Daiya VS Daiya

I’ve been a huge fan of Daiya products for some time now. I love all of their Plant-Based ‘cheese’ products. I love their ‘cream cheese’ and wish I could try more and more of their products. They aren’t the cheapest products, but are at a very high standard of quality. And if I have the money, give me the good stuff!


I put Daiya up against themselves in a battle against plants. I cooked a frozen Daiya pizza and was super impressed. And then I took a page from my LBV (Low Budget Vegan) recipes and made a Daiya pizza and Daiya won!


I would never allow plants to lose.


Daiya Pie (LBV) ingredients:

  • Tortilla, XL
  • Sauce, store-bought pizza
  • Paprika
  • Daiya, mmmmmmmm
  • Spinach, baby sliced
  • Tomato, fresh and julienne sliced and salted
  • ‘Bacon’, plant-based

I paired both with a Rogue 4 Hop (session) IPA.


I originally planned on low-heat cooking the Daiya-prepared pie and then broiling to finish, if needed. I read the instructions and was shocked to hear it read, “cook at 475° F for 10-15 minutes.” I chose to follow the instructions only this once. I still had to broil to finish, but the aroma this tiny little plant-based Vegan pie produced was unreal! It’s worth the price just for that amazing aroma. The taste was very very good, as well.


I won’t consume Daiya pizza often as I am a (self) diagnosed pizza addict, but any reason for a pizza party – DAIYA will have a definite spot in the mix. For your next pizza party, give DAIYA a shot!