Vegan Smashed Potatoes

We all grow up differently. We all make different, but similar mistakes. We all do our best improving our lives. Some are better at doing that than others. With different obstacles, we do our damn best and sometimes it is not appreciated enough. All in all, we all care for our loved ones and passions & hobbies.


I grew up being a fan of a band, Soulfly, a newer age metal band involving spirituality and tribal aspects. Last night I was messing around with #AppleMusic and somehow wound up with Sepultura which made me wonder what the hell Soulfly was up to as the lead singer for Soulfly helped found Sepultura.


Now, I love me some of that there loud and fast metal, but I grew a stronger connection with Soulfly because of their ability to turn it down a notch and still be extremely awesome. I’m gonna take a guess and say that the last time that I bought a physical Soulfly CD was 2005-2006. I, however, made a playlist circa 2010 of their instrumental collection of songs literally named Soulfly. A concept that I love and every album has Soulfly 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 only in Roman numerals. I only had 1-5 until last night! Thank you Apple Music! And since I remember anything, the number seven has been my favorite due to watching John Elway sling those footballs growing up. Soulfly VII is now my favorite and it’s fate. I am obligated to share this playlist and I wish everyone on the planet Earth (and Mars:) could experience this playlist.


This playlist will flourish world peace for all humans and all animals!


Soulfly II

Soulfly III

Soulfly IV

Soulfly V

Soulfly VI

Soulfly VII

Soulfly VIII

Soulfly IX

Soulfly X

Soulfly 9 was not to be found on YouTube, so I put an Apple Music link.


Along with this beautiful playlist, I’ve organized a beautiful moment that I have experienced in 2013. August 5th, 2013, to be exact. I often talk to animals while riding by and often take pictures and occasionally say “you’re all gonna die” or “I don’t eat you!”. I feel bad when I let them know their doom, but it is the cruel truth. This is when I had my iPhone on my handlebars with Lifeproof technology where it was easy to take photos while moving. I rode with a running herd of cattle like a damned cowboy. I’d like to think this was their idea of saying thank you for giving up meat that January.


This recipe is amazing and worth a try and I highly recommend good music to accompany a cooking adventure. Not to mention a good beer or glass of wine. Take a load off, you work hard at caring for your loved ones.


Ⓥ Aioli ingredients:

  • Wash, reused (Earth Balance ‘Butter’, ‘Milk’, Corn Starch)
  • Garlic, minced
  • ‘Cream Cheese’, Daiya mmmmmmmm
  • Breading, reused (Cashews, SeaSalt, Breadcrumbs, Garlic, Oregano, Parsley)
  • Corn Meal

Mix to a somewhat solid consistency.


Ⓥutter ingredients:

  • Earth Balance ‘Butter’, half heated
  • Garlic, minced and lightly sauteed in ‘Butter’
  • Oil
  • Parsley, diced
  • Celery Salt
  • ‘Cream Cheese’, Daiya mmmmmmmmmmmm

Smashed Potatoes ingredients:

  • Potatoes, red and golden – diced and boiled then strained (time it right)
  • Ⓥ Aioli

  • Basil, fresh and diced
  • Parsley, fresh and diced
  • Oil, Olive
  • Garlic, minced
  • Onion, diced
  • ‘Cream Cheese’, Daiya mmmmm
  • Spinach, to garnish
  • Celery, diced
  • Carrot, diced
  • ‘Milk’, Almond
  • Cashews, SMASHED
  • Brown Sugar
  • Wine, white Vino is great
  • Dill Weed, fresh and chopped
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Idaho Spuds, instant mashed for concistency assurance

Prep everything and go. Cook Veggies in Oil while boiling Potatoes. Add Wine and cook down and then add everything and crush and smash away. I enjoyed charred store-bought Pretzel Bun with the Ⓥutter.


And boy do I have leftovers! I cannot wait. I also enjoy creating different Ⓥegan meals and get a kick out of jokingly blogging all over your faces. If only these were read. Happy Saturday! I’ll be enjoying a ride tomorrow before some good NFL games. And I have recipes to complete. Here are some links that will help me blog all over your faces more often:)






Ⓥegan Comfortisms

Vegan comfort food might not be as readily available as say fast food or other animal product junk. It is, however, easy to create with help from great non animal products. Any Vegan ‘junk’ food is healthier and Better for the world than animal base junk food.

