MacBook Sour

Hello, kids, giraffes, dudes, lovely ladies and possibly life from other galaxies, this will be my first and definitely not my last blog on my MacBook Pro that I finally fixed last week. All other bloggings before this have been texting it on my iPhone notes and copying and pasting into my WordPress app and then uploading with numerous photo uploading issues. So, I just wanna mention a few words about this laptop. It basically was a gift from my ex-girlfriend, but obviously girlfriend at the time, after my Dell desktop took a disgusting and smelly shit after I spent a good month curing its virus and other issues. Myself paying my own bills and rent without the best credit, couldn’t really afford a major purchase like a new CPU. Her having a wealthy father, could. It was very much appreciated. I later called it quits with the girl after a sense of realism and unstable future plans. I promised to pay her back being quite tipsy one day after our relationship was over. I quit my well paying job and had to stop sending her money and my MacBook quit charging. Possibly related, possibly not. And without another job lined up, I had to put the MacBook on the back burner since November 2014 until last week June 2015. Ironically she just received another payment just before the laptop was fixed.


It was my only day off last week being a Wednesday. And I awoke barely hungover to go ride the day away for this extremely tough Strava climbing challenge for the entirety of June only to find hard rain. I immediately got on the phone with apple and demised a plan. I had to travel around 145 kilometers to an apple store that had an appointment open at a time that was good for me. I did buy an off brand power adapter in December which did not work one bit. There was a concern that it was an internal issue. I sat at the genius bar without a genius beverage, but the dude got my MacBook charging and ran some tests to find out there was a battery issue and that I also needed a battery replacement. I wanted to spend around $100 and just purchased the MagSafe adapter for $65, which the genius confirmed that I could use the computer while it was plugged in, just not while the MagSafe adapter was not plugged in. The replacement battery was going to cost $135 and putting me way over budget as I’d also have to buy the MagSafe adapter totaling over $200. I decided to go the cheaper option and just get the adapter. I went home and plugged the MacBook in with the new MagSafe adapter and all is well. The laptop even holds its charge. Being without this computer for 8 months was an extreme hardship and I am ecstatic to have it back in my life.

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I’m attempting the Climb for Nepal Challenge on Strava which is to climb the height of Mt. Everest in the month of June. I despise climbing. And Mt. Everest, though never personally climbed, is way too tall. This and two jobs (soon to be one 🙂 have been keeping me away from this super popular blog. Not too mention the extreme rain Illinois has been staying hydrated with.

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I am super behind on blogging in your eyes and all over your faces, but I am keeping track of some statistics to blog about the busyness June has brought me.

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I did make some notes in my Notes app to blog about.

#WhiteGirlProblems – super racist thing to say, right? Or am I missing something?

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In Illinois in the country next to the road is grass that is usually overgrown and about every 3 km a bird flies out of the grass. I’m not sure if they build nests in there or are just hunting worms, but sometimes one of those freaking birds flew over the cuckoo’s nest and scares the shit out of me.

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Sometimes I wish that I had a small engine on my bicycle or Nitrous Oxide or something only for when an asshole driver almost hits me, I can catch up to the careless asshole and either smack them around just a little or even just a middle finger would suffice. Motorized bicycles are a joke and I love passing them with my manhood, manpower and sweat.


A few weeks ago, I rode through a swarm of flies……. FREAKY SHIT


Some people are really nice. THANKS



Call me an asshole, but the proper etiquette of UNTAPPD is to not check-in every beer that you drink. Let it be distinct, a cool picture, some good words, just not 20 of the same beers in 3 hour that you check-in to. JESUS


I’ve had so many sour beers lately and all have been good except for one. If you have not had a sour beer yet, try one! Maybe you shouldn’t buy any expensive sours, but just a sip is all you need at first.

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The other week I made Vegan Mac N “Cheese” and it was very good. I cannot wait to make it again. I’m going to go ahead and rename it Vegan Mac N Ease. 




Almond Milk

Vegan Dawgs ( I actually forgot them at the grocery store 😦 )

Garlic, Carrot, Celery, & Onion, diced

Edamame, shelled

Kale, diced choply


Tomato Sauce, saucy

“Cheese”, preferably orangish-yellow

Balsamic Vinegar

Celery Seed, discard any stems

Corn Starch




Russet Potatoes


Stairs, Escalator or Elevators:

Parchment Paper is key, for me anyways, when preparing any kind of oil-free food or dish. Its non-stick super powers are truly amazing!

Prepare all of the veggies and roast the Garlic, Carrots, Celery and Onions for twenty ish minutes.

In the meantime, (GOOD TUNE BY HELMET) start the sauciness greatness with Almond Milk, Tomato Sauce, Seasoningsn and “Cheese”. The roasted Veggies might as well go in the Sauce and help flavor flav.

You’ll need to cook the Macaroni in water and either throw the Kale and Edamame in the water with the noodles or with the sauce to obtain readiness. The sauce would take longer, which is fine. Most sauces are much better with time anyways. I believe that I put the Kale and Edamame in half way with the noodles. While the Mac, Kale and Edamame drain is when i thickened up the sauce with the Corn Starch. I did not RINSE the noodles, because I’m cool like that. I combined everything together and added a little more Corn Starch and garnished with Parsley. I had a few beers and enjoyed the Vegan Mac N Ease.

Vegan Mac N Ease served into Potato:


I roasted the cut in half longways russet potatoes on parchment paper half way to completely roasted where I then diced fresh Rosemary and used Fennel Seed to put under the face down mid roast russets. The Vegan Mac N Ease would already be warm…They continued to roast until doneness. I then scooped out the russets creating potato bowls and putting the potato “meat” with the Mac N Ease. I then filled the Potato Bowls with the Vegan Mac N Ease and baked in the oven again! I garnished with Parsley and had a blast enjoying these!