Daiya Ⓥajita

With ease, comfort and deliciousness, Ⓥajitas are ever customizable and fun. Cooked brown rice was tossed with Earth Balance ‘butter’, ‘parmesan cheese’, Paprika, Tomatoes and Black Beans.


A skillet was heated. Veggie Broth, Peppers, Onions, Gardein ‘chicken’, Corn, Garlic & Onion Powder were simmered before being tossed in Flour Tortillas.



Depth perception isn’t always our greatest friend. When assumption collides with confidence, someone is bound to fall on their ass.


Spending all week mastering riding road tires decently quickly on ice/snow, a tree branch brings ya down. And brings ya down hard, reminding you how old you truly are.


Recover, Forget, Persevere.


I needed to redeem my original Ⓥajita concept. HERE IS DAIYA ⓋAJITA.

Happy Monday

Hello all. Apologizes (if any care:) for the three-week hiatus from WordPress. A world as I once knew is over and has been shaken up like die in a Yahtzee cup to be tossed out ever so strategically.


Within six days of first being aware of an amazing career opportunity, it was final. From finding out that this career opportunity was mine, seven days were mine to prepare for a move.


Living out of a hotel for twelve straight nights were experience. My second day, I (with others) was flown out-of-state for training, but still stayed in a hotel. Eating healthy wasn’t always the easiest. A few times I made Vegan exceptions with Mexican Food and Pizza.


Change can be extremely rewarding, but you’ll never know if you will not try. Life is only as hard as you make it. Eat healthy. Have an open-mind. Drink a good Beer. Ride a BIKE.



Bicycle Ride


Every single opportunity prior to yesterday has been an impossible mission to partake in an organized ride. Weather or job has disrupted every ride. Somehow, someway this weekend that I normally work was ironically switched to work more in my favor. Yesterday, was a perfect day in Northern Central Illinois. The day finally reached mid eighties when our 5-10 mph wind metric century (65 ish miles) was complete. I rode with a great group of guys and had a lot of fun. Z Tour 2017 was my first ever organized ride.

Vegan food/snacks were consumed, multiple beers were enjoyed and a curious kitten was saved from bicycle trampling by yours truly.

Z Tour



Independence Daze

Spontaneity is amazing. Spontaneity breaks free from routine, altering the normal series of events and, if lucky, realigning planets in your favor. Breaking free from your norm, truly opens your eyes to how well the world can click away from the comforts of familiarity. A brain thinking optimistically obviously helps, but let’s sacrifice sleep to bike to a night of fireworks….







Aldi Veggie Patties

Aldi has always impressed me with their prices and their quality. I have finally tried their Veggie Patties and I need to talk about them. They have two versions. One is advertised as Vegan on the package. The other is also Vegan according to the ingredients, but a Black Bean Chipotle burger with the additive, Cellulose Gum.


Other than that one additive, the ingredients are stated to be mostly Organic and Wholesome. These patties were baked in the oven. I noticed the quality of these patties immediately while placing them on my parchment paper. The Black Bean Chipotle burgers were a bit more flavorful, but not as healthy as the other Veggie burger. It is a funny game with the different levels of “healthy” foods. Both of these Patties are given two thumbs up and I am sold. At only $2.49 per four patties, with their quality and deliciousness, these are a no-brainer. I’ve been eating the Vegan Boca burgers for years now. They are delicious, but more expensive and with more additives. Methylcellulose, Caramel Color, Artificial Flavors, Disodium Guanylate and Disodium Inosinate do not sound appetizing and quite frankly is BULLSHIT to be added to food. Boca burgers are usually $3 + and basically a joke, if you ask me. (someone asked me, but it was myself:)


That’s one thing I have learned immediately after choosing the Vegetarian Lifestyle off was that the quicker easier non-meat options are filled with SHIT additives. I, as well as many of you, do not always have time to prepare wholesome food. This Aldi discovery is Euphoric. Not to mention, Aldi doing away with pesticides. I’m a bigger fan of Aldi, now, than I ever have been before.


More Wholesome food at a lower price, Aldi is attempting to change the world for the better with their own hands. THANK YOU.

Bikes N Brews

Yesterday, was a messed up day that was originally planned out to be an awesome day. Nothing went as planned, yet, it was still an awesome day. I wanted to enjoy this (probably) last extremely fair weathered Illinois day outside by going for a longer bike ride while still taking care of business. A simple (Vegan) breakfast was consumed. Wearing appropriate clothing is usually (at least for me) challenging in cooler climates, especially in Illinois’ decently vast range of temperatures. First, I planned to under-dress. I changed my mind and decided to play it safe and dress a bit warmer. 10:00am was going to be the departure time (40ish degrees F w/ a high of 58 F) and I was ahead of the game, like usual.


“If you’re not early, you’re late.”

-VeggHead BeerCyclist


My damn right Bontrager cycling shoe tightening tab broke. That was not the first Bontrager cycling shoe issue, but not a big deal. A pit-stop at my parents house was needed. I was finally off on my way when I took a left turn and the momentum gravity took my right foot completely off of my drivetrain with the outside part of my Crank Bros. Eggbeater still clipped in with the spindle just hanging out on my crank arm. Instinctively, I immediately tried assembling my pedal by hand. Questioning my thought process and noticing the looseness, I said a few R-rated words and walked the bike back to my parents house.


Additional tools other than the tools on me were needed. Basically, just a socket wrench and flathead screwdriver were used to try to reassemble this pedal. Twenty minutes later, I took that same left corner. And the same thing happened. The feeling and acknowledgement of giving up isn’t the best feeling, but is sometimes necessary to regroup and to be smart about the situation. I could have went home and switched out my pedals to continue my ride. In the back of my mind, were thoughts of what the third thing to go wrong could be. I didn’t want to chance getting hit by a car or anything of that nature. I continued my business to be done without my bike, while letting Crank Bros know about my issue. Those pedals have been through hell and I love the brand, but really? Their team responded quickly and I will always be a loyal Crank Bros fan.


I went to get my FatBike, Arrogant Bastard (and drop off my Trek Darth Vader) to enjoy the day. My last FatBike ride wasn’t the greatest. I biffed it and until yesterday did not notice that my derailuer hangar was bent. I manually bent it back and gave it a shot. Riding the Towpath, the sky became cloudy and the air a little cooler. Luckily, I was prepared.


My favorite tavern was my destination. Having a beverage or two, I (in spandex athletic gear) bullshitted with a biker couple (in their leather exhaust smelling gear) traveling to enjoy the last nice day as was I. We agreed to ride safe because vehicles do not respect two-wheelers and how we are at the risk of others’ concentration with our fate when on the road. That tavern is truly a Biker bar. Continuation of my day brought me back to my town and had my cycling jersey pockets stuffed with bombers of beer! Before going home, I stopped at a park to enjoy a Saison outside, when realization of how discombobulated my day has been as I did not have a bottle opener. I opened the bottle with force and broke the glass in the process. I walked home to save the Beer and to end my day.


Stress kills. There is a solution to everything. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find. Not everyday will be perfect. Optimism helps everything. Ride a Bike. Drink a Beer.


Happy Wednesday!