Type 1 Diabetic

Good evening. I have not posted in five months. My life has changed since the last post and food helped cause a serious complication. I was ignorant and uneducated about carbohydrates.


In the past, I was concerned with ingredients, calories, fiber and protein – which are still important, but never payed attention to the CARBS. And the science behind carbs and the human body.


For many of years and probably decades I’ve been addicted to carbs and eating so MANY carbs.


I am not a scientist, doctor or medical professional, however, I usually know my own body better than any of those smarties. Common sense and experience does help extremely in life – and especially in my life. I am not perfect as even the professionals aren’t.


Carbohydrates create energy, in which, the body turns to glucose to (normally) use. The pancreas emits insulin into the blood stream to help burn the blood sugar or glucose. Diabetes is a disease that fails to do so.


In late July, I thought I was about to have a major heart attack – with extreme shortness of breath, fatigue and radically high blood pressure, and went to the ER.


The ER doctor wasn’t exactly sure until he smelled my fruity breath. They tested my blood sugar and it was 400+. Normal is less than 140 (according to google).


I was admitted to the ICU in extreme discomfort and almost deadly vitals…


Three doctors have helped me. The first doctor said I was type 2. The doctor that released me from the ICU, said I was type 1 diabetic. My new doctor agreed. The nurses all said type 2. The medical world is confused with diabetes and so am I.


Whatever. It’s simple. Eat less carbs, exercise, and stay hydrated.


The cool thing is I control my medicine, my food, my glucose levels. I have good days and bad days. I’ve been self medicating since high school —– haha.


I need people to be aware of diabetes. It’s usually heretic. High carbs are extremely bad for diabetes. AND maybe for normal people as well…


I’m not gonna stress about what type diabetic that I am. I will trust that I’m type 1. I WILL continue to help myself……



¡Happy Sunday!

Happy new phone post!


An iPhone 13 Pro has arrived. It takes photos. It is loyal. It might make phone calls, too.


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Just Words

I feel obligated to try and describe my day yesterday. And I feel pictures will not necessarily suffice.

My buddy (a paid employee of mine acting as my ‘friend’) told me about a gravel ride being a “tough ride” via text and I responded, “Send me a link, Zelda”. So, yesterday has me in goofy high spirits, today!

I had a trifecta Breakfast including Tempeh, Soyrizo & Tofu for lunch and dinner. The sense of accomplishment of creating food as delicious as I did, is very hard to explain. Especially when it consumes your entire morning. I then joined a few other cyclists for Beers and Bikes to an outstanding and highly motivational Bicycle meeting. After making a last stop, the night was topped off with a few battles of Galaga. I played Galaga on Nintendo back in the day. It has always been an amazing game. I do not play video games and have not since the first Play Station. This is exactly how video games need to be. They need to be social games in a social setting, not locked away in a dark closet for days drenched in sweat and urine.

I had a shoe problem with losing one of the screws to my cleat and literally had to take my right foot out of the shoe to be able to release myself from the bicycle. A problem overcome with quick thinking and actions. #RideOn

2015 BS Gravel Ride

Great things follow hard work, quick decisive thinking and teamwork! And with 60 minutes of Galaga at the end of the night, it was as if the planets aligned with a solar eclipse and a meteor shower magically painting the sky all at once with as much power as a massive volcano explosion shaking the Earth with a numbing rumbling vibrations. It’s such a vast universe and we’re such a tiny spec to the ever expanding, exponentially big science that we will never understand as just a tiny flash in the universe process, but when you (me) have such a perfect day, things aligned correctly in the universe allowing such a great day as a truly perfect day is hard to come by.