Pita Papa Mexicana

Mother Nature is a literal bitch. Rain and Fire in California is utterly devastating. Extreme temperatures in the midwest are brutally frigid. Of course, the day the temperature rises, there’s dangerous ice everywhere. Snow, freezing rain and sleet fell right around 32 degrees this Sunday evening. I made my commute home, but had to overcome a few obstacles. A screw to my right Old Man Winter cycling shoe came out while clipped in on my Trek. I could not unclip on the right. The only way to get my foot loose was to take my boot off. Turning around on an icy trail was challenging. Let’s make some food.


Leftover Vegan Tzatziki was Infused Mexican-style with Cayenne and Cilantro. Cucumber, Dill, Vegan Yogurt and various seasonings consisted of the Tzatziki sauce.


Yellow Potatoes were chopped and boiled. After draining, the Potatoes were pan-fried with light oil, Smart ‘bacon’, Corn, Cilantro, Sea Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Poblano & Cayenne powder.


The Pitas were warmed and stuffed with the Mexican potatoes, Tzatziki sauce, Avocado and Tomato.

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