Nutty Ⓥutter

Last weekend, I made a purchase of a NutriNinja at the local walmart for $79. I despise walmart, but was there and made the purchase. It sat on my kitchen table for a good 4-5 days contemplating if I were going to keep it. I then saw one at Menards for the same price. I bought the Menard’s NutraNinja and returned walmart’s NutriNinja. A friend, who at the time worked for a walmart DC, said “never buy from walmart, it’s all broken.”

I’ve only used the NutriNinja once so far, but was the ultimate test, making my new creation of peanut butter. I named it Nutty Ⓥutter. The NutriNinja passed the test. A coworker asked me today why I chose peanut butter to be the first thing to make in the Ninja. He owns one also and loves it. I never got around to telling him why as we were interrupted by our job, CIA-type things.

My reasoning behind his, “well, why didn’t you go buy peanut butter?”, response is that I am a celery addict and that I love dipping celery into peanut butter. And I ultimately wish that they made peanut butter dipperies. Basically a large container that is easily sealed and opened that isn’t hard to dip one bit. Peanut butter jars are all tall and very difficult (to say the least) to dip into once half empty and the ongoing obsolete process is stressful, awkward and frustrating.

I also wanted to make it better and more to my tastebuds’ needs.

Nutty Ⓥutter ingredients:

  • Old Mill Deluxe Mixed Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Hazle Nuts, Pistachios & Peanuts), shelled and salted or unsalted-boats float when ya want
  • Sunflower Seeds, shelled and salted or unsalted
  • Peanut Oil, good quality
  • Honey, organically and local greatness 🙂
  • Nutmeg
  • Sea Salt


  • Combine and mixing to smooth.

I decided to make an appetizer dish using CELERY mmmmm.

Tomorrow is Friday and my only day off this week. I may ride 161 km aka 100 miles. Making a day of cycling and packing my lunch and possibly live blogging…… #RidehFriday