Beer Brat Ⓥ Potato Bake

On Super Bowl Sunday, recipe evolution began. Ⓥegan Beer Brats were prepared in abundance. A couple of Beer Brats were definitely enjoyed during the game, while leftover Ⓥegan Beer Brats existed.


Creativity spun to develop a delicious Ⓥ Beer Brat Chowder. Again, leftovers did not disappear.


Added to adapt into Beer Brat Chowder were chopped leftover Chipotle Potato Wedges, Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Daiya ‘cheese’ and Follow Your Heart Shaved ‘parmesan’ – after slicing the Tofurky ‘sausages’.


The beginning to this madness started with Course Mustard, Garlic, Brown Sugar, a strong Lager Beer with Peppers and Onions to bathe the Tofurky ‘sausages’ in Beery greatness.


The conclusion of this recipe array is the Thrice (great band;) baked Beer Brat Ⓥ Potato Bake. The leftover Chipotle Potato Wedges were slightly rebaked and placed in a dish. The warmed Beer Brat Chowder was dumped over the twice baked Chipotle Potatoes with ‘creamy cheddar’ Daiya as the final ingredient before being baked, again.


Full of science and deliciously different ideas bursting from one as galaxies are formed, the idea is to ever inspire to fulfill your desire.