LBⓋ 3/10

Low Budget Ⓥegan 3/10

Chicago-style Vegan Hot Dogs could be a bit cheaper depending on the quality of your Veggies. Any time I’m eating raw Veggies, I tend to be pickier on quality. These are super quick and easy to make and even easier to devour.


Chicago-style Vegan Hot Dog ingredients:

  • Smart Dogs, grilled or boiled
  • Smart Dog Buns, regular buns
  • Mustard, mmmmm
  • Tomato, I had leftover grape Toms-sliced longways
  • English Cucumber, diced
  • Celery Salt
  • Onion, diced
  • Tortilla Chips, on the side or choose other side

No instructions needed (I’d hope)     🙂

Chicago-style Vegan Hot Dog Cost Science:

  • Smart Dogs (8) = $3.99 @ $0.50 per serving
  • Buns (8) = $1.25 @ $0.16 per serving
  • Mustard (136) = $1.75 @ $0.02 per serving
  • Tomato (10) = $3.98 @ $0.40 per serving
  • English Cucumber (10) = $1.99 @ $0.20 per serving
  • Celery Salt (794?) = $1.00 @less than $0.01 per serving
  • Onion (7) = $1.17 @ $0.17 per serving
  • Tortilla Chips (13) = $2.00 @ $0.16 per serving

These are extremely comforting Vegan Dawgs and at $1.62 per serving, they are most worth it on a regular basis. Lightlife does an outstanding job with their Plant Powered Protein and if anyone ever gets a chance, TRY one of their many products. They even blew my mind having JUMBO Smart Dogs.


To all of you getting some snow, be safe & have FUN!

LBⓋ 2/10

Low Budget Ⓥegan 2/10


EZ Chinesey ingredients:

  • Ramen, just noodles not seasoning packet
  • Veggies, I chose Oriental (Frozen)
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Sesame Oil
  • Sriracha
  • Soy Sauce
  • Minced Onion, dry
  • GarlicP/OnionP/Salt/Pepper


EZ Chinesey Cost Science:

  • Ramen, seasoning packet discarded (24) = $2.18 & $0.10 per serving
  • Oriental Veggies, frozen (13) = $5.98 & $0.46 per serving
  • Balsamic Vinegar (32) = $2.97 & $0.10 per serving
  • Sesame Oil (10) = $3.48 & $0.35 per serving
  • Sriracha (96) = $2.97 & $0.04 per serving
  • Soy Sauce (30) = $1.88 & $0.07 per serving
  • Seasonings @ roughly $0.05 per serving

Bring water to a boil and add Seasonings and Veggies for a minute. Then  add Ramen Noodles without their non-Vegan seasonings. Turn off heat and stir for 1-2 minutes. Strain. With Noodles and Veggies still in strainer, in the same pan/pot put Sesame Oil/Balsamic Vinegar/Sriracha and Soy Sauce and heat. Add Noodles and Veggies and stir. Done.

At $1.17 per serving this EZ Chinesey is more on the expensive side, BUT ideal for date night and 2+ servings. HAPPY FRIDAY


Angry Stuffed Habaneros 

VeggHead BeerCyclist 2.26

I love having a snow blower and having a shovel as my weapon of choice no matter how much snow. 

I had a few beers in me at the grocery store last night. My sister drove. And I bought Greek yogurt to make a cheese concoction to stuff some habaneros today. And it says “Traditional” on the front in bold red lettering which in my tipsy mind-sense was like, “Sweet, here’s the plain Greek yogurt I need! I rock.” and this morning I opened it up to mix with some other awesome ingredients and it was PINK. I looked a little closer at the container and it had raspberry in little writing off to the side without a single picture of any raspberries. So, I went out to shovel some snow and eventually get the correct yogurt. I’m not a yogurt buff, but that was a little misleading even if I was high on confidence after drinking two Dark Horse Rain In Blood’s. 

Rain In Blood is an okay beer. It is drinkable as long as Slayer is available to listen to. \m/. I like me some Slayer and they were actually my first concert where I was in the middle until slayer came on and it seemed like a million 6’5″ biker dudes bum rushed the stage, squashing me into the third/fourth row back like a bug. I don’t know how to describe general admission “rows” at a metal show. I was 17, a little drunk, a little high and geeked up on some amphetamines. I could not breathe and lasted for a while, but had to crowd surf out with the help of one of those 6’5″ biker dudes. I was pretty close to the actual band when I came out of the crowd and I totally flipped them off! Sorry to get into that, but it is the yogurts horrible labelings’ fault. 
The beer was not very orange flavored and kind of a letdown with the regularly awesome beers from dark horse. I think the six pack was a wapping $12, also. Way overpriced, but immediately had that sense of Slayer come over me when I first saw the beer on the shelf. It was a good feeling. I did make homemade Bleu Cheese Dressing before the yogurt destroyed my whole life. 

