Vegan Zombie Apocolypse

I’ve been a big fan of Jon and his videos from Vegan Zombie since before my even Vegetarian days. I saw their post today of Nacho Cheese and took a watch, yo!


Nacho Cheese


I live in an area where eating out Vegan is almost nonexistent. One, because most (family) restaurants cannot be trusted to be true Vegan. Two, for the buck, it isn’t worth it. Three, I am a damn good cook and love knowing every single ingredient AND quality of every ingredient.


I watched The Vegan Zombie Nacho Cheese video and it’s been the first in awhile that I’ve seen of theirs. I must be moving up a notch in the Vegan world, because I had almost every single ingredient needed to make their Nacho Cheese and to give it my own flair. I just needed some seasonings. That’s all. I did not make yo cheese, but I made me some of that there Nacho Cheese. It was so good! I took the “Z” and gave a “Ⓥ” basically for super Veganism and then turned Apocolypse into more “Nacho” sounding with cheese as cheese. A-nacho-lipso


I’m removing “Cheese”.


Ⓥombie Anacholypso ingredients:

  • Cashews, raw or not
  • Walnuts, raw or not
  • Broth, Veggie
  • Cilantro, freshly chopped
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/Paprika
  • ChipotleP/OnionP/GarlicP/TurmericP
  • Peppers (green, red & yellow), roasted and skinned

Mixed in a blender. Served smothering the life out of Tortilla Chips garnished with Cilantro. I also threw some store-bought Salsa Verde on them as well. Went extremely well together.

Props to the Vegan Zombie for being cool, funny and always having great ideas. Recipes are guidelines. Never follow to a “T”.


In other news, I will be obtaining some Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg as soon as Monday. And I am ecstatic! Work hard, play harder! CHEERS


I almost forgot….



Last Friday was my Ⓥirthday! I am three. Three years Vegetarian and now bettered by Veganism. I made some Vegan desserts! Please drink good beers and eat Vegan food responsibly:) Bike ride tomorrow!