Seitanish Moshpitatoes

Hoppy IPA Day! And Happy August!


Pickle Juice was utilized in creating a potent base of Veggie madness in this concept. Potatoes, Garlic and Carrot were infused with the Pickle Juice before adding Dill Weed, Sea Salt & Pepper.


Crushed Red Peppers, Cilantro, various (cooked) Beans and Rice were added to the Moshpitato madness. A Veggie Medley (Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot & Scallions) was mixed in and let sit before adding Veggie Broth Nutritional Yeast, ‘Parm’ and Instant Mashed Potatoes.


The diversity of this is vast. Only one version was captured by photography. CHEERS!

Super Bowl Ⓥunday


Early explorers not following maps is how people need to follow recipes

-VeggHead BeerCyclist


In West Philadelphia born and raised, On the playground is where I spent most of my days. I am kidding. I was born in Denver, CO. However the playground situation is true as long as riding a bike and swimming counts, also. I did also grow up watching and idolizing John Elway, the amazing QB for the Denver Broncos between 1983-1999. The reason why number seven is my favorite and why my signature puposely contains a “7” is because of that man. And this Super Bowl, John gave Denver their third SB victory being the Denver Broncos GM and true Sheriff. I was happy to see Peyton Manning win. I was, however, more excited to feast on all kinds of VEGAN FOOD.


In the first quarter I had Nachos basically as an appetizer. And in the second quarter I enjoyed Potatoes. The third quarter I turned it up just a notch with baked beans. And nothing makes sports more enjoyable (other than beverages) than the ultimate comfort-food, the hot dog. I did pair all of these Vegan courses with different IPAs. I am not sure it could’ve been any better.


The commercials were mostly bad and at times, extremely mad. There was one about how much water you could save while brushing your teeth, although nothing about the amounts of water it takes to produce this worlds disgusting carnivorous habits. There was one for Heinz ketchup and mustard. And it involved “weiner” dogs running with hot dog buns as floaties. These dogs were supposed to be eaten by someone, I’m assuming. Also, Veggie or meat, no dawgs should be eaten with ketchup. Peyton Manning plugged for Budweiser. I later learned that he owns a brewery somewhere.


-Hunter S. Thompson


Seitan ingredients:

  • Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Corn Meal
  • Rosemary/Cayenne/FennelSeed, crushed together
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Veggie Broth
  • Turmeric/Thyme/SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP
  • Bay Leaves/Celery/Peppercorn/Fennel/Rosemary, for baking
  • Vegan ‘Cheese’ cloth


Domino Effect:

  • Mix wet ingredients together and dry ingredients separately before mixing together.
  • Form into a loaf and put into wet ‘cheese’ cloth.
  • Put Seitan loaf into Lasagna pan and put Herbs/Veggies with Broth filling halfway.
  • Bake for two hours, flipping loaf in between.
  • Remove from cloth immediately and put in foil or use.
  • I broiled slightly after out of ‘cheese’ cloth.


Relish ingredients:

  • Tomato, deseeded and diced
  • Cucumber, deseeded and diced
  • Onion, diced
  • Seitan, diced and slightly charred
  • Radish, diced
  • Garlic, minced
  • Lime, juice
  • Cilantro, chopped
  • SeaSalt/Pepper
  • Oil/BalsamicVinegar/RedWineVinegar/Sriracha




Ⓥombie Anacholypso ingredients:

  • Cashews, raw or not
  • Walnuts, raw or not
  • Broth, Veggie
  • Cilantro, freshly chopped
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/Paprika
  • ChipotleP/OnionP/GarlicP/TurmericP
  • Peppers (green, red & yellow), roasted and skinned


Mixed in a blender. Served smothering the life out of Tortilla Chips garnished with Cilantro. I also threw some store-bought Salsa Verde on them as well. Went extremely well together.


Nachos ingredients:

  • Tortilla Chips, I used normal and blue
  • Daiya, mmmmmm
  • Relish, mmmmmm that smell 🙂
  • Ⓥombie Anacholyso ‘Cheese’, mmmmm

  • Salsa Verde
  • Chipotle Pepper

Construct, melt and enjoy.


