You’ll never truly know what works and what doesn’t work without experimental trial and error cheffing. Spontaneity usually works best for me while hunger motivates me to ponder in the back of my mind like a pinball machine bouncing ideas of mixing ingredients with other ingredients. Do I want to cook my ingredients? Which technique do I use to cook my ingredients? Or do I not cook some or all ingredients? What haven’t I done yet? Do I need to remaster an existing idea and attempt?



Having a beer or two helps creativeness continuously flowing and going away from that game ending drain. If it turns out great, I’ll take a few pictures and blog about it. First, I’ll have a little fun with a photo.


I sliced Eggplant and roasted the slices. I smeared Daiya ‘cream cheese’ and torn Daiya ‘cheese’ slice on the roasted Eggplant and warmed in the oven. Out of the oven, I sprinkled a bit of Chipotle Powder on top and put a Caper underneath a sliced Tomato. Then I broiled slightly before adding some Oregano and SeaSalt. Deliciously easily edible.



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