I’ve been a big fan of Apple Music the last couple of months and I decided to check up on some bands that I have not been keeping track of in the recent years like I used to. One of the bands that I have been keeping track of since day 2 is deftones. I’ve been purchasing albums since 1997. They are single handidly my favorite band and have been since probably 1998. Their first album, Adrenaline, came out in 1995. And it would have been one of my first albums ever purchased. If I remember correctly, this would be my first five CD and Cassettes:

  1. The Doors – Greastest Hits
  2. Ozzy – The Ozzman Cometh
  3. Limp Bizkit – Three Dollar Bill, Y’all
  4. Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire
  5. Deftones – Adrenaline

I’ve learned over the years that in order to gain use out of your ingredients, you’ll (me) have to plan around bulk ingredients. And as I’m blogging these (all over your face) there is an overlap of ingredients. Use it or Lose it! I came up with a Ⓥlattaco, grilled apple ampersand The Post-Apolacalyptic Zombie Butcher VeggHead.

Just today I used Apple Music to check up on the band Korn and their new music. They really went downhill after Follow The Leader. Deftones have kept themselves very good and still make very interesting music and they appear to continue to. And because of this, I’m going to share a favorite song off of every album.

  1. FIST
  2. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  3. Knife Party
  4. Deathblow
  5. Simple Man
  7. Beauty School

I really hope at least one music lover that has never experienced deftones took at least five minutes to click on one of the above links to enjoy. Now onto the food. I was impressed with the look and the simplicity of a grilled apple, but it wasn’t as tasty as I was hoping.

Ⓥlattaco ingrediets:

  • Whole Wheat Tortilla, Grilled on one side
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole, spicy 🙂
  • BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/dicedNonGMOfrozenGrilledEggplant:) cook in below seasonings
  • Sugar/SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicAmpersandOnionP/ONEBayLeaf/ChiliP w/ water to cook above ingredients in
  • Daiya, ‘Cheddar’ & ‘Mozzarella’ mmmmmmmm
  • Fishless Filets, baked and sliced
  • Seitan, Chipotle Seitan 🙂
  • Onion, grilled for garnish
  • Fiesta Pico De Gallo w/ Pineapple, strained


Rocket Science:

  • This is a Taco Cookie, Flat Taco or better yet an open Quesadilla. It is very easy and very tasty! Smear the living shit out of the already grilled side of Tortilla with Hummus and Guacamole.
  • Generously, but carefully, place a layer of BrownRice/SplitPeas/Lentils/GrilledEggplant
  • Cover with both types of Daiya, Seitan and Fishlessness’
  • Place in nonstick pan and cook over low-medium heat while covering to murder and melt that Daiya
  • Garnish with grilled Onion and Pico De Gallo on top:)

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for this monster sandwich. And like many great Craft Beers, this sandwich deserves a unique and basically dark and disgusting name. It only took a couple of minutes of concentration. It has been named The Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Butcher VeggHead. I feel that is a name that confidently names this beastwich.

Vegenaise Upgraded ingredients:

  • Vegenaise, mmm
  • Mustard, organic
  • Cucumber, diced without seeds
  • Onion, diced
  • Tomato, diced and strained



The Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Butcher VeggHead ingredients:

  • Buns, multi-grain Ciabatta
  • Boca, Vegan
  • Daiya, ‘Cheddar’ & ‘Mozzarella’
  • Grilled Eggplant, NonGMOProjectVerified if possible
  • Seitan, NonGMOProjectVerified & Chipotle
  • Onion, Grilled then sliced
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole
  • Sugar/SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicAmpersandOnionP/ONEBayLeaf/ChiliP w/ water to cook above ingredients in
  • BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/dicedNonGMOfrozenGrilledEggplant:) cook in below seasonings
  • Grilled Eggplant
  • Pico De Gallo, Fiesta w/ Pineapple
  • Potatoes, grilled
  • Sriracha, cock saucy and splashy
  • Vegenaise Upgraded, mmmmmm
  • ChipotleP


Survival to sanity:

  • Either toast or grill inner sides of Ciabatta Bun and save for later consumption.
  • Pan fry Boca and after flipping add Daiya, Grilled Eggplant and Chipotle Seitan. Cover and lower heat. Dash of Chipotle Powder on top:) 
  • Heat BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/dicedNonGMOfrozenGrilledEggplant
  • Grill Potatoes and Onion
  • Hummus on bottom Bun and Guacamole on top Bun (inner, inner Vegan DINNER of top and bottom)
  • Once everything is ready, build the masterpiece of death (LIFE)
  • From the floor it goes (architecturally) bottom Bun, Hummus, BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/GrilledEggplant, Vegenaise Upgraded, two Boca patties with greatness melted on top, Grilled Onion slices, Pico De Gallo w/ Pineapple, Guacamole and the top Bun.

 A deftones song, You’ve Seen The Butcher, my fandom of Vegan Zombie, my partial WordPress name VeggHead and the scary darkness of Post-Apocalypse helped mosh pit into the name of the beast which I did eat.

Happy Monday! Happy 50th Blog to me. Thanks for the likes and follows! Stay healthy, my friends! And have fun!

Playlist: Cycling

I know that I break Cycling rules, cycling with music in my ears, but I feel better with my eyes than my ears on the road or the Path. My peripheral vision is absurdly great and my 20/20 vision would concur and would make much more sense being on top of my personal safety. 

 I LOVE JAMMING while cycling, either being a commute or Gran Fondo joyride. I never listen to anything while riding with others. And since the new iTunes update and myself joining Apple Music, for the first time ever, I’ve started a playlist called Cycling. It’s a small playlist so far as I’m not a playlist guy and don’t take days to think of a playlist, I take months going on years. The premise of my Cycling playlist is to rock out loudly and scream and yell, but to have the same calmness and beautifulness to it. I’m not sure if that makes much sense to most, but it’s a beautiful balance of music that has intrigued me and inspired me since the beginning of my musical listening career. 

Ron Ghousley’s Fucked Up Dream (Ron To The Hills. Ron For Your Life) Remurdered Immutable Dusk Taps Campaign Carpe A Vivid Chaos Viridian Rosemary White Oak Doors Wake The Dead Procellous Speak Afghamistam C. Thomas Howell As The ‘Soul Man’ We Are The Romans Last Last Chance You, Me and The Violence Cottbus Swim To The Moon Fossil Genera – A Feed From Cloud Mountain When Two Are One Bleeding Mascara



Fast Food Vegan

It is essential for me to have quicker vegan food be edible sooner without loosing quality and nutrition. I’ve somewhat fallen off of the fake meat and cheese bandwagon while still choosing vegan Morning Star, Boca and Lightlife’s delicious Smart Dogs on a weekly basis.

I chose to join Apple Music last week and I am truly enjoying it. I have, in the past, used Spotify. I have never payed for any sort of music database other than iTunes Match. Bands that I have frequently enjoyed since joining Apple Music are Mouth of the Architect, God is an Astronaut and Form & Fate. I’m extremely happy to use Apple Music offline while in Airplane mode to conserve battery and data (I’m AT&T grandfathered).

Good News Veganism

Wednesday Ride

I guess this recipe was definitely time consuming when you throw in the homemade Seitan. The other part was super easy and fast and thought of after my Wednesday night ride and a few beers. The way I make Seitan takes a few hours, but with a big enough batch, it is always worth it.

Seitan ingredients:

-Vital Wheat Gluten

-Vegetable Stock

-Tomato Sauce/Paste


-Sunflower Seeds, shelled and slightly crushed

-Rosemary, dried and slightly crushed

-Fennel Seeds, wholly moly

-Carrot and Onion, rough chopped

-Bay Leaves and Thyme

-Non-dairy Cheese Cloth 😉

Hail Seitan:

-The first thing done was bring a pot of Broth, Carrot, Onion, Thyme, CRP, Thyme and Bay Leaves to a slow boil. Simmer.

 -I mixed the Fennel Seeds, Rosemary, Seeds, SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP, Vegetable Stock and a little Sugar and Cayenne together in a big bowl. I put the very very very Vital Wheat Gluten in a separate, yet bigger, bowl. I then poured the liquid greatness with the gluten hand kneading slowly but efficiently until a loaf is formed. I wet the non-dairy cheese cloth with water and then spray the loaf with non-stick spray and roll it up.