Sweet Potatoes ingredients:

  • Sweet Potatoes, skin on and diced
  • Celery, diced
  • Onion, diced
  • Carrot, diced
  • Seitan, chopped large
  • Oil
  • Earth Balance, add later & garnish
  • Broth, Veggie
  • Lentils, dry
  • Guts, non-animal, but utilize Tomato and Cucumber
  • Dill, freshly chopped & add later
  • Tofu, extra firm-extra crumbled
  • Mushroom, sliced & add later
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP/ Paprika/ChiliP/BrownSugar


Saute Celery, Onion, Carrot in Oil before adding Seitan, Sweet Potatoes & Tofu to saute & steam by stirring occasionally and covering inbetween on medium-high heat. Add Broth, Lentils and seasonings except the “add later” and simmer, covered. Add “add later”s and serve soon after and garnish with Earth Balance.


Ⓥaked Ⓥeans ingredients:

  • Beans, dry & Northern
  • Garlic, fresh & minced
  • Corn, I used canned
  • Celery, diced
  • Onion, diced
  • Carrot, diced
  • Tofu, crumbles
  • Tomato, puree
  • Tomatoes, canned chopped w/ juice
  • Cilantro, freshly chopped
  • Seitan, sliced & charred
  • Broth, Veggie
  • LiquidSmoke/BalsamicVinegar/Sriracha
  • SeaSalt/Pepper/BrownSugar

Mix together and BAKE. I baked @ 305° for 3+ hours while covered and rode a bicyclt outside.


Dawgs ingredients:

  • Smart Dog, simmered in Veggie Broth
  • Buns, slightly toasted
  • Celery Salt
  • Relish, NO KETCHUP
  • Mustard

Have fun with your food!

Beers enjoyed:

  • Dark Horse Brewing Double Crooked Tree IPA
  • Excel Brewing Hop Heist
  • Excel Brewing Plague Bringer
  • Radium City Brewing Passing Time
  • Green Flash Brewing Tangerine Soul Style IPA

BreakⓋast Tofu Scramble

Hoppy IPA Day! I trekked via Trek CrossRip Elite (Darth Vader) to a bar that I have not been to since age 20, yesterday, to try a super local brewery’s brews.    The brewery is Radium City Brewing out of Ottawa, Illinois. The beer that I tried and the only beer the bar had left was Passing Time IPA an American IPA with citrusy hoppy goodness at 6.9%. It was very good. I gave it 4.25 bottle caps on Untappd. And because this is a very hoppy day and I’m off of work, I made breakⓋast this morning!    It was absolutely delicious, hence, me blogging all over your face. And I wanna share some pictures. I love taking pictures and my photographic eye has seemed to evolve to another level over the past year.    I made two different Scramble batches in the last week. The first being a Seitan Tofu Scramble and this one without Seitan, but including Eggplant, Cashews and Zucchini. Both Scrambles were basically made the same way and both delicious. That’s the nice thing about scrambles, stir-fry, soup or anything along those lines, throw in them whatever you want or have on hand.      Slightly before the first batch, I made Cauliflower Mashed. And then after taking a few days trying to learn how to spell “cauliflower”, practicing manually writing and typing “cauliflower’ and after many failures and shed tears of disappointment, I decided to give up and just eat the Cauliflower Mashed inside a baked potato. Just like my spelling, I need to master the Cauliflower Mashed and not rely on auto-correct. It would be cool if there was an auto-correct-chef. But, then like the occasional craziness of auto-correcting texts, I’d screw up baking a cake and it would wind up sauerkraut infused cake or something crazy. I’ve only made from-scratch carrot cake twice, but I hate baking. I can handle bread.    I also used already made Pita Bread and made BreakⓋast Pitas with the first batch. Homemade Pita Bread is still by far better than store bought even if it was made there at the store. It was whole wheat and still very good. IMG_8398

