I feel bad. The imaginary people who read my previous blog post might’ve been teased by my horrible pictures and mapping of my Vegan ‘Mac N Cheese’ concoctions. I commuted to and from work today and picked up some groceries while getting rained on. Rain and wetness after work is ideal. Although, rain and wetness before work is completely opposite and absolutely uncomfortable.


I have decided to write a recipe blog draft first, make my food and enjoy and then update any changes before publishing to insure happy imaginary readers. I may just make the best damn Vegan ‘macNcheese’ concept ever and obtain wetness again. We will see.


Blind recipe MAP:

Could you imagine the difficulty involved in cooking without eyesight. Could you imagine not having the sense of taste or smell while preparing a meal. Can you imagine the smell and taste of food before you even start?? This is how I map my recipes. Of course, tweaking is obvious, but it ain’t much.


Know your ingredients. Wonder their possibilities!


Daiya-Roni ingredients:

  • Macaroni, cooked in Cashew Milk
  • Cashew Milk
  • Quinoa, black & cooked in Cashew Milk
  • Lentils, pre-cooked in water
  • Daiya, ‘cheddar’

And that’s as far as I got. I enjoyed a few beers and made my food.


It was delicious. And being Vegan, only plants were not tortured, but genocidely murdered in the process of this Daiya-Roni. Have fun!