LBⓋ 1/10

A go-to quick and inexpensive sandwich that I’m hooked on keeps my belly and wallet happy.

I love Vegan food that is basically all ready prepared as a meat substitute, but it is rarely on the cheaper side. I have actually documented the price of the ingredients and would like to continue with 10 different ideas over the next few weeks.


Go-To â“‹ Sandwich ingredients:

  • Hamburger-less Bun, toasted
  • Frozen Hash Brown Patty, baked or pan-fried
  • Iceberg Lettuce, torn and folded
  • Mustard, generously splashy
  • Tortilla Chips, on the side and/or on the sandwich 🙂


Go-To â“‹ Sandwich Cost Science:

  • Buns (8) = $1.50 & $0.18 per serving
  • HashBrown Patties (10) = $2.00 & $0.20 per serving
  • Lettuce (5-7) = $1.77 & $0.22 per serving
  • Mustard (136) = $1.75 & $0.02 per serving
  • Tortilla Chips (13) = $2.00 & $0.16 per serving

I’m definitely not saying this should be consumed every day for every meal. It is, however, cheaper and healthier than fast food. It is also cheaper than using â“‹ Boca patties. And I find them extremely satisfying. I still love my â“‹ Boca patties, just can’t afford them all of the time especially if you are as thirsty as me. CHEERS at a whopping 79 cents per serving for this meal.


Veganism doesn’t have to be as expensive of a lifestyle as some of us can make it to be. Overall, the satisfaction of eating to BETTER the world and to BETTER ourselves is priceless no matter the price tag.