Seitan ingredients: -Vital Wheat Gluten -Vegetable Stock -Tomato Sauce/Paste -SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP -Sunflower Seeds, shelled and slightly crushed -Rosemary, dried and slightly crushed -Fennel Seeds, wholly moly -Carrot and Onion, rough chopped -Bay Leaves and Thyme -Non-dairy Cheese Cloth 😉 IMG_8318IMG_8317 Hail Seitan: -The first thing done was bring a pot of Broth, Carrot, Onion, Thyme, CRP, Thyme and Bay Leaves to a slow boil. Simmer. IMG_8319 -I mixed the Fennel Seeds, Rosemary, Seeds, SeaSalt/Pepper/GarlicP/OnionP, Vegetable Stock and a little Sugar and Cayenne together in a big bowl. I put the very very very Vital Wheat Gluten in a separate, yet bigger, bowl. I then poured the liquid greatness with the gluten hand kneading slowly but efficiently until a loaf is formed. I wet the non-dairy cheese cloth with water and then spray the loaf with non-stick spray and roll it up. IMG_8316
-Put into a lasagna pan and pour half of simmering Broth onto raw Seitan roll keeping Bay Leaves and veggies in broth and not on top of non-dairy cheese cloth.
-Bake for 2-2.25 hours flipping over halfway and adding remaining broth, if needed. IMG_8345
-Once complete, unwrap Seitan from non-dairy cheese cloth like the plastic surgeon did for Joker in the first Batman movie from 1989 with Jack Nicolson and Michael Keaton. Just don’t smash a mirror or continue to give Batman hell. Wrap the not so funny, but seriously delicious Seitan in foil and refrigerate. Use how you’d like.

Cauliflower Mashed ingredients:

-Cauliflower, organic & chopped, roasted

-Corn, roasted -Onion, diced & roasted

-Carrot, finely diced & not a lot

-Potatoes, diced & roasted -Cashews, roasted -Tomato GUTS, leftover from Pico Ⓥ Queso -Seitan, diced -Cilantro, chopped -Scallions, finely sliced Garlic, minced roasted slightly -SeaSalt/Pepper/ChipotleP/Cayenne/GarlicP/OnionP -Almond Milk -“Cheese”, I used Go Veggie dairy-free Mexican style -Corn Starch

 Steps:  -I roasted Veggies and simmered Almond Milk. I added seasoning and then roasted Veggies. I then added “Cheese” and Corn Starch, as much as needed, for correct consistency. I enjoyed it chunky and not fully mashed, but I would go about it a little differently. I would keep it oil-free, though. -For the Cauliflower Mashed Stuffed Potato, I roasted a couple of Potatoes on parchment paper face down. I then cleaned out most Potato flesh and threw in with Cauliflower Mashed and put in the empty lifeless Potatoes and broiled with a little “Cheese” on top.

 Scramble ingredients: -Tofu, firm -Raw Cashews -Garlic, minced -Onion, chopped or sliced -Various Peppers, I used green, yellow, orange and red small sliced -Potatoes, diced and niced (made-up word;) -Eggplant, diced -Kale, frozen chopped or freshly chopped -Kalamata and Manzanilla Olives, finely diced and Juice/Brine -Sport Peppers, finely diced and Juice/Brine -Portabello Mushrooms, sliced -SeaSalt/Pepper/Fennel Seeds -Balsamic Vinegar -Avocado, sliced thick -Large Tortilla shells, soft -Daiya 🙂 -Canola Oil -Lemon, juiced

 The BreakⓋast Adventure: -I heated some Canola Oil in a pan and basically added everything as I prepared it. And grilled the Avocado slices on my cast iron skillet. The order of operations after heated oil go; Cashews, Potato, Garlic, Eggplant, Onion, SeaSalt/Pepper/Fennel Seeds, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Olive Juice and Sport Peppers Juice, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Kale, finely diced Olives and Sport Peppers, Tofu and Daiya. -I steamed the Tortilla shells and stuffed them with the scramble greatness. I put directly on pan with parchment paper, Tortilla folds down, and baked for 12-60 minutes.

