Beyond Ⓥeggie Burger

A Beyond Burger patty was mixed with a leftover Rice concoction and cooked on a flat cast aluminum skillet with a slice of (Square:) ‘cheddar’ Daiya on top.


The Burger was served on a grilled Pretzel Bun smeared generously with Guacamole and topped with a mixture of Spinach, roasted Chipotle Corn, Pico de Gallo and Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese.


Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese


An IPA is much more enjoyable in the shining sunlight through the harsh cold winter wind. Same as a warm comforting sandwich.




Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese

A Ⓥ Roux started this amazing sauce with Earth Balance, Pepper and Flour. A majority of a bottle of Founders Brewing Company Porter was added (the remaining balance was enjoyed in the mouth and belly:) with a Ⓥ Cube and slightly cooked down.


Almond milk, Parsley, Chipotle & Garlic Powder were infused (not confused, yet abused) before adding a little jar of Chipotle Sauce and two types of Daiya – Cheddar slices and Mozzarella Shreds.


A Ⓥ Hot Dawg was topped utilizing the Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese. Also, Pretzels were enjoyed with the Ⓥ Chipotle Beer Cheese.




I feel bad. The imaginary people who read my previous blog post might’ve been teased by my horrible pictures and mapping of my Vegan ‘Mac N Cheese’ concoctions. I commuted to and from work today and picked up some groceries while getting rained on. Rain and wetness after work is ideal. Although, rain and wetness before work is completely opposite and absolutely uncomfortable.


I have decided to write a recipe blog draft first, make my food and enjoy and then update any changes before publishing to insure happy imaginary readers. I may just make the best damn Vegan ‘macNcheese’ concept ever and obtain wetness again. We will see.


Blind recipe MAP:

Could you imagine the difficulty involved in cooking without eyesight. Could you imagine not having the sense of taste or smell while preparing a meal. Can you imagine the smell and taste of food before you even start?? This is how I map my recipes. Of course, tweaking is obvious, but it ain’t much.


Know your ingredients. Wonder their possibilities!


Daiya-Roni ingredients:

  • Macaroni, cooked in Cashew Milk
  • Cashew Milk
  • Quinoa, black & cooked in Cashew Milk
  • Lentils, pre-cooked in water
  • Daiya, ‘cheddar’

And that’s as far as I got. I enjoyed a few beers and made my food.


It was delicious. And being Vegan, only plants were not tortured, but genocidely murdered in the process of this Daiya-Roni. Have fun!


Vegan Zombie Apocolypse

I’ve been a big fan of Jon and his videos from Vegan Zombie since before my even Vegetarian days. I saw their post today of Nacho Cheese and took a watch, yo!


Nacho Cheese


I live in an area where eating out Vegan is almost nonexistent. One, because most (family) restaurants cannot be trusted to be true Vegan. Two, for the buck, it isn’t worth it. Three, I am a damn good cook and love knowing every single ingredient AND quality of every ingredient.


I watched The Vegan Zombie Nacho Cheese video and it’s been the first in awhile that I’ve seen of theirs. I must be moving up a notch in the Vegan world, because I had almost every single ingredient needed to make their Nacho Cheese and to give it my own flair. I just needed some seasonings. That’s all. I did not make yo cheese, but I made me some of that there Nacho Cheese. It was so good! I took the “Z” and gave a “Ⓥ” basically for super Veganism and then turned Apocolypse into more “Nacho” sounding with cheese as cheese. A-nacho-lipso


I’m removing “Cheese”.


Ⓥombie Anacholypso ingredients:

  • Cashews, raw or not
  • Walnuts, raw or not
  • Broth, Veggie
  • Cilantro, freshly chopped
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/Paprika
  • ChipotleP/OnionP/GarlicP/TurmericP
  • Peppers (green, red & yellow), roasted and skinned

Mixed in a blender. Served smothering the life out of Tortilla Chips garnished with Cilantro. I also threw some store-bought Salsa Verde on them as well. Went extremely well together.

Props to the Vegan Zombie for being cool, funny and always having great ideas. Recipes are guidelines. Never follow to a “T”.


In other news, I will be obtaining some Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg as soon as Monday. And I am ecstatic! Work hard, play harder! CHEERS


I almost forgot….



Last Friday was my Ⓥirthday! I am three. Three years Vegetarian and now bettered by Veganism. I made some Vegan desserts! Please drink good beers and eat Vegan food responsibly:) Bike ride tomorrow!


Grilled Daiya


Grilled Daiya sandwich ingredients:

  • Daiya, ‘Cheddar’ & ‘Mozzarella’
  • Wheat Bread, toasted on one side
  • Hummus
  • Vegenaise Upgraded
  • Grilled Eggplant, NonGMOProjectVerified & diced
  • Seitan, NonGMOProjectVerified/Chipotle&Diced
  • Tortilla Chips & Sriracha, for side or something else


Vegenaise Upgraded ingredients:

  • Vegenaise, mmm
  • Mustard, organic
  • Cucumber, diced without seeds
  • Onion, diced
  • Tomato, diced and strained



 Lunch Bells:

  • Toast one side of Wheat Bread and smother bottom with Hummus and top with Vegenaise Upgraded w/ eggplant on top of Hummus and Seitan on top of Vegenaise Upgraded & broil
  • Add Generous amounts of Daiya to both sided and broil
  • Put sandwich together and grill (cast iron skillet) on both sides
  • Cut in half diagonal if you dare
  • Serve with a side or Tortilla Chips with Sriracha

Super quick and super easy is ideal for a solid lunch. Happy Wednesday!