BikePacking – camping/travel via bicycle with supplies packed with bicycle. Also known as, self-supported. 

I’ve only dabbled into BikePacking and it is an amazing concept. I’ve been commuting to work via bicycle since 2009. It’s similar to commuting because I have always needed specific work clothes. BikePacking is more of travel then just going to work. It is not always involving camping. I BikePacked to a hotel room and back in April. Whatever your sleeping situation is, you still have to deal with weather and different scenarios. I am ready to take it to another level. Commonsense is all that it takes. With that commonsense, is planning that is also needed. You have to have a gameplan.


Knowing the weather and terrain is key. Like any group ride, there is usually two different paces. In my history of riding with others, it is rare for everyone to ride together. People ride more or less than others and usually every year is different. It’s hard to ride slow, unless being out of shape. I guess I am in shape. I also have my style of BikePacking down as minimally as possible. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to fix a problem of having too much shit. It takes me five minutes to set up camp and five minutes to take down camp. I don’t drink coffee. I can use my time wiser. And for a while, now, I make the most of my time, for the most part. I left early and soberly rode home this morning while the others were not being time-conscious and the original departure time became impossible.


When the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, I will be BikePacking the length of Illinois in celebration. I also want to include multiple day BikePacking into my routine.


Nothing is ever perfect, just #RideOn.