-Put into a lasagna pan and pour half of simmering Broth onto raw Seitan roll keeping Bay Leaves and veggies in broth and not on top of non-dairy cheese cloth.

-Bake for 2-2.25 hours flipping over halfway and adding remaining broth, if needed.

-Once complete, unwrap Seitan from non-dairy cheese cloth like the plastic surgeon did for Joker in the first Batman movie from 1989 with Jack Nicolson and Michael Keaton. Just don’t smash a mirror or continue to give Batman hell. Wrap the not so funny, but seriously delicious Seitan in foil and refrigerate. Use how you’d like.

BTBAM – Viridian

I’ve been slacking on my blogfulness and have been trying to complete this blog for a few days now, but the Chicago Cubs just ended their “Not Being No-Hit” streak since 9.9.65 when Sandy Koufax did it. This time being Cole Hamels who has been rumored to be interested in acquiring via trade by Cubs and numerous other teams. IRONY.

Lettuce Greatness ingredients:

-Iceberg Lettuce, shredded

-Guacamole, homemade or store bought

-Vegenaise, mmmmmmmmmmmm

-Sriracha, cock sauce brand

-Seitan, diced

-Pico de Gallo, homemade or store bought



I made two different batches of Nachos or better yet, Ⓥachos!


I used blue corn tortillas and NON-Dairy Go Veggie “cheese” with various toppings. And they were very quick and very tasty.

Seitan Ⓥurrito ingredients:

-Tortillas, warmed or not warmer-bigger the better

-Seitan, if ya want additional 

-Blue Corn Tortilla chips, on the side

-Go Veggie “cheese”

-Veggies, various and diced 

 Mead Science

I made the Ⓥurritos and threw them on a cast iron skillet for a couple of minutes for color. I put the Ⓥachos under the broiler for a couple of minutes to melt the “cheesy” greatness and served them to myself in these paper lined baskets because I HATE DOING DISHES. 

Happy day off to me and happy Monday to y’all! 

Eat, ride and live healthy.  It took me three days to completely edit this….

MacBook Sour

Hello, kids, giraffes, dudes, lovely ladies and possibly life from other galaxies, this will be my first and definitely not my last blog on my MacBook Pro that I finally fixed last week. All other bloggings before this have been texting it on my iPhone notes and copying and pasting into my WordPress app and then uploading with numerous photo uploading issues. So, I just wanna mention a few words about this laptop. It basically was a gift from my ex-girlfriend, but obviously girlfriend at the time, after my Dell desktop took a disgusting and smelly shit after I spent a good month curing its virus and other issues. Myself paying my own bills and rent without the best credit, couldn’t really afford a major purchase like a new CPU. Her having a wealthy father, could. It was very much appreciated. I later called it quits with the girl after a sense of realism and unstable future plans. I promised to pay her back being quite tipsy one day after our relationship was over. I quit my well paying job and had to stop sending her money and my MacBook quit charging. Possibly related, possibly not. And without another job lined up, I had to put the MacBook on the back burner since November 2014 until last week June 2015. Ironically she just received another payment just before the laptop was fixed.

Continue reading MacBook Sour


VeggHead BeerCyclist      3.24

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Daily Ride:  Yes
I have not posted in ten days, I think. I’m sure it doesn’t bother anyone. I had a slaughterhouse thumb injury making vegan gyros over confidently chopping romain lettuce. And due to my somewhat recent MacBook Pro unable to charge, I’ve been relying on my iPhone 6, its Notes and the wonderful Copy/Paste tool. And without, for me, a fully functional left thumb, texting/iPhone blogging isn’t very easy. I guess I could of voice-texted, but I’m a geek not a nerd and I’m crazy, but not that crazy.
While I’m talking about my MacBook Pro misfortunes, I’d like to mention one of the greatest things ever in iTunes Match. Also, I love the autocorrecting texting my phone does when texting apple products. 
iTunes Match is an iCloud based music storage that holds like 25G and improves any low quality music with iTunes quality music. It bends you over for only $25.00 a YEAR. And since my MacBook hasn’t turned on, I’d have little access to my music. But, because my music in iCloud I have access to it in numerous ways! It rocks. 
I updated my Strava app this morning. I turned off my auto update setting on my phone. And now Strava allows you to upload photos directly through Strava instead of Instagram. That is exciting and I’ve been waiting for that since creating an Instagram account just for Strava  purposes. 
I haven’t been cooking as much lately as Spring is upon us here in Northern Illinois. EXCEPT for yesterday. It snowed a bike helmets worth. I’ve been spending more time outside riding and hiking. 


