Time Sciencely

Pastly, I blogged (quietly in your (my imaginary readers) ear) about sopossedly discovering technology that might, actually successfully, monitor almost 95% of my time accurately. I attempted this last year in a June Time Science blogging without being able to track my sleep.


 June (2015) Time Science

I am the laziest, yet weirdly energetic person ever. My motivation comes from another planet.

  • From 12:00am Thursday, August 11, 2016 until 12:00am Wednesday, August 16, 2016 is 144 hours.
  • The pictures in this blogsticle are within this timeframe taken by me.
  • I am too lazy to accurately track my time involved with listening to music, watching the Olypics:)/Cubs:), bathroom time, Netflix time and Cooking time. As some of these overlap, I must categorize them all together.


I’ve noticed a huge decline in my Netflix viewing time ever since I have joined Apple Music. I’ve been enjoying music more with my spare time, ultimitely motivating me to do things thanks to technology and musics excellent multi-taking capabilities. I use Netflix to fall asleep. And I truly will probably quit Netflix for good, soon.

Total Hours: 144

Cooking/Sports/Social/Bathroom Time: 28H 54M

Work Time: 54H 54M

Break Time at Work: 1H 10M

Ride Time: 4H 2M, Climbing: 148m, AVG: 24.75 km/H, Distance: 98.8 km

Sleep Time: 55H, AVG: 9H20M/Night

Time, seriously, is everything. Time is money. Time is everything. I’d like everyone to try and understand where their Time truly goes. It all depends on opinions and lifestyle. Utilize your time to do what you want and need to.


Have Fun. Ride a Bike. Eat something Healthy and take a few Pics.