guns.


Perhaps, a step into my lifestyle without consuming animals happened in early developments of how much flavor there is with vegetables. A genocide of Vegetables.


I poured Veggie broth with various Tomato products into a big pot and started heating.

And the butcher continued…

I massacred Vegetables, slicing them to bits, while tormenting the survivors in a chilled box. I added Garlic, Onion, Corn, Celery, Peppers, Poblano, Serrano, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Carrot, LiquidSmoke, Tofutti ‘cheese’, Sugar/Pepper/SeaSalt and not a single animal was harmed.



To Be Continued…

Cajun GumboSlaw

Slice Corn and roast, broiling if needed for some color. Pan-fry Tempeh, Sunflower Seeds, Potato, Garlic and Onion in a blackened fashion using BalsamicVinegar/ChiliP/Pepper/SeaSalt/Sugar/GarlicP and eventually Daiya:)

In the meantime, I combined: Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato, Guacamole, Vegenaise, ChipotleP/Cayenne/CelerySeed/SeaSalt/Pepper and mixed.


I combined ingredients carefully. I consumed dangerously.



I had leftover stuff from a previous idea and also had a few 98% Vegan Wonton wrappers. Utilization of everything is key in cheffing correctly. I’ve mentioned before that I am not 100% Vegan, I am 98% Vegan – allowing slight room for error to bring stress levels down.I do not buy cheese. I do not buy eggs. I do not buy milk. I am 150% Vegetarian. And will be Vegetarian for the rest of my life.


Cashew Milk, Dub Roasted (unsalted) Sunflower Seeds, Artichoke Hearts-diced, Onion-chopped, Carrot-diced, Corn, Daiya-Cream Cheese, Liquid Smoke, Kale-diced, Salt/Pepper/Sugar/GarlicP/ChipotleP, Daiya-havarti–chopped, post-roasted Potato guts after choked and murdered (iHatePlants)-hence, the choke in the title, Cilantro-chopped, and BlackeyedPeas. I used the Wonton wraps to make Ⓥangoon. I baked them in the oven before squirting Sriracha-Soy Sauce to garnish.



You’ll never truly know what works and what doesn’t work without experimental trial and error cheffing. Spontaneity usually works best for me while hunger motivates me to ponder in the back of my mind like a pinball machine bouncing ideas of mixing ingredients with other ingredients. Do I want to cook my ingredients? Which technique do I use to cook my ingredients? Or do I not cook some or all ingredients? What haven’t I done yet? Do I need to remaster an existing idea and attempt?



Having a beer or two helps creativeness continuously flowing and going away from that game ending drain. If it turns out great, I’ll take a few pictures and blog about it. First, I’ll have a little fun with a photo.


I sliced Eggplant and roasted the slices. I smeared Daiya ‘cream cheese’ and torn Daiya ‘cheese’ slice on the roasted Eggplant and warmed in the oven. Out of the oven, I sprinkled a bit of Chipotle Powder on top and put a Caper underneath a sliced Tomato. Then I broiled slightly before adding some Oregano and SeaSalt. Deliciously easily edible.



I enjoy thinking that I do influence individuals to either think of food differently, dusting off their bicycle to actually ride it or go for an adventure and take quality pictures.


I gratefully appreciate any input that people are enjoying run-on sentences with decent pictures. I work hard to pay the bills in allowing me to blog in your eyes.


It has been a goal of mine for a good amount of time and it has been progressively evolving into something.


I took another step into my  blogging goal with a purchase of my own domain. I do not know everything, however, a different insight provides more options to choose for themselves which path they’d want to take in hopefully bettering their lives.


Thanks to the billions of imaginary people who acknowledge my blogging.