I quit measuring ingredients a long time ago. I also came to the conclusion 98% of recipes are just guidelines and are there for a reference. I do have a strong background of cooking on many different levels. My concept isn’t for everyone. Some people definitely need to follow recipes if the food is expected to be edible. I decided not to guess or try to even bullshit measurements to share. I apologize for the lack of recipe completion and for my yogurt in the last sentence. Use your imagination and have some fun! 

When handling habaneros or hot peppers hotter than jalapeños, please use extreme caution if touching your face, using the restroom and/or showing a girlfriend/wife/pet/other any touchy feely affection. Your face is always itchy and your bladder is always out of control when handling habaneros. And I have a hilarious, yet painful, story involving my college girlfriend after I was making some awesome chili with various hot peppers that I do not want to get into at the moment. Again, use your imagination. I recommend washing your hands like ten times before the hotness and burning qualities of your hands do fade. 
Ingredients for Bleu Cheese:
-Soy Sauce
-Sour Cream
-Apple Cider Vinegar 
-Sea Salt/Pepper
-Fresh Dill

Ingredients for Cheese Mixture for stuffing:
-Cream Cheese at room temp
-PLAIN Greek yogurt
-Crushed Sunflower Seeds
-Garlic/Onion powder
-Sea Salt/Pepper
-Dry or Fresh Dill
-Deseeded Diced Cucumber 
-Super Diced Carrot
-Super Diced Sharp Cheddar
-Super Diced Habanero Scraps (if brave enough)

Stuffed Habaneros:
I used the remaining habaneros from a bunch I bought last weekend. I made 17, I believe. I sliced the top off manually ripped the stem off and diced and saved, deseeded and deveined them as much as possible with a pairing knife. It is very tedious and please do not forget to constantly wash your hands! I chose not to level at the bottom. I instead stuffed them all somewhat carefully, somewhat dangerously and turned them upside down onto parchment paper on a pizza pan in a tight circular shape. 

I then tore out approximately 18 inches of aluminum foil and folded into a strip to wrap around the angry mob of upside down stuffed habaneros, tying the ends together to secure this wild bunch and to tighten them up to make them angrier. 
I then put some parchment paper on yet another pizza pan and put it upside down on top the mob and flipped all of the gloriousness. See what I did there. I’m brilliant. I took the stuck parchment paper that was smothering this crazy dangerous mob and discarded. Preheated the oven to 225* F and mentally prepared myself for it to get even hotter in here. I baked them for 25 minutes and then immediately broiled them on low, rotating once halfly (if that even makes sense), for 4-6 minutes, and then turned the broil to high for one minute to add some color. 
Serve however you’d like. These babies are hot as hell. And I would dare/challenge Adam Richmond to eat 15 in his glory days. Good luck to any braves out there.
-I do not want the cheese mixture to get too hot and make a huge mess. 
-I first wanted to level the bottom as you would for stuffed green peppers, but habaneros are so small. I chose not to and created this make-shift aluminum foil contraption to keep the stuffed habaneros standing.
-I don’t really like mayo and I honestly think Veganaise is much better. 
-I’m a huge believer in organics and NonGMO Project Verified, but I am not rich and it isn’t always affordable for me, unfortunately. 
-I’ve seen recipes for Bleu Cheese that call for Worcestershire, but most are not even vegetarian as they have anchovy. 
-And it saddens me to learn last year that Guinness is not 100% vegetarian. 
Also, Slayer has a 1986 album, Reign In Blood, with track number 10 being the song Raining Blood. I doubt I got to listen to it when it first came out as I was only a one year-old and my parents were legitimate, graduated high school in ’69, hippies. That is why that beer made me super excited. 
Winter cycling is awesome and I love doing it, it’s just not as easy to do every day when it’s below freezing. You could follow me on Strava to see if I do ride today.
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I do not do drugs and neither should you! “Good people drink good beer.” Hunter S. Thompson