Baked Tortellini

I’ve mentioned in previusly unread blogs, that I do not wish to continue being a stickler about minute (mynoot) amount of dairy or egg. I will probably never purchase cheese nor egg themselves ever again in my life.


I used Wonton wraps today that included less than 2% of egg.

Thus, I’ve been saying for a few weeks, I am 98% Vegan. The other day a coworker/friend offered me a cookie. She is Vegetarian and warned me that they consisted of a little egg. I thanked her for the information and consumed one delicious cookie. Stress kills and it’s not a good feeling to be excited for consumable food only to find out it conflicts with your lifestyle. I am keeping a small window open and that is truly up to me.

  • Heat Veggie Broth
  • Throw in (from a decent distance) Celery, Baby Carrot, Onion & Bay Leaves
  • Season with Basil, SeaSalt, Pepper, Sugar, BalsamicVinegar&GarlicPowder
  • Simmer down now
  • I thickened this Broth with InstantMashedPotatoes


I used leftover Fennel Cream which has not been blogged yet…

  • Roasted Fennel Seeds
  • Dill Weed
  • Scallions, diced
  • Vegenaise, mmmmm


I will not buy eggs. I will not physically cook with them. I mixed Sugar with Water to create an edible adhesive.


I pan-fried Tempeh in OliveOil, BalsamicVinegar, SeaSalt, Pepper, CrushedRedPepper, Sugar, Basil & GarlicPowder.


I stuffed the Tortellini with Fennel Cream, Tempeh & Daiya (Jalapeno Havarti:) and Baked them in the oven.


I adjusted my rear caliper on my FatBike and went for a small ride fighting the sunset and visibility without a light.


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