All the way from Georgia was this lovely waxed topped beer, Happy Ending Imperial Stout, that I enjoyed yesterday. It escaped the zombie apocalypse and it better call Saul. It was very enjoyable and should go to trial and will probably be guilty of deliciousness. I hope to catch up on my AMC shows today after work. 
I had a dream the other day/morning/night. I do not remember the exact rotational position earth was to the star, our sun. It was a nightmare really of myself eating BAY LEAVES…. 
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll go over a few Vegan dishes I’ve made. Gotta get ready for work soon. 

Easy Chinesey

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Title: Easy Chinesy 
Daily Ride: Probable, cold but sunny

I’m not going to go over a specific Chinese recipe. I just want to share a few essentials which create my make-shift Chinese food. Military time is always an easy way to depict the time. Good thing it’s not Japanese food I’ll be going over otherwise I’d have to get nuclear with a joke or two. I also have a Root Beer Floater concoction that was very good on Super Bowl Sunday.
My last beer was at 2100 on Tuesday March 3rd and today, March 5th, my first beer was at I’m gonna guess noon on Thursday. Nothing like a little mid week sobriety to boost your next binge. IVCA (Illinois Valley Cycling Association) usually does a night canal ride every Wednesday on the I&M Canal with drinks afterwards. It’s usually around 40 km. I did not participate for a few reasons. The last time I was down there on the towpath there were sections of pure ice that even on four inch FatBike tires is like a tightrope balancing act without a safety net on a 35 pound bike. I’m ready for spring and have ridden my lower end FatBike 450 miles this winter according to Strava. My last ride was five days ago and I’m going through withdrawals. A bit of a cycling hiatus due to weather, cold and lack of motivation, unfortunately. Addictions can be healthy and not so healthy. Cycling is healthy. No comment on the booze. If ya can’t make it to work because of booze abuse, you have a problem. As of this year, I’ve been cigarette free for five straight years. I am super proud of this and try to influence others to quit as much as possible. 

It took me a good eight years to actually complete the process, but it worked. I unintentionally started to quit in high school. First of all, I started smoking at age 12 with friends and continued until the college years. I used to smoke a few cigarettes before school. My sophomore year of high school I had algebra II first thing. I was always good with mathematics and my teacher was in his mid twenties and decided to call me out in front of the class and asked me if I smoked an entire pack of cigs before school. I got nervous and replied, “No, it was two”. But it got me thinking. I probably smell horrible in the morning after a cigarette clam-baking session before school. Chicks don’t usually like smelly dudes, so I quit smoking before school. I still smoked at lunch and basically established a personal code of no smokes before noon. And no cigarettes in the morning helps weaken the addiction and urge for the “fix”. When I was 20, I tried quitting and couldn’t quit while partying and drinking. I then quit smoking unless I was drinking. I soon after started day drinking to have a couple of cigarettes during the day. It makes me laugh, but it’s true. I didn’t know it at the time. I still love some good day drinking. Is there ever some bad day drinking. Just without the nastiness filthy impolite cigarette habit. In 2010, my girlfriend at the time and I quit. She failed and I haven’t smoked since. The difference being that I actually had the will and she did not. 
1.) Obtain a strong will. Whether it be for health or for others, you’ll need it.
2.) Quit smoking in the morning. If you can quit cold turkey, do it.
3.) Cut down and give yourself days completely without.
4.) Pick a day like January 2nd and QUIT. 

It took my two days to finish the movie K-PAX on Netflix, but I discovered Aaron Paul was in the very last scene. 

I saw an AROD AB yesterday. It was a good AB and he drew a walk. Not sure how I feel about AROD, but he needs to retire. I did want him to hit a homer or strike out. I cannot wait for baseball to start. The Chicago Cubs dynasty has begun. WATCH OUT! 