Definitely closer to 12 than 60 minutes. I then threw them on the cast iron skillet and gave them a nice mark. I cut in half, put on plate with more scramble topped with grilled Avocado and took a picture before destroying the Vegan greatness.

 I was at work one night devising breakⓋast ideas and googled Vegan meat replacements. The internet is never 100% correct, but it was telling me that there was Vegan Morning Star “Bacon” and “Sausage Links” at the local Hy-Vee. I was super excited until I physically looked on the packages in the Health Department (my home) at Hy-Vee and noticed they were not Vegan. I was disappointed, but thought of these kickass ways to eat Vegan BreakⓋast and saved some money. I first was introduced to the Tofu Scramble from Vegan Zombie. Check ’em out!

Vegan Zombie

Happy Thursday and Hoppy IPA Day to all! Go for a bike ride, hike or walk, enjoy a good beer and take a few pictures!


VeggHead BeerCyclist 3.02

I have had the best (DIPA) Imperial India Pale Ale ever. 102 IBU 
The Maharaja 

If I were rich, I would pre bathe and post bathe in this DIPA with nothing but smiles in a long, long swimming session in a Olympic sized pool of The Maharaja until, of course, I would drink it all.

My grandma left town with two of my aunts and I volunteered last night to check on her new cat, Mel. Before I cracked (The Skye) open a Big Sky Brewing Co. Camp Robber, a seasonal coffee porter, I could not find my awesome bottle opener. Enjoying good beers helps me to write ridiculous sentences. So, the bottle opener is essential. It’s a decently good beer. It has a nice balance of coffee and porterness. Meeting Mel for the first time, he was shy at first and seemed like an active cat, but the first thing I noticed was his fur. I’ve seen plenty of calico cats as I do attend cat watching with my two friends every Sunday after church with big hats, sunscreen noses and binoculars. Occasionally we see cats attacking and eating birds. We call those episodes, “Jeff’s made-up story out of his ass”. I don’t have any friends.
This cat is mostly white with enormous patches of like grey and black striped cat and red/orange with tan spots cat. Next time, I’ll snap a pic. I was too busy enjoying an Arcadia Ales Hop Rocket and getting the cat water and food. Very hopolicious beer by the way. 

WordPress likes to erase pics I’ve uploaded. Or am I that idiot who screws up his pic uploads and uploads his post and then because his MacBook is dead and his iPhone space is limited he deletes “finished” pics. 
Crack The Skye is a 2009 Mastodon album. I already consider it a classic.

I very much dislike Walmart. I rarely step foot into that voyage of annoyance. My reasoning for abusing myself through a visit was that I needed parchment paper and these cheap energy shots, B12 made by Stacker 2, that I’ve seen there once and always an empty fucking shelf since. They are less than a dollar and better than 5-Hour Energy.
Customers at Walmart seem to be out to get me. Or maybe it’s Walmart. Probably the combination that perseveres toward driving me towards suicide. Why are aisles congregated talk zones, mostly end-aisles taking up two paths? Why do you have to defensively block an entire aisle while slowly determining if you need to further down the aisle? Why isn’t there painted center lines for the lawlessness of cart traffic? 
Usually when I go to Walmart, I always try and disguise myself with shades on and antisocial myself with my earbuds and tunes. I walk fast and I do not excuse myself. 
I should have worn my heart rate monitor to document my Walmart suffer score. 

I took the day off from cycling. My legs are sore from the 35 km ride and the FatBike ride I took over the weekend. I hope to ride after work today. 
Also at Walmart, I picked up some cheese, rigatoni, jumbo russet potatoes and garlic powder. I plan on making a unique pasta today after work. It involves Brussels sprouts. 
A newly discovered liked food in my palate arsenal. I only like them when I make them. This was the dish I made on thanksgiving that was ontrial with my jury of tastebuds.

Cauliflower is also in that category. And I plan to include cauliflower in the pasta. Let’s hope I have time and motivation for both a ride and a little cheffing. 

Try either one of the DIPAs that I mentioned and go for a bike ride.