Fast Food Vegan

It is essential for me to have quicker vegan food be edible sooner without loosing quality and nutrition. I’ve somewhat fallen off of the fake meat and cheese bandwagon while still choosing vegan Morning Star, Boca and Lightlife’s delicious Smart Dogs on a weekly basis.

I chose to join Apple Music last week and I am truly enjoying it. I have, in the past, used Spotify. I have never payed for any sort of music database other than iTunes Match. Bands that I have frequently enjoyed since joining Apple Music are Mouth of the Architect, God is an Astronaut and Form & Fate. I’m extremely happy to use Apple Music offline while in Airplane mode to conserve battery and data (I’m AT&T grandfathered).

Good News Veganism

Wednesday Ride

I guess this recipe was definitely time consuming when you throw in the homemade Seitan. The other part was super easy and fast and thought of after my Wednesday night ride and a few beers. The way I make Seitan takes a few hours, but with a big enough batch, it is always worth it.

Seitan ingredients:

-Vital Wheat Gluten

-Vegetable Stock

-Tomato Sauce/Paste


-Sunflower Seeds, shelled and slightly crushed

-Rosemary, dried and slightly crushed

-Fennel Seeds, wholly moly

-Carrot and Onion, rough chopped

-Bay Leaves and Thyme

-Non-dairy Cheese Cloth 😉

Hail Seitan:

-The first thing done was bring a pot of Broth, Carrot, Onion, Thyme, CRP, Thyme and Bay Leaves to a slow boil. Simmer.

 -I mixed the Fennel Seeds, Rosemary, Seeds, SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP, Vegetable Stock and a little Sugar and Cayenne together in a big bowl. I put the very very very Vital Wheat Gluten in a separate, yet bigger, bowl. I then poured the liquid greatness with the gluten hand kneading slowly but efficiently until a loaf is formed. I wet the non-dairy cheese cloth with water and then spray the loaf with non-stick spray and roll it up.

-Put into a lasagna pan and pour half of simmering Broth onto raw Seitan roll keeping Bay Leaves and veggies in broth and not on top of non-dairy cheese cloth.

-Bake for 2-2.25 hours flipping over halfway and adding remaining broth, if needed.

-Once complete, unwrap Seitan from non-dairy cheese cloth like the plastic surgeon did for Joker in the first Batman movie from 1989 with Jack Nicolson and Michael Keaton. Just don’t smash a mirror or continue to give Batman hell. Wrap the not so funny, but seriously delicious Seitan in foil and refrigerate. Use how you’d like.

BTBAM – Viridian

I’ve been slacking on my blogfulness and have been trying to complete this blog for a few days now, but the Chicago Cubs just ended their “Not Being No-Hit” streak since 9.9.65 when Sandy Koufax did it. This time being Cole Hamels who has been rumored to be interested in acquiring via trade by Cubs and numerous other teams. IRONY.

Lettuce Greatness ingredients:

-Iceberg Lettuce, shredded

-Guacamole, homemade or store bought

-Vegenaise, mmmmmmmmmmmm

-Sriracha, cock sauce brand

-Seitan, diced

-Pico de Gallo, homemade or store bought



I made two different batches of Nachos or better yet, â“‹achos!


I used blue corn tortillas and NON-Dairy Go Veggie “cheese” with various toppings. And they were very quick and very tasty.

Seitan â“‹urrito ingredients:

-Tortillas, warmed or not warmer-bigger the better

-Seitan, if ya want additional 

-Blue Corn Tortilla chips, on the side

-Go Veggie “cheese”

-Veggies, various and diced 

 Mead Science

I made the â“‹urritos and threw them on a cast iron skillet for a couple of minutes for color. I put the â“‹achos under the broiler for a couple of minutes to melt the “cheesy” greatness and served them to myself in these paper lined baskets because I HATE DOING DISHES. 

Happy day off to me and happy Monday to y’all! 

Eat, ride and live healthy.  It took me three days to completely edit this….