I do not know if a Chicago Cubs addiction is good or bad for people. There is still hope and has been forgettable hope for many upon many of decades. There is always next year, but there isn’t always next century. Planets are aligning and things are looking good on both sides of Chicago’s baseball plate. 
Easy Chinesy 
Essential Chineses Ingredients:
-Fresh Ginger
-Rice Wine Vinegar
-Sesame Seed Oil
-Balsamic Vinegar
-Ramen Noodles
-Soy Sauce
(For years I’ve only bought Ramen just for the noodles. Most of them have meat traces in the seasoning packs.)

Additional ingredients:
-Garlic, diced
-Onion, diced 
-Mushroom, quartered or halved
-Various other Veggies
-Use your imagination and do it right, not over cooking all of the veggies

This was the batch I made for Christmas. Everyone loved it. Fra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra. 

Root beer Floater, named after On-One Floater FatBike Tires:

-Badass beer mug or chalice
-Dad’s Root Beer is cheap and good 
-Quality Vanilla Fro Yo or Ice Cream
-Almond pieces
-Whipped cream
-Maraschino Cherries, seeds and stems
-Good Vanilla extract, the stuff I used was 10% alcohol
-You do not want to use the vanilla to obtain a buzz. If that’s the case, add whisky or rum and run.
-Add a splash of Vanilla Extract to awesome mug or chalice 
-Put desired amount of Vanilla Fro Yo or Ice Cream. Leave room for the root beer!
-Add Root Beer almost to the top 
-Throw a little cream on top
-Stab the cream with a few Almond pieces and pop that Cherry with a maraschino cherry
-Take a pic and you might need a spoon or fork if you’re that talented
I’ve been monitoring my storage memory for my iPhone closely since my MacBook is still out-of-order, but by deleting and re installing my Facebook and Twitter app, I cleared almost a whole gigabyte. Taking up that much memory boggled my mind. And I feel like that might have to be a every-so-often procedure. 
Incorrect vegetarian labeling:

Worcestershire Sauce usually contains Anchovy.

Also, took me a few days, but I watched LEGIT season one on Netflix for the second time.
“billy rolled away”
It’s a darker comedy with heartfelt situations. Check it out!

Season two is on YouTube for free. I haven’t finished it yet. I had a playlist that I copied and was awaiting pastement, but I discovered it required payment. Bummer. 

YouTube is and always has been a great free way to do various things. It’s there for educational purposes, entertainment visually and audio and broadcasting. I’ve watched movies, even. And with the correct technology, it’s available for your big screen. It allows R rated language, but unfortunately not porn. Yet. Apple TV, roku and good wifi are my tools for watching YouTube and other things more comfortably. 

Masters of the Universe on tubitv app on my roku was an interesting film. Paste some whiteout over that on the bucket list.
I remember watching the cartoon in the 80’s, but I’ve never seen this movie that I know of. Within the first five minutes, it seemed like a rip off and heavily influenced by various popular 80’s movies. The opening credits and theme reminded me of the Superman sagas. And then Skeletor’s men look awfully like stormtroopers except they are completely black. And Skeletor’s confines reminded me of an early Indiana Jones’ temple. To make things worse the voice track isn’t synced 100%, not even 85%, with their lips. Gwildor gives me a combination of Yoda from Star Wars meets the luck dragon, Falkor, somehow from The NeverEnding Story. A nice sense of memories of movies I grew up with. And then there’s super young Courtney Cox. The sitcom Friends was entertaining and funny when I was ten years old. A couple of months ago, I attempted to watch the Friends pilot episode on Netflix, but only made it five minutes through. And then there’s a school stage with instruments on it where Courtney Cox is attacked and there’s a Back To The Future reference, to me anyways. Dolph Lundgren is He-Man. And when he swords Skeletor into a shaft, reminds me of something just can’t think of it. Is it Die Hard? 

Snowy cycling visibility is still something I cannot defeat. I have not tried actual skiing/snowboarding goggles yet. I will next year. I did try chemistry goggles and they only lasted for 15 minutes. 

A band, Pianos Become The Teeth, has a newer album that is very listenable to all listeners in KEEP YOU. Check it out!