LBⓋ 13/10 Lentili ‘Cheese’ Fries

Last year, I wanted to share 10 LBⓋ ideas. Low Budget Vegan is more fun to me than probably helpful to anyone else. As I do not have anyone ever reading these, it is a better way of organizing ideas and hopefully one day I’ll influence someone to go Vegetarian, Vegan or just to cook for themselves.


I bought new wheels for my (bicycle) Trek Darth Vader, hence low budget Veganism. Don’t get me started with these wheels. They have already been returned for a wheelset that’ll work for me better. Anyways….


LBⓋ 13/10 Lentili ‘Cheese’ Fries ingredients:

  • Daiya, block ‘cheddar’ – chopped (7) @ $5.98 = $0.85 per serving
  • Fries, frozen & roasted (9) @ $2.98 = $0.33 per serving
  • Lentil, canned soup – simmered (2) @ $1.50 = $0.75 per serving
  • Sriracha (96) @ $2.97 = $0.04 per serving
  • Seasonings (GarlicP/OnionP/BrownSugar/LiquidSmoke/SeaSalt/ Pepper/CornStarch) @ $0.07 per serving
  • Broth, Veggie (4) @ $1.99 = $0.25 per serving


  • Heat Lentil Soup/Veggie Broth and simmer. Heat VeggieBroth/Seasonings/Daiya/Sriracha and simmer.
  • Control consistency with CornStarch/Broth.
  • Oven-Roast fries and construct.
  • thumb_IMG_8203_1024

This would’ve been made cheaper and better from-scratch, unfortunately time was not on my side and this dude was hungry. And at $2.29 per serving this cheaply and timely produces 3-5 hearty servings and is a healthier comfort food. To be remastered….


Happy Friday! I recommend enjoying a great beer, having some excellent plant-based food and watching PlantPure Nation on Netflix. Of course, after going for a FatBike ride in the snow as I did last night. If possible.

PlantPure Nation Trailer


Snow Ride


Simple Man

Ⓥegan Comfortisms

Vegan comfort food might not be as readily available as say fast food or other animal product junk. It is, however, easy to create with help from great non animal products. Any Vegan ‘junk’ food is healthier and Better for the world than animal base junk food.

I’ve been a big fan of Apple Music the last couple of months and I decided to check up on some bands that I have not been keeping track of in the recent years like I used to. One of the bands that I have been keeping track of since day 2 is deftones. I’ve been purchasing albums since 1997. They are single handidly my favorite band and have been since probably 1998. Their first album, Adrenaline, came out in 1995. And it would have been one of my first albums ever purchased. If I remember correctly, this would be my first five CD and Cassettes:

  1. The Doors – Greastest Hits
  2. Ozzy – The Ozzman Cometh
  3. Limp Bizkit – Three Dollar Bill, Y’all
  4. Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire
  5. Deftones – Adrenaline

I’ve learned over the years that in order to gain use out of your ingredients, you’ll (me) have to plan around bulk ingredients. And as I’m blogging these (all over your face) there is an overlap of ingredients. Use it or Lose it! I came up with a Ⓥlattaco, grilled apple ampersand The Post-Apolacalyptic Zombie Butcher VeggHead.

Just today I used Apple Music to check up on the band Korn and their new music. They really went downhill after Follow The Leader. Deftones have kept themselves very good and still make very interesting music and they appear to continue to. And because of this, I’m going to share a favorite song off of every album.

  1. FIST
  2. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
  3. Knife Party
  4. Deathblow
  5. Simple Man
  7. Beauty School

I really hope at least one music lover that has never experienced deftones took at least five minutes to click on one of the above links to enjoy. Now onto the food. I was impressed with the look and the simplicity of a grilled apple, but it wasn’t as tasty as I was hoping.

Ⓥlattaco ingrediets:

  • Whole Wheat Tortilla, Grilled on one side
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole, spicy 🙂
  • BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/dicedNonGMOfrozenGrilledEggplant:) cook in below seasonings
  • Sugar/SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicAmpersandOnionP/ONEBayLeaf/ChiliP w/ water to cook above ingredients in
  • Daiya, ‘Cheddar’ & ‘Mozzarella’ mmmmmmmm
  • Fishless Filets, baked and sliced
  • Seitan, Chipotle Seitan 🙂
  • Onion, grilled for garnish
  • Fiesta Pico De Gallo w/ Pineapple, strained


Rocket Science:

  • This is a Taco Cookie, Flat Taco or better yet an open Quesadilla. It is very easy and very tasty! Smear the living shit out of the already grilled side of Tortilla with Hummus and Guacamole.
  • Generously, but carefully, place a layer of BrownRice/SplitPeas/Lentils/GrilledEggplant
  • Cover with both types of Daiya, Seitan and Fishlessness’
  • Place in nonstick pan and cook over low-medium heat while covering to murder and melt that Daiya
  • Garnish with grilled Onion and Pico De Gallo on top:)

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for this monster sandwich. And like many great Craft Beers, this sandwich deserves a unique and basically dark and disgusting name. It only took a couple of minutes of concentration. It has been named The Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Butcher VeggHead. I feel that is a name that confidently names this beastwich.

Vegenaise Upgraded ingredients:

  • Vegenaise, mmm
  • Mustard, organic
  • Cucumber, diced without seeds
  • Onion, diced
  • Tomato, diced and strained



The Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Butcher VeggHead ingredients:

  • Buns, multi-grain Ciabatta
  • Boca, Vegan
  • Daiya, ‘Cheddar’ & ‘Mozzarella’
  • Grilled Eggplant, NonGMOProjectVerified if possible
  • Seitan, NonGMOProjectVerified & Chipotle
  • Onion, Grilled then sliced
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole
  • Sugar/SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicAmpersandOnionP/ONEBayLeaf/ChiliP w/ water to cook above ingredients in
  • BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/dicedNonGMOfrozenGrilledEggplant:) cook in below seasonings
  • Grilled Eggplant
  • Pico De Gallo, Fiesta w/ Pineapple
  • Potatoes, grilled
  • Sriracha, cock saucy and splashy
  • Vegenaise Upgraded, mmmmmm
  • ChipotleP


Survival to sanity:

  • Either toast or grill inner sides of Ciabatta Bun and save for later consumption.
  • Pan fry Boca and after flipping add Daiya, Grilled Eggplant and Chipotle Seitan. Cover and lower heat. Dash of Chipotle Powder on top:) 
  • Heat BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/dicedNonGMOfrozenGrilledEggplant
  • Grill Potatoes and Onion
  • Hummus on bottom Bun and Guacamole on top Bun (inner, inner Vegan DINNER of top and bottom)
  • Once everything is ready, build the masterpiece of death (LIFE)
  • From the floor it goes (architecturally) bottom Bun, Hummus, BrownRice/Lentils/SpiltPeas/GrilledEggplant, Vegenaise Upgraded, two Boca patties with greatness melted on top, Grilled Onion slices, Pico De Gallo w/ Pineapple, Guacamole and the top Bun.

 A deftones song, You’ve Seen The Butcher, my fandom of Vegan Zombie, my partial WordPress name VeggHead and the scary darkness of Post-Apocalypse helped mosh pit into the name of the beast which I did eat.

Happy Monday! Happy 50th Blog to me. Thanks for the likes and follows! Stay healthy, my friends! And have fun!