June Time Science

I’ve had a super busy month of June. I have statistics and numbers to elaborate. It is now the 10th of July and I am still recuperating. The best thing about it all is that I’ve chosen to take that leap from Ovo-Lacto Vegetarianism to Veganism as of 07.08.15. Time is everything. Time is something you cannot control. Time will continue throughout the ever-expanding universe even without precious you. What do you do with your time (EXACTLY)?

I’ve spent TIME in the past, accumulating numbers for TIME spent on things, but only a week at a TIME. And I’ve only included Facebook as my audience. This TIME, I try and make sense out of the entire 720 hours, 1,800 minutes and 108, 000 seconds involved timely in JUNE of 2015.

Out of all of the 720 hours of June, I have been Vegetarian for completely all of them, but ⓋEGAN at least 288 hours. I’ve been Vegetarian for three whole years without any slip-up… I have completed six straight ⓋEGANVEEKENDS. #VeganWeekends or #VeganVeekends are me being completely ⓋEGAN from midnight Friday morning until 11:59 Sunday night. And recently I have realized that I’m not meant for eggs or dairy at all. It stopped agreeing with the all-mighty science of my body. BOOM.

The only explanation of time I cannot account for could very well be linked to PORN. And by my PORN viewings, it must stop TIME literally because I watch 165 PLUS hours of PORN a week.


No one watches porn. There is no money in that.

Wanna know something cool that I have figured out. Rhetorical question mark has got to be a freaking period?

(Slightly tipsy)

I have always worked in the restaurant business, killing myself and killing others with tasty and cholesterol packed foods and money tips are great. BUT I TELL YOU SOMETHING, when you leave that death-trap and work in a workplace full of life and help. When you’re not killing people in your line of work, that is a great feeling. Instead of selling well done filets, extra bloody carnivorous rare T-bones, meat lover pizzas, or basically contributing to a future heart attack, selling a nice door and windows that bring life and happiness to people. Unfortunately, many purchasing a nice door or replacing a double hung window, have been killing themselves with red meat and arty clogging cheese. It is incredible to have people skills and to sell necessities rather than sad addictions. Even better than that feeling is when you occasionally, or for me, an often handshake. I get many handshakes and after selling 2,000 dollars in just windows.

I might be the only asshole who is good with people, but gets a minor chubby after every handshake.




In the past, I’ve often used Worcestershire sauce in my Bloody Mary’s to add a little flare and flavor. Worcestershire sauce often and possibly always involves anchovies at the least. I concocted a Vegan Bloody Mary, but being Vegan, I need to remove the “bloody” from the name.

In the month of June, there were roughly 135 hours of TIME that I cannot account for and probably ties into many other things.

I have spent almost a third of my time in June working a whopping 197.42 hours. That’s an average of almost 50 hours a week. I was working two jobs for the majority of the month. I spent 32 hours riding my bicycles, 1,922 minutes to be more exact and quite a few of those hours were commuting the long way to work. Some were even climbing 200 meters before and after work, unfortunately, not during work or on the clock. I did climb a total of 3, 450 meters throughout June. My goal was 8, 848 meters, being the altitude of Mt. Everest to complete the Strava Climb For Nepal challenge. My total distance ridden was 763 kilometers or 763, 000 meters, being 8, 623 % of distance in climbing to complete that challenge. After riding 8, 623 % of climbing goal, only 40 % of goal was achieved. Now the month of June here in Illinois was not exactly Mt. Everest climbing weather.

According to

Illinois State Climatologist https://climateillinois.wordpress.com

Illinois received the most rainfall in the country in the month of June at 9.3 inches. In California it rained 2.5% of Illinois rainfall. I believe year round, Florida or Floyduh has one of the biggest annual rainfalls, only precipitated 63.4% of Illinois precipitation. My birth state, Colorado, rained only 20.7% of what Illinois rained.


There were many days that it was too wet to ride comfortably and many days I did ride uncomfortably.

I concluded that I spent 42 hours watching sports and/or socializing and I enjoyed 56 beers last month for the very first time. I have made some adjustments and hopefully sense out of my 135 unanswered hours. I figured that I have spent 75 hours cooking/eating, 9 hours grooming/hygiene, 6 hours cleaning, only 50 hours watching Netflix/internet, 5 hours mowing the lawn, 10 hours shopping, 25 hours in the restroom RESTING, and 271 hours sleeping. 271 hours of sleep averages a little over 9 hours of sleep a day in the bedroom not the restroom. Many of these hours intertwine as I am a king of multi-tasking. It is crazy to think about and is not exactly quick and easy to calculate, but at the same time is fun to see and share.

As for this “bloody” Mary, I have decided to name it Vegan Garden Mary.

Vegan Garden Mary ingredients:

-Rosemary infused Vodka


-Balsamic Vinegar

-Tomato Juice

-Lemon Juice



-Green Olives and Green Olive Juice or Brine

Vegan Garden Mary adventure:

The first thing to complete is infusing your Vodka with a few sprigs of Organic Rosemary. Fresh, of course. You’ll want to either drink a few shots of Vodka or use for Vegan Vodka Sauce like I did and throw the sprigs into the bottle closing it and infusing for 4-5 days. After infusement, strain Vodka into container and discard empty bottle with trapped Rosemary sprigs. When the Rosemary has been infused, it is go time. Combine all ingredients and garnish with Celery, Olives and Rosemary. Take a pic, cheers your friends and enjoy!